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Chapter 4358: One Hundred Thousand Years Ago (4)

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“What did you do to Little Li’er?!”

Li Moying pursed his lips and spoke in a cold voice.

Zhao Lin’s face was full of confusion and he frowned, “Young Master Li, what do you mean? Young Miss Huang suddenly fainted. I’m afraid she was unwell. How could it have anything to do with me? Don’t be impatient first. Put her down and lie down, I do have some medical skills and can diagnose and treat her.”

Li Moying sneered coldly, still holding the sword tightly in his hand, and did not relax because of Zhao Lin’s excuse.

Zhao Lin sighed, his expression serious and very sincere.

“Young Master Li, don’t be like this. If there was really something wrong with Miss Huang’s body, if you do this, it will delay the treatment time. Don’t worry, our Phoenix Clan also has many medical classics. I have lived for a hundred thousand years. I still have some knowledge, so I won’t make a wrong diagnosis.”

Li Moying looked directly at him coldly, “Your Excellency, you think you can deceive me with these words? You are clearly…”

Halfway through his words, he suddenly felt a severe dizziness.

The scenery in front of me suddenly became blurry.

Li Moying’s figure shook twice and fell headfirst onto the table.

Zhao Lin’s eyes widened and he rushed over nervously.

“Young Master Li, Young Master Li! What’s going on with you? Why did you faint?

Wake up, wake up!”

However, Li Moying lay quietly on the table, motionless.

No matter how Zhao Lin called or even pushed him hard several times, he didn’t react at all.

After about a quarter of an hour, the anxious look on Zhao Lin’s face gradually faded.

Instead, there was an icy look on his face.

He stood up straight and ordered outside: “Someone, come.”

Two members of the Phoenix Clan came in, one of them was Yan Zhu.

The two looked at Huang Yueli and Li Moying who were slumped at the table, and asked in a low voice: “Patriarch, is this considered…done?”

Zhao Lin nodded, “I finally took the bait… If I hadn’t gone crazy a few years ago and suffered internal injuries that haven’t healed yet, and these two god-level geniuses are a bit powerful, else I wouldn’t have had to put in such a big effort. Finally, everything is going well now, and it has not attracted Zhao Hua’s attention… ”

With that said, he turned to the two of them and ordered: “Take them down. However, you must be careful and don’t let Zhao Hua know. If he asks, you just say…that these two cultivators of the Ancient God Clan had something urgent and they’ve already gone back.”

Yan Zhu was stunned for a moment and hesitated, “But, Patriarch, this…will Young Master Zhao Hua will believe this? I think Young Master Zhao Hua has great trust in these two cultivators of the Ancient God Clan. Besides, Young Master Zhao Hua is now a spirit body and he can’t be away from its Master,

Young Miss Huang, for too long. If you tell such a lie…can he really believe it?”

“Believe it or not, it depends on what you say!”

Zhao Hua looked a little impatient and glanced at the two of them, “Zhao Hua has been away from the Phoenix Clan for a hundred thousand years. When he was in the family, he was still young and didn’t understand many things. You want to make up a few reasons? Tell him that it’s alright for the spirit body to leave its Master, will he still doubt it?”

Yan Zhu suddenly understood, nodded hurriedly, and agreed.

The two men hurried forward, dragging Huang Yueli and Li Moying outside.

But who would have thought that just as they dragged the person to the door, they heard a burst of urgent footsteps coming from outside.

“Female Devil, why did you drink until so late?”

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