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By eight in the evening, most of the Wen Corporation’s employees had already gotten off work, except some of whom were working overtime. The lights in the office tower had already dimmed and the entire place looked rather serene and quiet. There would occasionally be some security officers patrolling around the compound with their torchlights, checking every room on each floor.

Wen Haowen closed his document and gave his sore neck a little stretch before rubbing his temples. He took a look at his wristwatch to see that it was already half-past eight.

Wen Haowen sorted his important documents and left the office to go collect his car from the garage.

As soon as he got inside the car, he heard a strange noise which immediately alarmed him.

The sounds of heavy panting were amplified in the spacious basement carpark.

Wen Haowen looked in the direction of the noise, only to see that there was a couple getting intimate with each other in a spot that was not too far away from him.

Wen Haowen’s face grew sullen upon realizing that the two of them were employees from the Wen Corporation.

However, he couldn’t deny that it was visually stimulating and appealing. As a man, he definitely harbored other thoughts.

Wen Haowen’s Adam’s Apple moved as he thought about how the little vixen who had a perfectly fair and perfect body pleased him in bed with her impeccable skills. Even the young girls in Jiayuan Club could not compare to her. Besides, he had been having a five-day sale and hence, could not suppress his urges.

He decided to scrape his initial plans of returning to the Wen Family mansion because his rationality had been overwhelmed by his sexual urges.

Wen Haowen began driving towards the suburbs and even took a few detours in order to avoid arousing suspicion. He even bought some of Old Mr. and Mrs. Wen’s favorite food before changing his car secretly.

Now that it was a sensitive period, he still could not expose their relationship yet.

He arrived at a nursing home in the suburbs.

Wen Haowen entered stealthily from the back door and unlocked the door of a patient’s ward before entering.

The air reeked of a feminine scent which was rather arousing.

Ning Shuqian raised her smooth legs and grazed her beautiful feet against Wen Haowen’s calf seductively. “Scoundrel, you actually remembered to come here. I was all alone without you…”

She sounded extremely coquettish when saying those chummy words.

Ning Shuqian was no longer prim and proper. To put it crudely, she was just a brazen hussy who was an expert at seducing men!

Yet, Wen Haowen fell for it.

Grinning lecherously, Wen Haowen teased. “Hehe, I’m here to comfort you and get rid of your loneliness.”

He was completely mesmerized by the beautiful sight before him as he grabbed her feet and fell onto his knees to lick them.

Ning Shuqian gazed at him sultrily while thinking about how cold and heartless Wen Haowen was when he wanted to divorce her back then. All of a sudden, she felt the thrill of seeking revenge.

This shameless bastard Wen Haowen is only fit to kneel on the ground and lick my feet!

He will forever be in my control and up to me to manipulate!

Wen Haowen had no idea what she was thinking, for he was too obsessed with her. He caressed Ning Shuqian’s calf in a bid to inch closer.

To his astonishment, Ning Shuqian pushed Wen Haowen away from her with just one finger, after which she put on a jacket to hide her body. “Men are all shameless and contemptible. You men will only treasure the things that you can see but not touch.”

Her coquettish words sent an electrifying wave through Wen Haowen’s body as he thought to himself, What a seductive vixen!

He frantically hugged Ning Shuqian and coaxed. “Qianqian, ever since I left this place a few days ago, I’ve been wishing that I could come back and see you. I’m too distracted to even work and all I wanna do is see you…”

“Scoundrel…” Ning Shuqian chided while glaring at Wen Haowen in a bid to seduce him. She did not look in the least bit threatening at all.

Panting heavily, Wen Haowen cajoled. “Qianqian, I’ll do whatever you say as long as you let me kiss you.”

“You’re just sugarcoating your words to appease me. I won’t fall for that,” said Ning Shuqian, who knew that Wen Haowen was just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Despite having a prim and gilded exterior, he would become lecherous once he got intimate with a woman.

“How can that be? I’ll lie to anyone but you.” Wen Haowen leaned towards Ning Shuqian in an insistent manner.

Ning Shuqian ended up giving in because she could not stop him from being thick-skinned.

Wen Haowen immediately rushed forward and said, “Good, Qianqian. I knew you wouldn’t bear to see me suffer.”

Ning Shuqian ignored him.

Happy as a lark, Wen Haowen held Ning Shuqian in his arms and began kissing her furiously. “Qianqian, hurry and tell me how you managed to change so drastically within just two months.”

He was reminded of the time when he received a call from the doctor, who informed him to make a trip down to the nursing home. Back then, he found it rather strange but decided to take the time out of his schedule to visit her, just so he could keep up with the act of a dutiful husband.

He could not believe his eyes at all when he saw Ning Shuqian.

Her change was way too drastic, it was as if she had gotten ten years younger. She was seductive and stunningly gorgeous.

Somehow, the two of them ended up getting intimate with each other and ever since then, he had been obsessed with lusting over her, as if he were addicted to her.

Ning Shuqian smiled seductively and poked Wen Haowen’s chest. “Don’t you like the way I am now?”

Apart from learning from the lady for two months and undergoing various beauty treatments, including beauty essence jabs, facials, spas and drinking Traditional Chinese herbal soups, she had also learned all sorts of techniques that she could use to please men in bed. She had done that all so she could win Wen Haowen’s heart.

The pain that she had gone through for this day was unimaginable. However… she fortunately succeeded. Wen Haowen was so obsessed with her now that he was just like a predator eying its prey whenever he saw her.

Wen Haowen frantically answered, “I like it, of course I do. I love the way you are now. Otherwise, why would I have insisted on marrying you regardless of the consequences back then?”

He had completely forgotten his insistence on divorcing her back then.

Ning Shuqian rolled her eyes and chastised. “You’ve got such a glib tongue.”

Men were shameless, all right. In the past, she used to be the one to put in effort into pleasing Wen Haowen, who was still unsatisfied with her. Whenever he got angry, he would flare up and vent his anger on her. However, the tables had turned and Wen Haowen was now the one who constantly tried to curry her favor. She thoroughly enjoyed that feeling.

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