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Chapter 1015: The Release of the Results

The results of the final examinations would be released on the 29th of June, slightly later than the previous year.

It was an extremely important matter for the Wen Family. Hence, Old Mr. Wen had turned down all of his friends’ requests to meet and also instructed Old Mrs. Wen not to go out for mahjong with her friends. Even Wen Haowen stayed at home to wait for the release.

Old Mrs. Wen was visibly upset about the fact that she had to cancel her mahjong sessions as she glared daggers at Wen Xinya while sitting on the couch.

Old Mrs. Wen felt nothing towards Wen Xinya except disgust and resentment.

When Mo Yunyao passed away, she had indeed felt sad and aggrieved. Although she did not quite like Mo Yunyao, she could not deny the fact that Mo Yunyao was truly outstanding.

Hence, at some point, she was full of hope and looking forward to Mo Yunyao giving birth to the child that she was carrying. When she found out later that her granddaughter had gone missing, Old Mrs. Wen was grief-stricken and even caused a ruckus in the Wen Family because of the loss of her first grandchild and the pure fresh and blood of the Wen Family.

Later on, Wen Haowen married Ning Shuqian.

Even after three years of their marriage, Ning Shuqian failed to get pregnant and even brought her burdensome daughter with her to join the Wen Family. The sight of Ning Yuya made Old Mrs. Wen miss her granddaughter even more.

The Wen Family then found their granddaughter.

She gave all her love to that granddaughter.

Yet, Heaven decided to play a trick on her by letting her know that the granddaughter whom she had developed feelings for was not the true flesh and blood of the Wen Family. She could not accept the truth at all. The scenes of her spending time with Xia Ruya and doting on her for the past decade-something constantly replayed in her head.

Afterwards, she finally saw her biological granddaughter.

She was utterly disappointed to see how uncouth, boorish, angst, foul-mouthed and ill-mannered Wen Xinya was.

She could not help but compare Wen Xinya to Xia Ruya who was elegant, noble, kindhearted and pure. That was how her favoritism came about.

Later on, she even found out that Wen Xinya was once a gangster who often got into fights and was even addicted to drinking and smoking. She could not tolerate the fact that her granddaughter often got into trouble and she felt that Wen Xinya was a disgrace to the Wen Family.

The juxtaposition against Xia Ruya and Wen Haowen’s resentment towards Wen Xinya made her detest Wen Xinya even more. In the end, she still could not bring herself to treat Wen Xinya like her granddaughter.

She decided to give all her love to Xia Ruya.

Although Xia Ruya had colluded with Ning Shuqian and helped her fake her pregnancy to plot against the Wen Family after taking advantage of their relationship, she still could not bring herself to like Wen Xinya, regardless of how disappointed she was in Xia Ruya.

Wen Xinya had changed drastically and was no longer the uncouth and boorish hooligan she used to be when she first reunited with the Wen Xinya. Despite the fact that Wen Xinya had become the most prestigious heiress in the city, Old Mrs. Wen still did not like her too much. Like what people always say, it takes a special affinity to become family with someone else. Old Mrs. Wen deduced that she was not fated to be close to Wen Xinya.

Hence, she sneered. “Isn’t it just the results of her final examinations? Must we really take it so seriously and make mountains out of molehills?”

Wen Haowen had told her before that Wen Xinya definitely wouldn’t be able to make it to Capital University and that it was only a matter of time before she disgraced the Wen Family and become a laughing stock.

Old Mr. Wen glared daggers at her and quipped sternly. “If that’s not important, what is? Mahjong?”

Old Mrs. Wen was at a loss for words.

Wen Haowen was not as conflicted as Old Mrs. Wen. Instead, he smiled coldly and said, “Mother, everyone in China is paying attention to the final examinations, which is a turning point in the destiny of students. It’d be our honor if Xinya passes with flying colors.”

Ever since Ning Shuqian tried to sow discord, he had been keeping his guard up against Wen Xinya, though he would not show his emotions in front of Old Mr. Wen.

Wen Xinya chuckled coldly while staring at them.

The only person who was waiting to celebrate was Old Mr. Wen. He glared at Old Mrs. Wen and Wen Haowen coldly before saying, “Let’s not speculate about whether or not Xinya has done well. The release of the results is an important matter to us.”

Old Mrs. Wen and Wen Haowen kept quiet sternly.

Old Mr. Wen held Wen Xinya’s hand and asked, “Xinya, don’t you get to estimate your score after the test questions are released at the end of the examination? Have you estimated your score yet?”

He did not ask her that question previously because he was afraid that she would be too stressed. However, he could no longer be bothered now that the results would be released soon.

Wen Xinya smiled and said, “I have.”

Old Mr. Wen asked, “Are you confident of making it to your dream school, Capital University?”

The rumors about Wen Xinya wanting to be admitted to Capital University had been spreading around the circle. However, Wen Xinya had been ignoring the rumors. According to Old Mr. Wen’s knowledge, the cut-off point for Capital University’s school of design was more than ten points higher than that of the previous years. Hence, it was a little tougher to get into that school.

Lots of people were gloating over the piece of news and most of the members of the upper-class society were probably waiting to see Wen Xinya make a joke out of herself.

Wen Xinya smiled without answering. Since the results would be released soon, she felt that she should just let her results do the talking.

Wen Haowen interpreted her silence differently. He said in a tender voice, “Xinya, I know you’ve been doing well in school and you’re often the top of your cohort. You might think it’s easy to get into Capital University, but I heard that the cutoff point for the school of design is now 675, more than ten points higher than the previous year.”

Wen Xinya would probably be able to get into the school of design if based on last year’s cutoff point. However, it would definitely be impossible now.

Wen Xinya nodded and said, “Yes, the cutoff point has been released three days ago.”

Wen Haowen continued, “No one would have expected them to raise the cutoff point by so many points all of a sudden. Don’t let those rumors affect you. No one will say anything even if you don’t make it.”

As if they wouldn’t! The entire world was waiting to see her make a fool out of herself.

Wen Haowen remained silent. Although Wen Haowen seemed to be comforting her sincerely, she knew Wen Haowen too well to know that he was just pretending.

Old Mr. Wen said softly, “The results will be released soon, there’s no point in worrying now. Xinya is an outstanding child. Even if she doesn’t make it to Capital University, there are still plenty of elite universities that she can admit to, such as Qingyuan University and Beihua University. There are also some other top universities that have good resources.”

Capital University was known for its elite design program while Beihua University specialized in political courses. Meanwhile, Qingyuan was known for producing talents in business management.

Wen Xinya nodded and exclaimed, “Got it, Grandpa!”

Old Mr. Wen patted her hand to comfort her.

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