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Chapter 2239: Protect Your Cousin

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Ever since she was young, she was especially envious of children in the village who had siblings and relatives. Every time they were bullied by other children, the first ones to stick out their chests were not their parents but their siblings and relatives. They protected their younger relatives like hens protecting their young.

At that time, she was especially envious. Later on, when Ye Ying was bullied by other children, she foolishly rushed forward to protect Ye Ying. In the end… when she returned to the Ye family, she was not praised but beaten and scolded.

Ye Ying complained to Sun Dongqing that she had bullied her with the children in the village and even helped them beat her up. Ever since then, she had never done such a stupid thing as protecting Ye Ying and regarding her as her ‘sister’.

However, she still hoped that her siblings and relatives would protect her. She naively thought how good it would be if her siblings and relatives appeared one day to block Sun Dongqing’s beatings and scoldings for her.

Her naive and silly childhood dream suddenly came true one day. The ‘cousin’ in front of her was a special forces soldier who could fight 10 people alone. Ye Jian felt that she had gained a huge advantage by calling him ‘cousin’!


After receiving two glances, Xia Jinyuan glanced at Li Jinnian, and his eyelids twitched uncontrollably.

A ‘cousin-in-law’ would either ignore everything or take care of everything. Just by looking at Xia Jinyuan’s expression, the Demon King knew that… he was a ‘cousin-in-law’ who would take care of everything!

With a ‘cousin-in-law’ who took care of everything, his life would not be easy.

It didn’t matter. As long as Little Fox’s life was good and she was happy, it was fine. Besides, Li Jinnian, this ‘cousin-in-law’ wasn’t at home all year round. Even when he returned to the capital, Little Fox might not return to the capital. Hence, they wouldn’t be meeting often. As for the few days when they would be meeting, Xia Jinyuan would just endure it.

At this thought, Xia Jinyuan heaved a long sigh of relief. He, who had not disturbed the old man’s family reunion, continued to sit quietly at the side. His eyes were filled with encouragement as he looked at Ye Jian gently.

The old man also noticed something unusual. His originally kind gaze instantly turned sharp as it landed on the young man he had only glanced at slightly just now.

‘Rank of a major, good-looking, decent features.

‘Well, he has a good eye too. He’s military and righteous. He’s… about the same size as my grandson. He’s tall and straight and looks like a nice young man.’

Seeing that the old man was sizing him up, Xia Jinyuan, who had been sitting upright, smiled at the old man politely and elegantly.

This time, he was basically accompanying Little Fox back to her maternal family’s house while he was visiting the family… The only miscalculation was that he did not bring some gifts along!

The old man liked young people with bright eyes. Seeing Xia Jinyuan’s neither servile nor overbearing attitude, he couldn’t help but nod secretly.

The depressed atmosphere instantly became relaxed when Ye Jian called Li Jinnian ‘Cousin’. The old man, who blamed himself for not knowing that he had a granddaughter for more than 20 years, held Li Jinnian’s hand with Ye Jian’s. He said earnestly, “The two of you are close relatives. As the older cousin, you have to know how to give in and protect Ye Jian. As the younger cousin, you have to be considerate and care for Jinnian.”

“It’s not easy for a marine and an army soldier to meet each other. If you have time, then contact each other more often. Get to know each other better, okay?

“What’s important about being a family? It’s that we think about each other and care about each other. We can’t be estranged. This sense of unfamiliarity will fade. Since the family is reunited now, we can think of ways to get our kinship back. As long as we try hard, everything will work out well.”

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