360.〖Demonic Eyes of a Ruler〗
【Obtained 3840 Experience Points.】
【〖The Walking Egg: Lv—〗skill gives you additional 3840 Experience Points.】
【The Lv of〖Ouroboros〗went up from Lv 99→100.】
【Acquired〖Demonic Eyes of a Ruler: Lv1〗skill.】

【Obtained 4288 Experience Points.】
【〖The Walking Egg: Lv—〗skill gives you additional 4288 Experience Points.】
【The Lv of〖Ouroboros〗went up from Lv 100→101.】

This announcement confirms that the two Adams are dead at last.

Whew, been a while since I last jumped into danger like that.
We had to make haste and end the battle as quickly as possible since both sides will just keep on healing each other.
Even an Ouroboros like me, who has a high level cap, won’t achieve max level if I just stay put here in one place.

Wait a second…… what’s this skill? Is it like a level 100 commemorative gift or something?
〖Demonic Eyes of a Ruler〗?
I’ll check it out later. I didn’t even notice when I obtained it.

Looking at the Adams in Partner’s mouth, I’m still surprised how we were able to beat them by relying solely on〖Self-Regeneration〗to heal only our open wounds, vital organs, and leg bones just to tank their〖Gravidon〗attacks and force the fight to be in close quarters.

Everything stings…… I may have gotten too hasty.
I thought I’d be fine against two Adams as long they don’t have Eve who heals them all the time, but look at me now, all bloodied and worn out from the barrage of〖Gravidon〗bombardment.

Although it took me a bit longer than I expected, at least I won in the end.
While tanking hit by hit from their〖Gravidon〗, I rushed in with〖Roll〗, making them use〖High Jump〗to avoid me, only for them to be crushed by a backspin version of my〖Roll〗upon landing, breaking every bone in their lower half.
Then, the two Adams became desperate to win that they just fired endless shots of〖Gravidon〗until their MP ran out, but nevertheless, I’m still the winner.

Humans…… no, dragons sure can be versatile at times, huh.
I didn’t know I could flip 180 degrees in the middle of〖Roll〗at any time by flipping my tail.
Let’s make use of this newfound discovery I made from now on.

If Alo and the others, who were stalling Eve, ever got in danger, I’d rush over to them and help them escape, but the two Adams would keep on hindering me.
The fight lasted longer than I anticipated, and I ended up getting impatient in the last part, but…… when I went to check on Alo and the rest, to my surprise, they were fine.

Eve’s jaw dropped when it saw the Adams being swallowed in Partner’s mouth.
Then, there was a moment of silence before Eve put all her strength into her one leg.
It bends its knee while making sure it’s watching every move I make cautiously.

“A…… a~a~a~a~a~a~a~a!”

It charges straight at me in desperation.
From its one foot, it kicked the ground and shot itself like a bullet with unbelievable speed, even shaking its body to create afterimages of itself.

It’s fast.
It even made feints.
But, I know where it’s aiming.
It knows that normal attacks don’t work on me and it doesn’t even have a high enough attack stat to deal significant damage on me, and that’s why I know exactly where it’s aiming at.

I raise my claw and guard my head.
Eve gets blocked by my claw. I knew it was aiming there.
And so, I grab Eve with my claw and slam on the floor as hard as I can.
I felt innards and bones crack under my claw.
It’s over.

【Obtained 3584 Experience Points.】
【〖The Walking Egg: Lv—〗skill gives you additional 3584 Experience Points.】
【The Lv of〖Ouroboros〗went up from Lv 101→102.】

So even an A rank can get one hit if it has a low enough HP.
Even the physically-built Adams can receive a fatal blow when hit at the right spot.
A support type like Eve had no chance at all.
If it just ran away then I won’t need to chase after it since I can’t even catch up to it, but it just had to be stubborn.

Partner gives Eve’s corpse a lick and chews it for a while.
Then, she spits out the skull.

【“Not bad, but not gud either”】

Truth is, I don’t want you eating it at all……
But, I’m too wiped out to complain.
Looking at Partner, the image of a man-eating monster is slowly starting to fade. I hope I don’t get used to it……
Anyway, go heal Alo first, Partner. She received big damage.

Treant and Nightmare look unharmed, but Alo got penetrated by Eve’s kick and is seriously hurt.
She’s currently bent down on the floor with a large hole in her body.
But, when Partner roared ‘gra~a’, black light surrounds Alo, fully restoring her as if she was never injured.

Sorry Alo, I was going to come and help you deal with Eve, but fighting two Adams took much more of my time than I thought it would.
I must’ve underestimated them quite a bit after seeing how Sirens and a Basilisk were able to take care of them easily.
Oh well, at least everyone’s alright.

Let’s see how far they’ve leveled up.
Alo’s level has risen from【Lv: 14/85】to【Lv: 22/85】,
Nightmare from【Lv: 18/70】to【Lv: 20/70】,
And Treant from【Lv: 5/60】to【Lv: 10/60】.

Alo just went up and surpassed Nightmare.
Although…… even with the level gap they had before, Alo still had the better rank, stats, and skills.
At the rate she’s going, she might even get more useful skills than me.
Treant also went up by 5 levels and is steadily catching up to Nightmare.

Adam and Eve really offered us up some delicious experience points.
This island just never ceases to deliver their weird monsters.
Well, Adams are strong enough already, so this amount of exp points should be expected……

That reminds me, I should check out this new skill I gained when I reached level 100.
Let’s see, its skill description is……

【Characteristic Skill〖Demonic Eyes of a Ruler〗】
【By accumulating magic power in the eye, the target will become unable to move for a few seconds upon eye contact.】
【If there is a huge gap in magic power between the user and the target or if the magical wavelength matches, it is possible to control the target’s movements.】

O-Ohh! Isn’t this a pretty good skill?
I kinda wanna try using it……
…… Say Treant, can you…… uh, or is it a no?

Treant responds by shaking his trunk.
Ah…… so it’s a no, then.

Then, Alo comes jumping in front of Treant and looks at me with expectant eyes.
I-I’m kind of reluctant to use this kind of skill on girls……

“P-Please, use it on me! Pick me!”

E-Eeh, seriously…… but……
Okay, fine, just a little……

Alo’s face turns slightly red as she continues to stare into my eyes.
You ready? Here I go.

While continuing eye contact, I gather magic power into my eyes.
〖Demonic Eyes of a Ruler〗, activate!

…… So, did something happen?
Alo is still looking at me in the eyes.
I know I used it…… but, now that I think about it, Alo doesn’t receive any negative status conditions so it may not even work.
There should still be some kind of sign that shows if it’s working or not……

【“Look ‘ere”】

Hm? What is it?
When I looked at Partner, her eyes were glowing red.
I tried to blink, but I couldn’t close my eyes, as if I was…… paralyzed.

I-I’ve been had!
This skill is only available to Partner!
That’s not fair! It should be for us both! I demand my own eye skill too!

While I was screaming in my own head complaining, my claw just started moving on its own and scratches the base of Partner’s neck.
Partner mutters a low growl like a purr.

【“Rrrrr, dis skill gud”】

My body has been taken over by the other head!
By ‘matching wavelengths’, it must’ve meant this!


I put all my strength into resisting Partner’s control, successfully stopping myself from scratching her neck and slamming my claw on the ground.
Haa, ha~ah……
If Partner feels like it, she could become the main body whenever she wants to.
I sense more shenanigans coming from this skill.

Partner, after losing control of me, gives a proud snort.
Damn it…… Partner is getting better skills than me now. When will I get my own skill next.

Meanwhile, Alo looks at me with eyes of broken expectations.
Uh, sorry…… want Partner to use it on you instead?

"…… Nevermind"


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