366. The Saint Visits

The white dragon continues flying our way.
I check its status first with〖Status Inspection〗.
The white dragon snorts upon seeing me.

〖Holy Dragon of Salvation〗
Species: Seraphim
Status: Spirit
Lv: 82/125 (Locked)
HP: 1101/1101
MP: 1279/1279
Attack: 922
Defense: 556
Magic: 1121
Speed: 828
Rank: A

Characteristic Skills:
〖Dragon Scales: Lv6〗〖Grisha Language: Lv9〗〖Flight: Lv8〗
〖Light Element: Lv—〗〖Sacred Dragon: Lv—〗〖Automatic HP Recovery: Lv4〗
〖Automatic MP Recovery: Lv5〗

〖Physical Resistance: Lv5〗〖Magic Resistance: Lv8〗〖Paralysis Resistance: Lv4〗
〖Illusion Resistance: Lv6〗〖Instant Death Resistance: Lv8〗〖Curse Resistance: Lv8〗
〖Confusion Resistance: Lv6〗〖Darkness Element Resistance: Lv8〗

Normal Skills:
〖Large Fang: Lv5〗〖Light Claw Flash: Lv5〗〖Light Shield: Lv7〗
〖High Rest: Lv7〗〖High Care: Lv7〗〖Holy: Lv7〗
〖Sleeping Breath: Lv7〗〖Human Transformation: Lv7〗〖Telepathy: Lv5〗
〖United Mind: Lv8〗〖Lightning Rain: Lv8〗 

〖Hero: LvMAX〗〖Angel: Lv—〗〖The Light that Repels the Darkness : Lv—〗
〖Symbol of the Holy Land: Lv—〗〖Subordinate Spirit Dragon: Lv—〗〖Final Evolutionist: Lv—〗

An A rank……?!
It’s not an A-……
But, at least it’s low-leveled and has lower stats than Eldia.

It’s much stronger than an Adam.
It also has plentiful skills.
But, in terms of toughness and the ability to gain information just by looking at them, I have the advantage.
The〖Spirit〗status kinda worries me though……

Next, I look at the two humans…… the ones riding on top of Seraphim.
The girl with long white hair and jaded eyes.

Next to her is another woman with short blonde hair.
She looks like she’s in her late twenties.
She wears a white armor on her body. Her eyes are quite slanted.
I get the impression that she’s a serious person. She’s cautiously staring at me.

The one who’s exuding hostility at me is the one with the sword.
However, I’m more wary around the long-haired woman with the staff.
She’s looking at me all relaxed and calm.
A normal human should feel at least some level of tension upon seeing me.

I keep my eyes focused on the long-haired woman.
She looks back at me, smiles, and nods to herself as if relieved.

〖Lilyxila Lialum〗
Species: Earth Huma
Status: Normal
Lv: 100/100 (MAX)
HP: 887/887
MP: 1154/1154
Attack: 673 + 76
Defense: 476 + 98
Magic: 1112 + 110
Speed: 679

Hand:〖Holy Land’s Sacred Cane: A-〗
Body:〖Holy Land’s Sacred Vestment: A-〗 

Sacred Skills:
〖Preta Path: Lv—〗

Special Skills:
〖God’s Voice: LvMAX〗〖Light Element: Lv—〗〖Grisha Language: Lv7〗
〖Magical Talent: LvMAX〗〖Presence Sense: Lv7〗〖Stealth: Lv7〗

〖Physical Resistance: Lv7〗〖Magic Resistance: Lv7〗〖Darkness Element Resistance: Lv7〗
〖Illusion Resistance: Lv7〗〖Poison Resistance: Lv7〗〖Curse Resistance: LvMAX〗
〖Petrification Resistance: Lv7〗〖Instant Death Resistance: LvMAX〗〖Paralysis Resistance: Lv7〗 

Regular Skills:
〖Status Inspection: LvMAX〗〖High Rest: LvMAX〗〖High care: LvMAX〗
〖Holy: LvMAX〗〖Holy Sphere: LvMAX〗〖Holy Spear: LvMAX〗
〖Telepathy: Lv9〗〖Spirit Servant: LvMAX〗〖Float: Lv7〗
〖High Quick: Lv7〗〖High Power: Lv7〗〖Mirror Counter: Lv7〗
〖Gravity: Lv6〗〖Gravidon: Lv6〗〖Gravillion: Lv6〗
〖Confusion: Lv6〗〖Mirage: Lv6〗〖Fire Sphere: Lv6〗
〖Charm: Lv6〗〖Slow: Lv6〗〖Dimension: Lv4〗 

〖The Chosen One: Lv--〗〖Champion: Lv7〗〖Saint: Lv8〗
〖White Mage: LvMAX〗〖Black Mage: Lv8〗〖Art of Wand Fighting: Lv8〗
〖Tiny Hero: LvMAX〗〖Relieved Mind: LvMAX〗〖Cunning: LvMAX〗
〖Stray Path: LvMAX〗〖Liar: LvMAX〗〖Mean King: LvMAX〗
〖Disaster: LvMAX〗〖Laplace Interference Authority: Lv3〗〖One Entrusted by the Holy Dragon: Lv—〗
〖Subordinate of the Demon Beast King: Lv—〗

W-What the heck……
I’ve encountered yet another human with a sacred skill right after the Hero.
And, what’s with that status of hers.
She’s way leagues above the Hero.
With those stats, I bet she can beat him easily without using any skills.

I thought the dragon would be their fighting strength, but it’s actually just their vehicle.
I feel like she’s the type of person who tried to gain as many skills as she can and leveled it up as much as she can.
She also has〖God’s Voice〗. She has many skills that are Lv MAX. I don’t think I’m the only one with the information advantage now.
These guys…… are dangerous.
Going by the flow…… it should be safe to assume that the other one…… is not just any ordinary swordsman too.

〖Alphis Atelier〗
Species: Earth Huma
Status: Normal
Lv: 58/75
HP: 352/352
MP: 217/217

Oh good, Alphis is just an averagely strong human.
I’m a little relieved that Lilyxila, being the strongest max-leveled human, is still barely manageable compared to all the other high-class monsters I’ve encountered.
So to compare, they can be ranked as A, A, and a fairly strong B.

Though, she does have〖Status Inspection〗in her arsenal.
I should’ve been more cautious around her.
When she looked at me earlier, she must’ve been checking my status.

While I was distracted in checking on all of their status, Alo stands by next to me.
Followed by Nightmare and Treant.
Looks like they already know how strong these guys are just by looking at them.

Alo looks at me all worried.
I’m sorry I can’t reassure you when you need it the most, since the situation we’re in clearly denies all reassurance I’ll try to give you.

…… Should we run?
No, that white dragon has a higher speed stat than me.
Before we escape, we should find a way to immobilize that dragon somehow.

Also, Lilyxila doesn’t look like she wants to fight.
Though, that could just be wishful thinking on my part.

I don’t know if they came here for a discussion or a subjugation.
All I know is that we need a sign to confirm if they’re here to talk or to fight.
And so, I just stood there, waiting for that sign.

Then, the white dragon lands on a distant branch on the Great Tree.
It then faces up and roars to the sky.
Lilyxila, as if to match the dragon, raises her staff high.

“Divine holy dragon, rest for a while”

Then, the white dragon starts glowing and turns into particles of light.
The light particles then enter Lilyxila’s body.

…… Maybe it has something to do with the〖Spirit〗status.
So like, you can call a spirit monster anytime you want to, I guess.

Lilyxila and Alphis land on the Great Tree’s branch after the disappearance of their mount.
I brace myself for whatever their first move will be.

“Irushia-sama…… is what you are called, correct? I admit, I was a bit surprised at first, but I see, that name does indeed suit you. At least, compared to what those people in the desert country said. I’ve been hearing rumors about you for a while now, Irushia-sama. I’ve been wanting to meet you at least once”

The saint, despite the stiff words she said, spoke with a soft smile.


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