368. Spirit Beast Servant

“First, I shall explain to you my trump card. My〖Spirit Servant〗skill is a magic that is tightly connected with my〖Saint: Lv 5〗title. Check my skills for yourself”

Hmm, so it’s kind of like the〖Hero〗skill, and〖Saint〗is another title that can offer skills too the higher it’s leveled up.
I do as Lilyxila says and use God’s Voice to show the description of〖Spirit Servant〗.

The details then pop up in my head like a screen.

【Normal Skill〖Spirit Servant〗】
【Enables the user to bind the soul of a contracted monster, allowing them to summon it under a〖Spirit〗condition.】

Next, I analyze the〖Spirit〗condition.

【Status Condition〖Spirit〗】
【A state of materializing in a spiritualized form. Experience Points are locked and cannot be obtained.】

A spiritualized state…… huh.
Then, that Holy Dragon Seraphim earlier was just a spirit beast servant under her command.

Well dang, being able to summon a Rank A monster at any time sure is convenient.
If it weren’t for the restrictions, it would’ve been a very vicious skill.

“Seraphim’s soul was sealed in the statue of the Holy Dragon at our Holy Land. The stone tablets prophesied that the previous saint prepared the statue for the next one to use〖Spirit Servant〗on it”

So, she followed that prophecy by releasing the soul out of the Holy Dragon’s statue.

…… Since Lilyxila can call Seraphim anytime she wants to, that sort of makes her a force of two Rank A’s combined.
Though, there is one more title skill from her that concerns me.
Along with〖One Entrusted by the Holy Dragon〗, she also has〖One Who has Subdued the Demon Beast King〗.
C-Could that skill also be……

“It looks like you’re slowly starting to understand. That’s right, the Holy Dragon Seraphim is not the only one under the influence of my〖Spirit Servant〗. With this skill now at max level, I am able to summon two spirit beasts. During my expedition with the Holy Knights Order, we were able to hunt down and subdue the soul of a powerful monster, the Demon Beast King, Beelzebub. However, it is quite difficult to handle, and I prefer not to use him as often as possible”

So then, that makes Lilxyila a force of three Rank A’s on her own……
Actually, wait, if what she said is true, then it took Lilyxila and an entire force of holy knights just to tame Beelzebub.
She could be more of a threat than I take her credit for.

An image of three Eldia’s lined together comes to mind.
Yeah, I definitely do not want to fight something like that.
And here I thought she came here to talk as equals, but after sharing her powers and skills with me, it feels like she’s threatening me instead.

Anyway, if Ardezia really is in such a desperate situation, then I’ll gladly offer my help even if it costs me my life.
Nina and Ball Rabbit are there after all.
And, according to Adofu, that kingdom is supposed to have a very large army at its disposal.
That’s why if it really is being taken over by the Demon King and losing military power as we speak…… I can already imagine the devastation that would happen when the human side loses the power to fight, especially with God’s Voice schemes still in tow.

And besides, it’ll be reassuring to have someone as strong as Lilyxila for an ally.

But, that’s only if Lilyxila is someone who can actually be trusted.
She has〖God’s Voice〗and all those other bad titles at max level, so she’s not really the type of person one should trust unconditionally.

What am I gonna do with Alo and the others though.
Do I take them with me or leave them here?
It’s bound to get dangerous so I’d rather go alone, but Alo and Nightmare will most certainly not accept that.

Lilyxila sharing to me her trump card is definitely worth considering.
And, it also serves as a deterrent so I don’t back down from this negotiation.
But, revealing the two-spirits summon thing is still quite a wild card to share.
She’s also risking her abilities to be exposed to a potential enemy if I end up refusing her offer.

…… By the way, Miss Saint.
Why not just let Beelzebub take care of the Demon King problem?

Upon asking that, Lilyxila responds by looking down and softly shaking her head.

“Other than the Holy Dragon Seraphim…… I am also famous for subduing the Demon Beast King, Beelzebub, as well. If someone sees him, they’ll know that it’s my doing. It is possible that I could release one of them and find another suitable monster to be my spirit servant, but the Demon King is at least Rank B or higher…… it has prepared for any possible attacks. I’d rather not alert the enemy of my actions”

Higher than Rank B, eh…… just say it’s around Rank A or something then.
So this is why she’s asking for my help; to alert the enemy that there is a third party involved (me).
Lilyxila explained to me her skills first to reduce any misunderstandings.
She’s also admitting to herself that she’s in a bind and is willing to ask for an outsider’s help.

“Now then, let’s leave that discussion for later. In the meantime……”

Hold on a minute.
Before anything…… Lilyxila, I’d like to ask you what you think about God’s Voice.
I wasn’t able to ask the blonde Hero, so I’ll ask you instead.


Lilyxila hesitated.
A surprising reaction to someone who has been talking without faltering this whole time.
Then, she pretends to act like she’s deep in her thoughts before exhaling a long sigh.

“…… In my Holy Country, Lialm, we have been taught that four of the Six Great Sages that sealed Forlen were divided into two groups which would give advice to ‘humans’ and ‘monsters’ accordingly. And, the ones who have been granted with the power of those four sages, including me who is the Saint, are…… the Hero, the Beast King, and the Demon King. The Holy Country believes that the Holy God is the very will of the great sage that was bestowed upon me by the world”

Her line of thought is exactly like Eldia’s.
I’m guessing the Beast King must be Beelzebub.
But still, that shouldn’t be the case. I thought the story was just folklore.

Lilyxila has already met the Hero and the Beast King.
Even she should have felt the uneasiness I feel about God’s Voice.
This must be why she speaks as if talking on behalf of someone else.

“However, I do not believe that. Due to my position, I am not allowed to openly deny the sacred scriptures…… but regardless of the legend, I do agree that there is only one Holy God. I have not yet unraveled the entire mystery. All I know is that the Holy God has entrusted us with the fate of this present era”

W-What are you talking about now.
Suddenly telling me all of that stuff only makes things more complicated for me.

“…… Irushia-sama, as I feared, the Holy God did not tell you anything. Perhaps it was intentional, and obtaining the〖Human Path〗skill was only a coincidence…… or, your destiny”

Lilyxila utters the last part with a hint of disbelief.

“A secret about the Holy God is archived at the innermost part of an underground temple in the Holy Country. After we take care of this Ardezia problem, I shall invite you there with me. A fellow sacred skill holder such as yourself has the right to know. One of the rewards I was going to offer you is an invitation to that underground temple. Many of your questions shall be answered there”

…… A secret about〖God’s Voice〗, you say.
But like, even if you tell me that, it’s not like I’m that desperate to know the truth.

“And, your second reward is your public reputation being cleared under my name. If you successfully defeat the Demon King, then I will use my name to make sure you are permitted to enter the royal palace and be known to the world as a Hero. None shall twist those words under my supervision. From just this short exchange that we’re having together, I can tell. That monstrous body and the enormous power you possess have caused you many grave misunderstandings on your end”

Even though I knew it could all just be a lie, those words of reassurance at the end made me loosen my tension even if just a bit.
And, Lilyxila paid attention to every small movement that I made.


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