369. Agreement

In a way, Lilyxila’s reward for me is similar to my ideal life as a monster living in this world.

With the saint’s help, I may be able to resolve the misunderstanding in Millia’s village and even reunite with Millia, and I could also go look for the monkeys and black lizard.
And after we save Ardezia, I could meet up with Nina and Ball Rabbit there too, and maybe we could also clear the charges put on the Lithuvar Tribe and I could go back to being their dragon god again.

I don’t know how much influence the saint’s name has and there's a chance we could encounter problems along the way.
I also don’t know how long it’ll take for all the misunderstandings to be cleared. But, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now.


I growl softly.
I want to meet them.
I want to fly to where they are right now and see if they’re doing well.

“…… And, for my third reward. If you so wish it, I can use my magic to turn you into a human. But, this is something I cannot guarantee as of now”

A-A human?

“In our Holy Land, there is a tale of an evil monster being turned into a human with a good heart by the power of the〖Saint〗. So, I was thinking that if I level up my〖Saint〗skill high enough, I might be able to learn magic that can do exactly that”

…… To become human, or not.
The old me would have agreed right away. But now, I’m not sure anymore.
If I do decide to turn into a human, what will happen to Partner? I don’t want to know.

While I stayed silent, Lilyxila resumed speaking.

“I’ve said a lot now…… but, what I’m basically offering is for your achievements to be recognized and justified by the people. And besides, it would also prove inconvenient for you if the Demon King were to keep on accumulating power”

I turn and look at Partner to ask her for her opinion.
Partner was still eyeing on Lilyxila suspiciously but looked back at me after she noticed me looking at her.

…… What do you think, Partner?
Since we’re going to face the Demon King eventually, do you think we should strike now while a powerful ally is offering help……?

【“I keep tellin’ ya, yer the main body so you decide. But, I dun plan to get along with humans. Especially her, she sus”】

Yeah, I thought so.
In terms of information and fighting strength, we’re way behind Lilyxila.
If I lose myself over her sweet offers, I could get misled by her lies and plots.

…… One last thing. Lilyxila.
Where and how did you get that〖Disaster〗title?
Depending on your answer, I may disregard everything you said.

“I assumed you already knew about that…… this is something that is needed to obtain the sacred skill. It is not that difficult to acquire so long as one knows the key requirements and conditions needed to obtain it”

Does that mean that titles are related to sacred skills somehow?
I remember the blonde Hero’s titles looking all messed up after he lost his sacred skill.

“Without a specific title skill, the transfer of sacred skills will not be possible. It was set up that way since the old era to ensure that the power to rule humans will always be transferred to the monsters and the power to rule monsters will always be transferred to the humans, as told me to me by the Holy God”

…… But if that’s true, then God’s Voice, or as we say, the Holy God, is capable of moving through a hole in the system.
I always imagined that he was someone who lies outside the system of status and skills…… but he’s more bound to the laws of this world than I thought.
Maybe the Holy God isn’t related to the mythology at all and is actually just someone from my previous world who got reincarnated here as a monster, gained immortality, and is now a mere shadow of his former self.

“While yes, I can make use of the Demon Beast King’s power at any time…… but since I do not have any other〖Spirit Servant〗to handle this task, I intended to save Beelzebub for later. To put it bluntly, if you fail the mission and let the relation between the two countries collapse, putting the Holy Country at risk, then I will step in. This is only if matters get worse, because I plan to summon Beelzebub when the worst happens”

I-Is that really safe though……
Didn’t you say it was difficult to control?
And, even though it became a spirit, it still has its sacred skill, doesn’t it?
If Beelzebub takes in the Demon King’s sacred skill, there’s a high chance it could completely break out of your control……

“That is why it is only a last resort. Even the Holy God does not know what would happen. Perhaps your guess is correct and it will break free from its restraints the next time I summon it. It’s like performing a coin toss every time I try to summon it and hoping it won’t break free. But, it’s still better than doing nothing”

I glance back at Alo, Nightmare, and Treant.

So…… how about you guys?
I’m thinking of going to Ardezia after all.

Asking Alo.
She’s hatefully glaring at Alphys for calling her a filthy undead, but still nods at me to give her answer.
Well, that was an expected answer from Alo.

Asking Nightmare.
She doesn’t look at me but at Partner, and after a short moment of silence, Nightmare openly declares her participation for the big battle with a simple nod.

Asking Treant.
Treant sorta took a step back from all this, but after he saw Alo and Nightmare’s response, he takes a big step up front.
…… Y-You don’t have to force yourself, you know.
If this island is too much for you, you can find a safer forest…… or better yet, you can have Lilyxila take you to one if you want to.

Then, turning my gaze next to Treant, it took me a while to notice Giver right beside him.

“Ku~uon!” “Ku~uon!”

Giver attempts to impress me by jumping high in the air and displaying an impressive somersault dive.
Looks like Giver is eager to come with us too, I see, I see.

Anyway, Alo, you’re up.



A powerful gust of wind is released from the palm of Alo’s hand.
The devastating force of the twister shaves off the surface of the branch.
Giver gets blown away by the wind and falls down the Great Tree squealing.
Sorry Giver, but no horny dragons allowed.

“I take it you’ve accepted my offer then?”

I nod in response to Lilyxila’s question.

“Wonderful! Now……”

Lilyxila’s firm expression suddenly turns to worry.

“…… Something is coming”

I’m late, but I also sensed something too.
I look down to the base of the Great Tree where the presence is coming from.

A gigantic dragon with bluish-purple scales lies at the roots of the Tree.
Its sharp fangs are revealed to show aggression. My father, the Dragon King Eldia, scornfully glares at the sight of me and Lilyxila together.

H-He sensed us?!
No, Presence Sense shouldn’t be strong enough to reach all the way up here from the underground ruins.
There are also plenty other monsters around the Great Tree too. There is no way that he’s able to detect the presence of humans without even knowing that they’d be coming here.
D-Don’t tell me that he came to check on me again today?!

Eldia lets out a vicious roar of fury that can be heard around the island.


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