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588 – Furball Hunting
Having slain the first kesaran-pasaran, we set about hunting the next two. On my back and still in triplicate, the three Aros bombards them with [Dark Spheres].

Now that she’s out of the low levels, her magic has gotten a whole lot stronger. She’s already progressed from 【Magic: 888】to【Magic: 1538】. She’s a lower level than them, but she’s the same A+ rank as the kesaran-pasarans. As long as she can find a chance to attack, then even without my support, she’s already powerful enough to take down enemies like these on her own.

『…That’s amazing, Aro. Just by tripling yourself, doesn’t it make it impossible for any opponent of a similar strength as you to stand a chance?』

“It seems this costs mana to maintain… I also can’t move around as fast. In a one-on-one fight, it might just be a waste of mana…”

Aro says, while absorbing my mana through three pairs of hands… It does feel a little surprising just how much she’s having to take. The fuel efficiency might not be very good. I can see how it could be a huge loss if she loses one of her clones.

『[Heat Ray]! Nnh!』

Treant’s also shooting [Heat Rays] at each opportunity. However, even though the kesaran-pasaran has become wary of Aro’s [Dark Sphere] and has started taking evasive action, it’s completely ignoring his [Heat Rays].

『Treant! Please focus on [Guard Lost]! That’ll probably be more effective for getting experience!』

『But master-dono! [Guard Lost] by itself doesn’t give much experience! I need to deal some damage!』

『[Guard Lost] will give you more! Please understand!』

…Not only did Aro evolve before him, but her level is also increasing far faster than his, so he’s getting desperate. But unfortunately, [Heat Ray] isn’t dealing any real amount of damage. I wouldn’t go as far as to say endurance types are weak in general, but there are a lot of downsides.

『I understand that! But, but…! Master-dono, what should I do!?』

『Please use [Guard Lost]!』

『I know that!』

“…If you know, then do as dragon-god-sama says.”

Aro says, exasperated.

It’s not that his stats and skills are bad. It’s more that right now, we’re not in a situation where he can really make use of his strengths. His maximum firepower is low, so he’s not great at fighting higher-ranked opponents.

『M-master-dono, please take me high up! I’ll use [Meteor Stamp]!』

『That’s insane! At this height!? Didn’t you say you wouldn’t stand a chance if you fell from up here?!』

『I can fly a little as a tree spirit! If I cancel it mid-air, I should be able to soften the impact…!』

Where is this desperation coming from…?

『Anyway, hitting a flying target is impossible! You’d just stick into the ground for nothing! Let’s give up for now, and then we’ll search for monsters on the ground after this, okay?』

『I’ve thought of something good! I’ll use [Statue], so please use me as a club to hit them!』

…Is that really okay?

While asking me, treant-san continues to stubbornly fire off [Heat Rays].


Aro’s triplicate [Dark Spheres] slams into the side of the kesaran-pasaran. Blood spurts out of it, and its movements begin to slow. It looks like the second one is close to going down now too.

『Way to go, Aro! Just one more hit…!』

Suddenly, treant’s [Heat Ray] hits the kesaran-pasaran in its wounded spot. Even more blood spurts from the wound, and clumps of white cotton scatter.

『I-I did it! I dealt the finishing blow! M-master-dono, did you see? My [Heat Ray] did it! I should have gotten a bit more of the experience now!』

While treant rejoices, the three Aros watch the kesaran-pasaran fall with complicated expressions.

“I did most of the damage though…”

…At any rate, I’m glad Aro’s first opponent as a [Walpurgis] was one she has such a good matchup against. We should be able to easily hunt the last one now. Treant’s level should be increasing a bit from this too.

I’m also relieved to find that A+ monsters are the worst this place has to throw at me.

This world is a space that God’s Voice is using to store spare powerful monsters. The purpose is probably to raise the level of people like me.

And, surely even God’s Voice can’t easily prepare Legendary class monsters. The four [Spirit Servants] that are the strongest in history are probably the most God’s Voice can keep around. It’s a relief to know that crazy powerful monsters like a [Ruin] or [Holy Naga] aren’t going to pop out.

Suddenly, I get a bad premonition. From the sky far above, I feel a gaze on me. The presence I’m sensing dwarfs that of the kesaran-pasaran.

The next moment, sheets of black beams lash down from the heavens. They looks like [Heat Ray], but are thinner, and much more numerous.

『Aaaaah! Master-dono! This is bad!』

『Hold on tight!』

I pick up speed to escape the tempest of black light. Unable to avoid the light, the kesaran-pasaran is pierced, then swells up and explodes in a splash of green blood.

Watching its death out of the corner of my eye, my mouth opens in shock. An attack with such a wide range that can one-shot an A+ monster!? There’s no doubt this is the work of a Legendary monster.

I look up at the sky. A giant black sphere is floating down. It’s about twice the diameter of a kesaran-psaran. Its appears to be covered in a criss-crossing lattice of thin lines, which shift fluidly across its surface.

From its appearance alone, I have no idea what sort of monster it could be. But, I can tell it’s dangerous. Just as I was starting to think that getting out of here might be unexpectedly easy, this monstrosity showed up.


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