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596 – Great Death-Bearing Serpent
I let Aro and the treant get on my back, and run through the forest. Flying would no doubt be faster, but because of the origin matter, I understand clearly that the skies are unsafe. If I foolishly fly about, it’ll quite likely catch sight of me again.

Though there’s a fair distance to the tower, it shouldn’t take that many days to reach it with my speed as it is. At any rate, I want to raise our levels to some extent before we reach the tower.

If I can I want to make the treant evolve too but… I wonder if I can? I can, right? I glance to my back to confirm. Treant stares at me stoically in his tree spiritised form.

『Master-dono… even though you declared it so steadfastly earlier, are you perhaps feeling anxious?』

Th-this is the problem with [Telepathy]…!

『W-wrong! I’m not that anxious, you know!』

I shake my head vigorously.

“Not that…?”

Aro repeats my words, tilting her head. I-I messed up! Pointedly looking away from the treant, I return my gaze to the front.

A-Anyway, even if the tower has some hint to break through our current situation, I can’t afford to go back to the previous world while I’m still unable to even win against the origin matter. The [Spirit Servants] of God’s Voice should be leagues stronger than even the origin matter.

As I pick up signs of monsters with [Presence Perception], I go out of my way to give them as wide a berth as possible. Even if they were strong monsters, they wouldn’t be very appealing as targets for raising Aro and the treant’s levels.

The monsters that make for appealing targets are those that come in fairly large groups. Monsters that are slightly weaker than the kesaran-pasarans and are plenty in number would be ideal. It’s unlikely I’ll find something so perfect, but something close shouldn’t be impossible.

Rather than my own levelling, I’m prioritising Aro’s levelling, the treant’s evolution, finding a way to return, and finding a way to lift my evolution limit. My own levelling can be done in a flash just by doing a rematch with the origin matter. Especially if there are other Legendary monsters around, I won’t be lacking methods to raise my level, and it shouldn’t take too long, either.

…Of course, whether or not I can win is a different matter. But since I know a quick way to level up, right now its priority should be low. At any rate, I have an unclear time limit based on the [God of Madness] status and the state of the previous world when I left. Compared with my other objectives that I haven’t discovered how to accomplish and have no idea how long they’ll take, levelling is a completely trivial matter.

…But, it’s entirely possible that I won’t be able to find a convenient pack of fairly strong monsters. Each and every presence I sense belongs to solo monsters. I might have to give up and resort to trying to gather experience by fighting single monsters.

But if that happens, raising the treant’s level will frankly be impossible.

His stats aren’t suited for hunting upper ranked enemies. Conversely, the difference is more stark compared with Aro, who is able to hunt much stronger foes as long as she has some way of compensating for her mobility and defence. Exactly because of this, I know fully just how poorly the treant’s status is suited for levelling. You could even say that he isn’t suited for this world.


Treant speaks up forlornly with [Telepathy]. I hasten to empty my mind as I run.

Just as I’m close to giving up, I pick up on a great number of presences. The corners of my mouth relax. I had thought it would be appealing to have multiple monsters, but this is quite the number. I can’t confirm it yet, but they might be easy opponents for the treant’s levelling.

N-no, don’t let down your guard, Irushia! As if it would be so easy. Don’t get your expectations up too high, and concentrate. It’s at times like this when I get my hopes up that I’m most likely to get disappointed.


As I get closer to the presence, my foreleg sinks into the ground. I come to a complete stop.

I glare at the ground ahead. It looks even muddier than the place I’m standing now. It appears the area ahead transitions into marshland.

『Aro, treant, look out! Somehow, this area seems to be the enemies’ homeground.』

The presences are very close by, and getting closer. They seem to be intending to sneak up to us, I’ve already seen through it. They don’t seem to be very proficient in concealment.


Breaking through the marshland, two gigantic heads dart at me in a pincer attack. I kick off the marshland and forcefully escape upwards. The two heads bite down on empty air.

They’re three-eyed, dark blue snakes. They have a strange vertical eye on their foreheads. I can only see their heads, but with that size, their total length looks to be eight metres.

They’re not bigger than anything I’ve seen, but I can’t be negligent. Firstly, check their stats…!

Species: Death Carrier
Condition: God of Madness
Lv: 64/100
HP: 632/632
MP: 453/453
Attack: 552
Defence: 361
Magic: 522
Speed: 660
Rank: A-

Characteristic Skills:
[Automatic HP Recovery: Lv7] [Heat Perception: Lv7] [Soft Steps: Lv6] [Petrifying Demon Eye: Lv8] [God of Madness: Lv-]

Resistance Skills:
[Physical Resistance: Lv6] [Magic Resistance: Lv6] [Petrification Resistance: Lv8] [Poison Resistance: Lv5] [Paralysis Resistance: Lv5] [Curse Resistance: Lv5]

Normal Skills:
[Clay: Lv7] [Plague Breath: Lv7] [Curse: Lv7] [Gravity: Lv7] [Cursed Flame Sphere: Lv6] [Pure Bite: Lv6] [Autoregeneration: Lv6] [Tongue of Defilement: Lv6] [Ally Call: Lv5]

Title Skills:
[Former Magic Beast King’s Servant: Lv-] [Final Evolution: Lv-] [Great Death-Bearing Serpent: Lv-] [Captured by the Forest: Lv-] [Curse Technique User: Lv7]


I roar in delight. The two death carriers flinch and start quaking.

『Ah, master-dono, what seems to be the matter?』

『It’s here! Enemies that are actually just right! Seriously, such a thing existed?!』

Up till now, whenever things seem to be going well, there’s usually some pitfall or other. But the death carriers appear to actually be straightforward to handle.

Their HP isn’t high, they aren’t specialised for attack, their speed isn’t anything to write home about, and their magic isn’t strong either. They’re the balanced type renowned for being masters of none.

Frankly speaking they’re not so appealing for the last stretch of the levelling, but I doubt I’ll find an enemy easier to deal with than these. Their ranks being A- are also what I had wished most for.

『Rejoice, treant! They won’t get you all the way to evolution, but you should be able to firmly raise your level with these!』

After the death carriers recover from their shock at seeing me roar, they stretch their mouths wide to threaten me back.



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