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631 – Level Check
I take a look at treant and Aro’s levels to check how much experience they got from the origin matter. Treant has risen from【Lv: 91/130】to【Lv: 99/130】, and Aro has risen from 【Lv: 94/130】to【Lv: 97/130】.

When I tell them, treant starts hopping around in joy.

“I-I need to try harder too…”

Aro’s expression is a little complicated, perhaps concerned that she’s suddenly been overtaken.

『I did it! Master-dono, I finally passed Aro-dono’s level! Atlach-dono will surely look at me in a new light now!』

…Aro has a super complicated expression just now, so please stop emphasising that. I signal to him with my eyes, and his body stiffens as he turns to look at her. I’m sure he’s just celebrating and doesn’t mean anything bad by it.

Still, I never thought that he would one day outlevel Aro. His current species as a world treant seems to be insanely strong for an A+ rank.

No, well, he’s still lacking in terms of active attacks. He can probably never chase down an enemy that’s running away. I’ve already see how much of a flaw a lack of attacks is by watching his growth up to now.

As a walpurgis, Aro is better at hunting a lot of monsters, and at winning in one-on-one combat. But, even though it’s difficult for him to become the main fighter, his minuses as a world treant are completely compensated for by fighting as a group.

That’s why he was able to gain a so much of the experience from the origin matter. To be sure, his ability to absorb a hit meant for me and then reflect it back with [Fairy Hex] was a huge help. Of course, Aro’s damage contribution was helpful too, but the one who did more in the fight was no doubt treant.

…For that matter, his level should be really slow to raise now that it’s in the 90s, but it still went up by a lot. Of course, my [Demon Lord’s Favour] skill is doubling the amount of experience they get, so Aro and treant are levelling much faster than most monsters.

It also just goes to show how much experience the origin matter gave. The amount I just received was 77,000, which was more than the ruin’s 42,000 and Lilixira’s 59,000. Considering that Aro and treant also got a portion, the original experience amount must have been over 100,000.

After all, even in this world overflowing with Legendaries, the origin matter was probably particularly strong. The experience from the ruin and Lilixira was probably reduced by them being in a weakened state after losing their divine skills, but the origin matter’s amount was still incredibly high. Once again, I realise just how powerful it was.

『Master-dono, please watch! At this rate I’ll soon reach Legendary rank too!』

『H-hmm… It might better if you didn’t…』

『W-why!? I want to be able to fight by your side, master-dono!』

Treant flaps his wings.

“Hah, I’m jealous of your cute subordinates. Mine all were sharper in personality and appearance. Well, they were all good kids deep down.”

Miia touches a hand to her lips and laughs. I find myself staring at her closely. It could just be that I’m prejudiced against her, but I can’t help but see her expression as artificial.

“What’s wrong, Irushia?”

『N-no, it’s nothing.』

“Hm? Okay then.”

I don’t really want to talk about her subordinates. It’s creepy how little she seems to care that I killed them. I would be much more at ease if she seemed slightly torn up about it. At the same time, I’m on edge worried about whether something I could say would throw her into a fit of rage.

“You’re treant-kun, right? I’ll explain. Only divine skill holders can evolve to become Legendary. It’s unusual to be able to evolve as an A+ rank, but even if you do evolve, you’ll only become a different monster of the same rank.”

『A-ah, is that so…?』

Treant sags down in disappointment.

“Well, that’s not to say you shouldn’t evolve. Your skill levels will rise, and your stats will probably increase too. Though your level will be reset, so it might not be worth it. Especially not when we’re so limited on time…”

『I see…』

As expected, Miia seems to know more about this than I do. It goes to show how much she learnt from seriously trying to fight against God’s Voice three times over.

“It’s not that there aren’t any special exceptions, but even if you somehow forcefully evolve to Legendary, you’d get the God of Destruction status condition. Once that happens, there’s no saving you. Your maximum HP would gradually fall as your body is worn down. You should bear that in mind.”

Treant gulps and nods his head. So she knows about God of Destruction… Did it happen to one of her subordinates? Or was it one of the other divine skill holders of her era…?


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