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667 – Flower of Misfortune
Together with Aro and treant, I head into the Ngai Forest. The objectives are to raise my level and to test out my new skills.

Currently, my stats are less than half of what they were before evolving. I don’t want to try fighting the spirit servants while this weak. My level will increase quickly right now. As long as I can find an A rank to defeat, my stats should increase by a lot.

I’m still bearing most of the damage I suffered in the fight against Miia, but we haven’t got time to rest.

『It’s always when you want to find them that there’s no monsters to be seen… I’d rather not go too far from the tower if we can help it.』

Focusing on [Presence Perception] as we walk, I finally sense a faint presence. I signal Aro, who’s walking by my side. Whatever it is, I can’t see it… Ah, no, by the base of one of the noroi trees are a bunch of dark blue flowers, each about a metre in diameter. The presence I’m feeling seems to be coming from them.

【[Despair]: A rank monster】
【A flower that is said to bloom with the demise of the world.】
【Sustains itself on grief and sorrow.】
【According to the teachings of the Holy Guidance, the world will one day be covered in [Despair], where it will wait eagerly for the arrival of a saviour.】

S-scary… As far as I can see, there are ten of them here.

This place is a graveyard for those used by God’s Voice. It’s no wonder that [Despair] would bloom here… Fortunately, they seem like they could be perfect targets for levelling.

I notice the flowers shaking in unison, and then they all rise. I watch them cautiously as their roots swell up, each forming into two round eyes a small mouth.


They cry out in a childlike voice.

“Th-they’re a little cute…?”

Aro says quietly, watching the despairs.

No, don’t be fooled by their cuteness. They might look cute, but they’re A rank monsters. There’s no doubt that they’re powerful.

WIth my stats so low right now, I’m not much stronger than Aro or treant, so it’s entirely possible that we could get wiped out if they turn out to be too dangerous.

Species: Despair
Condition: God of Madness
Lv: 94/115
HP: 1985/1985
MP: 3227/3227
Attack: 387
Defence: 667
Magic: 1244
Speed: 887
Rank: A

Characteristic Skills:
[Automatic MP Recovery: Lv7] [Onmitsu: Lv8] [Flight: Lv7] [God of Madness: Lv-]

Resistance Skills:
[Magic Resistance: Lv8] [Poison Resistance: Lv8] [Paralysis Resistance: Lv7] [Curse Resistance: Lv7]

Normal Skills:
[Death: Lv7] [Curse: Lv7] [Mirage: Lv7] [Pure Bite: Lv6] [Extreme Poison: Lv6] [Life Drain: Lv7] [Dark Sphere: Lv7] [Scattering of Hopelessness: Lv1]

Title Skills:
[Final Evolution: Lv-] [Flower of Misfortune: Lv-]

All good… As far as I can see, they should be easy pickings. Their magic is a little strong for an A rank, but that’s all. For a magic specialist, their stats are too split between HP, MP, and speed, giving them a balanced distribution without any good strong points. This sort of monster is good at safely fighting opponents of the same or lower ranks, but can’t do much against stronger opponents.

In addition, their skills aren’t good. [Death], [Curse], [Mirage], and [Extreme Poison] are more or less useless against us. Their attack stats are too low to make use of [Pure Bite]. The only thing to watch out for is [Dark Sphere].

If I were to classify them, I’d say they’re magic-specialised attackers that can also use status conditions. For a monster that fights at a distance, their speed and defence are pointlessly high. They’re mismatched in that they want to receive their opponents attacks, while also fighting with magic and status conditions at medium range. By contrast, close range attackers tend to be much more dangerous to face.

『They’re tough magic casters that are a little fast! They’ll attack with [Dark Sphere]! Watch out for [Mirage] too. Their stats are spread out enough that there’s not much to worry about. There’s no need to be overly cautious. If anything, their statuses are a little pitiful.』

If they’re this weak, then there’s no need for treant to take on his world treant form. If he were to grow that big, it’d risk attracting more monsters, which could lead to us being overwhelmed.

『…I feel a slight affinity for them.』

Treant says, sounding a little lonely.

『B-because you’re fellow plant-type monsters, right…?』

Anyway, it doesn’t really make sense that they don’t have any healing skills, despite having so much MP. It’s true that treant’s status was a little disappointing until recently, but he’s always had the concept of wanting to attract the opponent’s attacks. There’s no sense of that in the despairs’ statuses. No matter how much MP they have, if they try fighting in close quarters without any healing, they’ll die before running out of MP. They seem to be the very picture of disappointing stats and skills… Hm? Their last normal skill was one I haven’t seen before.

【Normal Skill [Scattering of Hopelessness]】
【All the remaining MP is concentrated inside the body and then bursts, expelling petals at a high speed.】

So they do have a use for their MP! It’s a self-destruct skill like [Direct Burst]. In my mind, the image of a giant smiling [Clay Guardian] appears.

『Aro, treant, watch out! They self-destruct!』 

Aro and treant tense up. The next moment, the despairs fully uproot themselves and begin to run at us.


If they were a little slower, it might have been worth running away to find other monsters, but they’re fast enough that the chase would probably last annoyingly long with my level 1 speed. There’s a risk of us running into some other monsters and getting surrounded. Even if I try and shake them off, there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to find another monster weak enough for me to kill with my stats so low right now.

『Let’s kill them all quickly!』


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