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669 – The Apocalypse’s Stats
The battle with the despairs ended up being an easy affair. At one point, treant was forced to revert to his world treant mode and use [Undying Regeneration] in order to endure a [Scattering of Hopelessness], but beyond that there was no danger.

I managed to raise my level to 【Lv: 92/175】 with this levelling, and Aro got from【Lv: 109/130】 to【Lv: 114/130】, and treant from【Lv: 116/130】to【Lv: 119/130】.

I stretch out to the endless sky, and look up at the tower piercing it.

I’ve managed to both raise my level and test my skills. With this, I won’t be leaving behind any regrets in this Ngai forest. I’ll climb the sky-piercing tower and return to the original world… this time for sure, I’ll end things with God’s Voice.

『…I want to get back to the tower soon though; are you okay? Treant.』

『Just… if you could wait a little… master-dono…』

The tree-spiritised treant lies flat on the ground, exhausted. I totally understand his exhaustion. Even though he was forced to consume all his MP to use [Undying Regeneration] against Miia, he then had to use it again right away just to heal up just enough to avoid dying from the despair’s self-destruction.

Treant…is somehow still giving off an impression of haphazardness. Even though we’re going to settle things once and for all with that God’s Voice who’s been ruling the world. Well, seeing him like his usual self gives some much needed soothing, at least.

『Here… Treant. Feel free to take some mana from me.』

I extend my foreleg towards him.

『Thank you very much… master-dono.』

He clings onto my foreleg and extends his wooden roots to wrap around it. It’s the [Take Root] skill.

I’ll check my own stats one more time.

Species: Apocalypse
Condition: Normal
Lv: 92/175
HP: 1068/9460
MP: 215/7656
Attack: 8177
Defence: 4512
Magic: 5389
Speed: 5243
Rank: L+ (Upper Legendary)

Divine Skills:
[Human Realm: Lv-] [Asura Realm: Lv-] [Hungry Ghost Realm: Lv-] [Animal Realm: Lv-] [Naraka Realm: Lv-]

Characteristic Skills:
[Dragon Scales: Lv9] [God’s Voice: Lv8] [Grisha Language: Lv3] [Flight: Lv8] [Dragon Scale Powder: Lv8] [Dark Attribute: Lv-] [Evil Dragon: Lv-] [Automatic HP Recovery: Lv8] [Presence Perception: Lv7] [Automatic MP Recovery: Lv8] [Perseverance of a Champion: Lv-] [Dragon Mirror: Lv-] [Demon Lord’s Favour: Lv-] [Demon Eye of Terror: Lv1] [Domination: Lv1] [Magic Brainwashing: Lv1] [Butterfly Dream: Lv-]

Resistance Skills:
[Physical Resistance: Lv6] [Fall Resistance: Lv7] [Starvation Resistance: Lv6] [Poison Resistance: Lv7] [Loneliness Resistance: Lv7] [Magic Resistance: Lv6] [Dark Attribute Resistance: Lv6] [Fire Attribute Resistance: Lv6] [Fear Resistance: Lv5] [Oxygen Deprivation Resistance: Lv6] [Paralysis Resistance: Lv7] [Illusion Nullification: Lv-] [Instant Death Nullification: Lv-] [Curse Nullification: Lv-] [Confusion Resistance: Lv4] [Strong Light Resistance: Lv3] [Petrification Resistance: Lv3]

Normal Skills:
[Roll: Lv7] [Status Inspection: Lv7] [Scorching Breath: Lv7] [Whistle: Lv2] [Dragon Punch: Lv4] [Plague Breath: Lv7] [Poison Fang: Lv7] [Paralysing Claw: Lv7] [Dragon Tail: Lv4] [Roar: Lv3] [Heaven’s Drop: Lv4] [Return to Ground: Lv2] [Humanisation Technique: Lv8] [Wind Slash: Lv7] [Neck Breaker: Lv4] [High Rest: Lv7] [Autoregeneration: Lv6] [Travelling Companion: Lv-] [Death: Lv8] [Soul AppendmentFake Life: Lv6] [Holy: Lv5] [Telepathy: Lv4] [Wide Rest: Lv5] [Ligne: Lv5] [Holy Sphere: Lv5] [Flash That Drives Away the Darkness: Lv1] [Dimension Claw: Lv7] [Mirage: Lv8] [Gravity: Lv8] [Dimension: Lv8] [Hellgate: Lv6] [Gravidon: Lv8] [Mirror Counter: Lv8] [Ideal Weapon Lv9] [Wormhole: Lv1] [Curse Knight: Lv4] [Limbo: Lv4] [Dite: Lv4] [Cocytus: Lv4] [Doomsday Tone: Lv-]

Title Skills:
[Dragon King: Lv-] [Walking Egg: Lv-] [Clutz: Lv4] [Simple Fool: Lv1] [Infighter: Lv4] [Pest Killer: Lv8] [Liar: Lv3] [Evasion King: Lv2] [Chicken Runner: Lv3] [Chef: Lv4] [Gutsy: Lv4] [Big EaterGiant Killer: Lv5] [Pottery Craftsman: Lv4] [Group Leader: Lv1] [Laplace Interference Authority: Lv8] [One Who Knows Eternity: Lv-] [Ant King: Lv-] [Hero: LvMAX] [Dream Dragon: Lv-] [Demon Lord: Lv6] [Final Evolution: Lv-]

…T-these are some seriously unbelievable stats. The attack, defence, and speed have all become nearly double that of the maximum level oneiros. On top of that they’ll still become stronger if I raise my levels further.

With this, I should be a match for the [Spirit Servant] that I couldn’t even lift a finger against before. The [Tri-headed Gluttony King Baal]… God’s Voice mentioned that Baal was the strongest Demon Lord in history. I don’t know about the other three, but this Baal should at least be Upper Legendary rank.

Just you wait, God’s Voice…! I don’t even know whether I have a chance of winning against God’s Voice. However, I must not let Miia’s wish go to waste. I can’t go on without bringing things with God’s Voice to an end, no matter what that means. This is for Miia, for my friends, and for everyone living in that world; and above all, for myself, too.

『Alright, we need to get moving soon, treant…』

Suddenly, a thunderous roar sound echoes from the direction of the tower.
Doshin doshin, doshin doshin doshin.
It’s a sound I remember from somewhere.

The figure of a one-legged giant as tall as the noroi trees and towering above even myself appears.

It has ochre-coloured skin, and a mouth at the top of its face mirroring the one at the bottom. The single eye between the mouths stares simple-mindedly at me.

『The ymir!? At this timing!?』

It’s seriously bad timing. Even though I’d just resolved myself, It feels like I’ve just had a giant bucket of cold water on me. With us at the limits of our exhaustion, there’s no way we can throw blows with what could possibly be the strongest monster of the Ngai forest.

『Damn, why’d it have to come now!』

“Ah! It’s because treant-san returned to his original form in order to use [Undying Regeneration]…!”

『A-Aro-dono! Please stop treating this unlucky event as if it was entirely my fault!』

Treant hurriedly deflects. However, the only reason I can think of for the ymir to attack us now is because it spotted him reverting to his world treant form. This happened before too, but at this point I can’t help but wonder if some of his characteristic skills have the side effect of attracting the ymir.

『Since it’s coming from the direction of the tower, is our only option to circle around…?』

I stop myself before thinking further along that line.

My stats are already different from when I was an oneiros. With my current apocalypse’s stats, I should be able to defeat a Legendary rank in a direct fight. Sneaking off and trying to circle past it would be a massive waste of time if the ymir ends up loitering around. So, it’s better if I can take it down here, and do a last bit of levelling before heading back to the surface world.

『Aro, treant, this is enough running away! We’ll crush that one-legged giant right here!』


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