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682 – Return
I have been rolling up up the spiral staircase for over half a day now. This tower is tall. It’s seriously way too tall. Is this some form of harassment?

As an apocalypse, I should faster than anything in the world, with the perhaps exception of God’s Voice’s [Spirit Servants]. My speed is 5716, after all. Considering that the fastest other speed I’ve seen was Miia with around 3000, It’s clear just how extraordinary my speed is.

On top of that, my [Roll] skill is much faster than running or flying. Even so, there’s still no end in sight for this staircase.

I rushed out of the Forest of Ngai, only to end up stranded here… The monotony is making it all the easier for my thoughts to be consumed by worry over what could be happening on the surface world.

Is climbing these stairs really the correct course of action? It’s not actually looping endlessly with some sort of mysterious magic, is it?

N-no, I saw from outside that it had a ridiculous height. The top completely wasn’t visible from below. If it’s physically connecting the surface world to the Forest of Ngai, then it can’t be helped that it’s so tall that even as an apocalypse I’ll take a long time to climb it.

I just need to keep climbing and not think about anything else. If I hesitate, I’ll lose the willpower to keep climbing.

However… after half a day, I’m a little tired of [Rolling]. More than me though…

『Master-dono… Please save me… I don’t think I’ll be able keep my sanity much longer…』

…Treant has become dizzy. Well, of course he would. He’s been made to spin around at high speed in darkness for half a day now. I hate to say it, but I’m glad I’m the one using [Roll], and not in his position.

『…Sorry, treant. Please hold on a little longer.』

“Is it that rough for you? I’ve gotten used to it now…”

Aro seems calm at least. I wonder if the ear canals of a walpurgis are particularly resilient.

『Am I the only one suffering like this…?』

Treant asks mournfully.

“I-I’ll stroke your head, treant-san.”

『Please do…』

Th-there’s no sense of tension in them at all. Even though we’re about to head into a crucial battle that will decide the fate of the world… As I smile wryly, focusing on the exchange between the two, a huge shock suddenly impacts my body.


I crashed into something. Desperately keeping my mouth closed, I flip through the air and spawl out over the floor.

Oww….! It felt like it was continuing on forever, so I let my guard down. It seems I finally reached the end.

I look behind me. A huge metal door is stood there. Broken chains and a lock are scattered over the floor.

Apparently I broke through it with the force of my [Roll]. That was for the best, right…?

『Are you okay? Aro? Treant?』

I open my mouth, letting the two out.

『If it’s for the sake of master-dono, this much is no problem…!』

Treant says as he crawls across the floor. A trail of my saliva is left in his wake.

『A-ah… Thank you.』

After calmly stepping out, Aro seems to become a black mass for a moment, then she immediately reforms, clean of my saliva… Her walpurgis body really is full of conveniences.

Still, it’s good that we got out, but where is this…? It’s clearly some sort of gigantic building.

There’s no sunlight, but a lantern hanging on the wall is flooding the place with light. There’s some kind of shining stone in the lantern. One of the stone walls has a grand mural carved into it.

…It somehow reminds me of the ruins I met Eldia in.

The mural appears to depict a city vista filled with strange-shaped buildings. Spheres and pyramids are stacked on top of one another, dotted by a huge number of windows. Perhaps it wouldn’t be too strange for a city to have one or two buildings with such strange architecture, but the mural shows hundreds.

『Master-dono… What is this?』

Treant walks up to the mural and tilts his head to the side in confusion.

『I have no idea…』

I’m confident my original world didn’t had such strange buildings, and I’ve never seen anything like them in this world.

The only city I’ve seen here was Alban, the capital of Ardesia. But all the buildings there were within the bounds of my common sense. So where could a city like this possibly exist?

It’s little hard to tell from the carving, but it looks like the buildings have antennas on their roofs. If this city really did exist, then I get the impression that their technology was probably far ahead of my original world.

It’s clearly unlike anything I’ve seen in this world so far. The only one I know who could possibly build a city like this would be God’s Voice. If God’s Voice really did build the Ngai Forest and the sky-piercing tower, then it wouldn’t have been strange for them to have built a city like this too.

…The problem is, I have no idea what this means. In the first place, I don’t know where in the world I am, or what this mural is supposed to signify. Rather than something to do with God’s Voice, it might simply be a depiction of the myths of this world.

I look around at every corner of the room. At the far side is a set of stairs. It’s too small for me to pass through as an apocalypse, but it’s no problem if I humanise. If we continue up a little further, we’ll probably get outside.

“Dragon-god-sama… On the ceiling, could that be the monster that Umukahime-san and Miia-san were talking about…?”

Aro says, and I look up. A huge eyeball-like monster is carved into the ceiling. It’s a simplified depiction, but the dread of the person who carved it clearly comes through.

Evil God Foren… The monster that God’s Voice is trying to revive. Based on the size of the city, it looks like Foren would be several hundred times larger than me.

The fact that Foren is depicted above it probably means that this shows a fallen civilisation from the past.


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