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SS – Treant’s Next Evolution
Together with Aro, treant, and Miia, we’re heading towards the sky-piercing tower and the hecatoncheir. The closer we get, the larger the tower appears, and the more its overwhelming presence weighs down on us.

I’m currently staring at the fluttering wings of treant’s back as we walk. No, to be precise, I’m not staring at treant, but rather at his status… No matter how many times I look, [Final Evolution] isn’t there. He’s already A+ rank, so I would have expected him to stop here. Will be able to evolve to Legendary once he hits max level…? Though if he does, he hasn’t got any divine skills, so I think his body would erode away like the ruin did…

For that matter, as a world treant, he’s already plenty capable of fulfilling his role as a tank. His HP and defence are high, and he has a lot of good skills to supplement them. His ability to counter both physical and magical attacks with [Wood Counter] and [Fairy Hex] is particularly powerful.

His weak points come from his excessively min-maxed nature leading to a large number of bad machups, but as long as he’s with allies, this isn’t a problem. He also has a lot of good matchups too, allowing him to potentially even fight higher rank opponents, so it’s not all bad.

…Since he’s already reached the epitome of the tank role, how might he possibly evolve from here? I can’t imagine it.

As an obvious current drawback, he lacks mobility and active means of attack. Though if he becomes able to move fast on his own or to launch his own attack, he’ll no longer be a walking fortress like he is now. I get the impression that the only reason he’s allowed to have such powerful stats and skills is because his speed and attack power are so low.

『Master-dono, you’ve been staring at me for a while?』

Treant turns to look at me.

『No, it’s nothing important, I was just a little curious… Ah, that’s right. Hey treant, if you were to evolve, what sort of power would you want?』

『What sort of power…? Hmm, that’s a difficult question. That reminds me, you said I might be able to evolve one more time. If I had to say, it’d be the power to protect you and Aro-dono… But to be more specific… Hmm…』

He really does say such gallant things so easily… From the fact that that was his first thought, I can feel his kind heart…or rather his kind roots.

『Ah that’s it! I’d like to be bigger!』
『Bigger!? Even more than you are now!?』

His true size is already over twice mine. He’s got to be around fifty metres tall. If he gets even bigger, it could be problematic. Though I guess his current extreme size is already problematic. He’s in his tree spirit form most of the time already.

『I want to be big enough for master-dono and Aro-dono… and atlach-dono, Volk-dono, magiaite-dono, and lecherta-dono to all be able to live on the tip of my branch! If I could be that big, I’m sure I could protect everyone!』

『For me to live on your branch… Just how many kilometres big would you have to be…?』

If a monster that big were to appear, then just talking a step would throw the world into turmoil. I can’t imagine what combat would be like.

“…I-I see. Treant-kun, you want to get even bigger.”

『Ah, sorry Miia-dono. I missed your name in that list earlier. If I evolve and get bigger, you can live on me too! You’re most welcome!』

“N-no, I might have to turn that offer down…”

『…Hm? I see. That’s a little unfortunate.』

H-he’s managed to put Miia on the off foot…!? With her expression usually so blank, it’s the first time I’ve seen her look troubled.


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