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687 – The King of Hell, Abaddon
I fly up towards the creepy floating statue that is Jornes. For now, I’ll focus on seeing how she fights and carefully learning how to deal with her skills.

If I were to attack carelessly, I would trigger one of her counter skills. Physical attacks are entirely reflected, and magic attacks can be shut down by [Mirror Counter].

Although, I’m not convinced her skill really does make her completely immune to physical damage. The description of [Karma Mirror] makes it sound like it might give complete physical immunity, but with such a short explanation it’s hard to tell. Once I see in action, I might find it has some sort of exploitable weakness.

I fly in a circle around Jornes. She tries to cut me off, but it seems like she isn’t able to handle my speed. I can catch her by surprise with a fast [Dimension Claw] now…!

I’ll start by experimenting with her [Karma Mirror]! I fly behind her, breaking line of sight, and then quickly strike with [Dimension Claw].

My claw cuts through space to and reaches her. The next instant, her mirror shines with light. At the same time, sharp pain runs through my head.


Blood rains down from my cheek. I’ve no doubt this wound was caused by my [Dimension Claw].

【Characteristic Skill [Karma Mirror]】
【Returns all physical damage to the attacker.】
【The damage dealt by [Karma Mirror] cannot be avoided.】

The only wind up sign was the mirror glowing slightly. There’s no gap that I can exploit.

I wipe the blood away from my left eye. I thought maybe the damage would be shared, but Jornes isn’t even slightly injured.


Jornes’ thought resounds. I immediately dive down.

The space I was in a moment ago erupts in rainbow-coloured light. It’s the same skill the slime used.

【Normal skill [Ruin]】
【Shoots iridescent light, bringing destruction to a wide area.】
【The power scales significantly with closeness from the epicentre.】

The skill is familiar. However, one aspect is different. The scale of the explosion is over three times larger than I was expecting.

The edge of the iridescent blast wraps around my body, burning my skin.


What is this stupidly large explosion!? It burnt my wings!

Shot back from the blast, my body slams into the giant statue of what might be a past Saint. I hear the sound of the statue cracking.


Severe pain runs though my back from the impact. All the air in my lungs is forced out through my mouth, mixed with some blood.

I knew that Jornes’ magic stat is high, and that [Ruin] is a powerful skill. But I never thought it’d do this much damage.

【[Characteristic Skill [Magic Scale Magnification】
【Raises the scale and power of magical skills in accordance to the amount of mana poured into them.】
【Basic skills can become one-shot attacks, and as the scale increases, new uses can be found for some skills.】

The already crazy-strong [Ruin] skill was made even stronger. It’s a simple yet terrifying characteristic skill.

However, the MP cost of that attack has got to be high. It might be possible to win by baiting her into using all her MP while fending off her attacks with [Mirror Counter], but… if I have to stay on the defensive, I get the feeling I‘d lose first.


Before I can regain my balance, a second shot arrives. A sphere of iridescent light materialises in front of me.

Using [Autogeneration] and [Dragon Mirror], I immediately reform my wings, while also using [Mirror Counter] to create a wall of light in front of me. I use my tail to launch myself off the wall of light and hide behind the statue of the past Saint.

The [Mirror Counter] shatters, and giant statue comes crumbling down. I’ve manged to endure her second attack and regain my posture, but that attack demolished the statue in a single hit.

It’s not just about her defensive performance. Her ability to overcharge attacks as much as she wants with [Magic Scale Magnification] combined with the high-density explosion of [Ruin] is dangerous.

Below our fight is Miria and her comrades. Glancing down at them, I see treant has partially cancelled his [Tree Spiritisation] in order to block some falling rubble with his roots. Aro has split in three with [Darkness Kaleidoscope], and is picking them up to fly away.

『Aro, treant, good job!』

『Leave it to me, master-dono! This much is no problem…! Aro-dono and I will carry them to safety, so please smash that boulder!』

I get what he’s saying. Jornes isn’t an opponent I can beat while worried about them.

It’s bad enough that she can make up for her lack of speed and attack power with her powerful counter skills, but she can also attack with boosted [Ruins] while completely protected by those counters . It might be the first time I’ve faced an opponent with such dirty tactics.

However, even if she seems to have no openings, it can fall apart once one thing collapses. Her MP isn’t unlimited, and her counter against magic isn’t as absolute as her physical counter.

Besides… I have an idea of a skill that might be useful against her.

I learnt a lot from my fights against Lilixira and Miia. If I didn’t had those experiences, I probably would be able to do nothing but be toyed around with by Jornes.

However, there’s a good reason why the she’s burning through her MP to keep attacking me, despite being supposedly invincible. She knows that if I were to gain the opportunity to properly attack, I’d discover a weakness to her counters.

As an apocalypse, I have plenty of good attack options besides physical ones. While staying alert for [Ruin], I’ll carefully probe for a weakness, then pounce on it.


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