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698 – [Wheel of Karma]
The gigantic wheel on the abaddon’s back spins. The skill’s true nature becomes evident immediately.

【Normal Skill [Wheel of Karma]】
【The authority of the king of Hell who governs karma and judges the actions of men.】
【Returns the sum total of damage that an attacker dealt to it within the last 24 hours.】
【The damage from [Wheel of Karma] cannot be reduced by any means.】
【A long period of time is required for activation.】

I understand the purpose of [Ritual of Immortality] at the same time as well. It’s to make certain [Wheel of Karma] activates.

Jornes’ maximum HP is close to ten thousand. If I let [Wheel of Karma] activate, at least thirty thousand in damage… and at worst fifty thousand damage will come flying at me.

I’ve seen numerous different monsters up till now, but my maximum HP is the highest among all of them. Yet, it’s only a little over ten thousand. I can’t imagine there’s a monster in this world that can possibly endure that amount of damage.

Jornes’ strategy has been thoroughly underhanded so far, but, to think that she was carrying this big of a bomb as her trump card.

A damage sharing skill in addition to physical and magic damage reflecting skills. The ability to ignore resistances and apply status conditions. A long- and min-range magic skill that’s difficult to avoid after being boosted. A more or less unavoidable skill that obstructs actions. The ability to copy stats to cover her weaknesses. On top of all that, she has the ability to use [Empath] to deal with small fries that come at her in numbers. 

With just that alone she can be considered to possess the most horrid skill set of anyone I’ve seen, but then she actually has something like a completely unavoidable and unmitigatable instant death skill. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be able to win against Jornes if I had fought normally.

What a malicious combination of stats and skills. If such an enemy appeared in a game, the player would undoubtedly throw in the towel before being able to completely grasp the full picture of her ability. I didn’t have quite a good impression of Jornes from the item descriptions I’d seen before, but leaving aside the morality of her actual deeds, doesn’t she have quite the twisted personality?

The spinning wheel picks up speed. Jornes’ pale-blue body starts to turn red as if being heated.

No matter how she’s attacked, it’s useless. Until she depletes her MP, Jornes’ invincibility will not be dispelled. It’s impossible to deal damage.

And most likely, [Wheel of Karma] will detonate before she dispels her invincibility. It’s started to seem like I’m absolutely unable to win against Jornes.

I extend my forelimb and transform it into a hand with [Dragon Mirror].

『[Ideal Weapon].』

Light gathers in my palm. An enormous reddish-black blade appears in it.

【[Apocalypse Greatsword]: Value L+ (Upper Legendary)】
【[Attack: +666]】
【A greatsword made from the scales and fangs of the dragon who will cause the end of the world.】
【With its evil soul sealed within, whoever it cuts will be enveloped in hellfire.】

Like the shield, the forms of demons are engraved onto its handle. A ghastly pattern, like veins, is spread out over the blade.

The combination of [Ritual of Immortality] and [Wheel of Karma] is brutal. There might be a way out of this, but the difficulty of subduing her just shot up in an instant. Probably, the realistic way to deal with her would be to focus on reducing her MP without dealing damage while also splitting up the damage from [Wheel of Karma] by challenging her with numbers.

However, if I use this skill, I’ll be able to crush this combination attack easily.

【Normal Skill [Flash That Drives Away the Darkness]】
【The sword is coated in holy light to cut the enemy.】
【Before this flash, all deception is meaningless.】
【All forms of damage reduction or nullification from resistance skills, characteristic skills, normal skills, or special conditions are ignored to deal massive damage to the target.】

I push mana into the [Apocalypse Greatsword]. Light begins gathering in its blade.

Jornes’ wheel begins rapidly spinning faster and faster, and her entire body starts to radiate a deep red light. I fly right up to her and calmly ready my greatsword.

[Flash That Drives Away the Darkness] will always be a heavy swing because the sword has been burdened with the mana loaded into it, but Jornes is completely unable to move because of [Ritual of Immortality] and [Wheel of Karma].

『This time for sure… It’s the end for you with this, Jornes.』

I swing. Jornes takes my [Flash That Drives Away the Darkness] head on.

Fine cracks open up all over her stone body.

【118500 experience points have been acquired.】
【Due to the title skill [Walking Egg: Lv-], an additional 118500 experience points have been acquired.】
【The level of [Apocalypse] has risen from 105 to 131.】

Jornes’ body crumbles. The abaddon’s human head breaks apart. Her remains are scattered into the air, becoming motes of light and disappearing as if melting into the atmosphere.

The enormous barrier covering the city quakes and distorts as it fades away. I’ve finally managed to defeat Jornes.

She had such a troublesome skill set. She most likely had remained living for millenia with no one able to subjugate her.

[Flash That Drives Away the Darkness] is a skill gained by levelling the characteristic skill [Hero] to maximum. Moreover, there probably isn’t any other method of obtaining it.

I have the [Demon Lord] characteristic skill as well, yet its skill level isn’t growing decently. Probably, it can be used by both humans and monsters, but it won’t grow to its maximum unless deliberate efforts are taken to do so. I don’t have [Saint] or [Magic Beast King], but Lilixira had both of them.

These characteristic skills presumably come from the divine skills, but perhaps we’re only able to collect the first two. It seems like a bizarre and unnatural rule, but I wonder if there’s some meaning behind it?

But, with this I understand something somehow. It was written on Jornes’ revelation stone that she understood back then that she would eventually be made into God’s puppet.

Jornes’ status is completely different from any monster I’ve seen so far. I can sense some kind of intention in that thoroughly skewed status.

…Perhaps she had wanted to be defeated by the hand of an opponent who had the necessary strength and the maximum [Hero] skill level. If the opponent had the maximum [Hero] level, there would be a high possibility that they would support mankind. And, if they had the necessary strength and [Flash That Drives Away the Darkness], they would become able to completely crush any paths to victory the abaddon’s skills provided.

God’s Voice isn’t likely to have half-hearted stats. It wouldn’t be strange for them even to have skills that restrain movement, or skills that nullify damage on the slim chance it takes any.

Jornes had probably chosen to evolve to an abaddon with such skills in order to entrust the future to a monster capable of winning against God’s Voice, as the best form of resistance that she could put up. It’s not entirely overthinking things on her part. Seeing her revelation stone, Jornes was quite the sharp and able person, and seriously used her abilities to search for a way to subdue God’s Voice.

『I’ll shoulder your resolution and your wishes, Jornes. So go, rest in peace.』

I bow my head slightly to the scattered remains of the abaddon.


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