Revenge Consulting - Chapter 1

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The reincarnation school is like a world covered with dreadful energy.
There is an old,rusted and ancient door leading to Earth in the school.
A so-called return gate.
The school is known as world of the dead where tens of thousands of souls enter every second.
But Only the strongest soul can cross the gate to return to the world of life.

“Average Rank S in 14 subjects. The sum of the stats is 151,390. ”

Of course there is only one way to become the strongest soul.
And that is by killing each other, until there is only one left.
Death at Earth is nothing more than an entrance procedure to this school.
If one dies here, then the soul is utterly destroyed.
Only one soul that survived until the end can stand before the return gate!

“The best records ever. Congratulations on graduation, student number 2414. ”

The man who survived until the end.
In other words, the man who killed everyone else.
His skin was peeling,blood was flowing from countless wounds but still he his gaze was cold enough to steal anyone’s life.
Even the gloomy atmosphere of the school was unable to hide the darkness covering him.

The teacher spoke to the man standing there idly.

“What are you doing,2414.That’s the reincarnation you’ve been looking for.”
“· · · · ·?”
“4871, 13982.”
“9047, 273, 19384, 4779, 12133, 354, 6447, 8517.”

The man was mumbling numbers that no one can understand.
The teachers who came to notice this particular student started to gather around. The man continued to murmur for a while.
Until the moment, when all the teachers in the school surrounded him.

“I will repeat it to you,2414. You have graduated from here.Now Go through the gate and reincarnate. ”

Right then, without any sound.
The man leaned forward and stared at the teacher.
And said one word at a time.

“Let me ask you one question,my dear teacher of reincarnation school. What if I refuse to graduate? ”
“I’ve been here so many times and I’ve reincarnated hundred times now, and now I’m tired and so I’m gonna stop. Tell me what happens if I refuse to graduate? ”

It felt like a bomb exploded in a peaceful town, the teachers faces distorted with various emotions.
Because, this man has just said that he has come to this reincarnation school a hundred times.

“····································? Did you graduate a hundred times? ”
“After every reincarnation, I died because of some accident. Every single time. I was really looking forward for the hundredth one. And now this is my hundredth. ”

No one was able to reply to the man’s word.
A feat that can not be understood by common sense. So the teachers made a conclusion.
That this person is a liar.

“It’s almost like the first time I’ve graduated from the school.But the rule are the rules. So I cannot just refuse to graduate, so … ”
“If you refuse to graduate, please explain to me what happened. ”
“I made it clear that I could not.”

Every person was confused by these statements made by the man.
As teachers started to discuss the issue, the aura of the man changed.
The helpless eyes of the man began to shine brightly.

“Hey, I will just not graduate …! Anyway, if I go to Earth,then I will just come back here soon,so what am I graduating from exactly? ”
“Take the graduation procedure, 2414.”
“Do not force me, you bastards!”

In the end, teachers started to cross the line that should not have been touched.
They have touched the patience of the man who endured it till the end.
Teachers stretching out their hands to push the man towards the gate and a man looking at them with his red eyes!
And finally, in the history of reincarnation school, a whole new incident happened.
The battlefield of the souls who died in Earth, the reincarnation school.
The existence of the entire foundation was broken down.

“Fuck this! This is the ideal place to do this! Come on, boys! I’ll kill you all! “


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