Revenge Consulting - Chapter 11

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“Because there is a risk but no merit. And So,I don’t want to join the organization called Leaders. ”
“Huh,you don’t know?The ‘Leaders’ is not a group that is tied with strict rules. We are people who share only one purpose. ”
“Power and money”
“Okay,So, you want to say that if I give my strength to the Leaders, the members will give me power and money. “(TL:’Leaders’ term is mentioned for both members themselves and the group,So it may be bit confusing)
“That’s right.”

Ryu and Moo-young smiled at each other.
After a short moment of silence.

“Good.I will join the Leaders. ”
“Wise choice. If you become a good member, you’ll make lot of profits from the Leaders. ”
“Okay. So what should we do right now? ”
“Nothing at all.Since, we have deal to with other issues so we will postpone this issue for later. ”

‘I think I should maintain a good relationship with the leaders. They are those who are struggling in every level, and it will definitely benefit me. ”

When Ryushin was lost in thought.
Mooyoung talked with smile on his face.

“The formal enrollment process will proceed in the graduate general meeting which will be held two weeks later. At that time, I would like to introduce you to other members. ”
“From now on you can consider yourself as a leader.So, If you need anything, let me know. ”
“It’s a kind of debt.”

Ryushin decided to take a look at what the Leaders could offer.

“I have a bad background and I need some cash. ”
“cash? Oh, I’m sorry, but if it is cash, I can not support you with much. I will try to prepare as much as possible, so please understand. ”
“Fine. How much is possible? ”
“Well······. For now, I’m sorry but I could provide 8 billion only……… ”

Moo-young smiled helplessly.
But Ryushin was rather surprised.
Money is used when the amount is small or tangible assets. The bigger the amount, the harder it is to go directly.
Huge amount of money in modern society is generally traded through computerized figures only.
The money that can be easily cashed out, was at most around 8 million won.

“8 billion is enough. ”
“Haha, thank you for understanding.”

Mooyoung expressed his appreciation to Ryushin, and he seemed to feel better.
In fact, there is a certain amount of conflict between the leaders.
Mooyoung was fully supportive of Ryushin and was doing calculations to put him into his network.

“I will send the 8 billion within six hours. I’ll tell the agent to take your account number. ”
“If you send 8 billion yen suddenly, the financial institution will become suspicious.On second thought, I think it will probably not happen. ”

The Blue House has leaders.
So,Whether it is a bank or a financial supervisory office, there will also be leaders present.
Ryushin laughed at the thought, that he was worried about his bank balance, and Moo-young also laughed at his mistake.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll take care of that myself. Well, then let’s have lunch. ”

He is now a comrade.
Moo Young and Ryushin shared a handshake once, and after having a small chat, they had a meal in a fairy near hanok.
After that, he went back to work, and Ryushin boarded the car he drove.

“Get off at Chungdam-dong.”

The car starts.
The lady was manipulating the handle well with a broken arm.
Ryushin, sitting in the passenger seat, suddenly felt anxious about the fact and asked her.

“Hey,lady.Is your forearm already healed? ”
“That is correct. Reincarnation school graduates have different bodies than ordinary people. ”
“What are you talking about?”
“You may not know since you are a new graduate, but the body of the graduates is made of a special material called dark matter. Therefore,the body does not suffer from chronic illnesses, it can stand better in extreme situations, and it can exert transcendent combat power.
That’s why we can use our abilities. ”

It was information that Ryushin did not know.
Ryushin kept listening to her words with full focus.

“So general medical technology can not cure graduates’ injuries.So,I received treatment techniques developed by the early graduates. ”
“If you happen to be injured, please do not go to the general hospital.Contact me. There is a special purpose hospital for graduates. ”

After her explanation, Ryu nods his head.

‘Not only did the graduates already have a society in their own right, but they have systematized everything about themselves.

Originally,I should have learned this from the other graduates.
However, Ryushin repeatedly the died immediately after the reincarnation, and so there was no opportunity for him to learn these contents.

“Good. And one more thing I wondered about before, how did the Leaders know that I was a graduate? ”

She glanced at Ryushin and said with a cold face.

“The leader in the police has traced your position.”
“In recent weeks, events that were under investigation or lawsuits were suddenly resolved. There were a few things in common in those events. ”

The car stops because of red traffic light.
She turned her gaze to the front again.

“The person who committed the crime reported himself to the police and embroidered it. And when the investigation began,the person denied and said that it never happened. ”
“There were deaths and injuries in the past. However, there was no evidence of beating and the wounded did not know who attacked them. Through this fact, the police leaders made an inference. ”

A blue light comes on and she steps on the Excel.

“In this case, the alumni, who are also very capable, were involved.”
“So the leaders took the action that if someone embroiders, the one nearby will send a person directly to get in contact.”
“Right.So, It was you who was sent. ”

The conversation stopped.
Ryushin did not ask anymore.
She could not bear the silence,and opened her mouth first.

“What was the reason for your action?”
“Hmm???. I can not deny it at this point. ”
“I am a righteous man who can not bear injustice?”
“And the truth?.”
“I needed money? ”

“So do you feel upset? ”
“No. Rather, it’s one of the reasons why Leaders chose you. ”

‘I don’t know why,but the tone of the conversation has become even harder.
Ryusin’s eyes shined sharply, but it was soon withdrawn. Ryushin felt that it was something interesting.

‘This girl, maybe …’

In the meantime, the car arrived at the destination.
Ryushin gave her the account number and then got off the car.

“Go ahead and tell Lee Moo-young,that I was asking you to deposit the money as soon as possible! ”
“······Okay. then.”

Ryushin looked at the disappearing car and laughed.
“Well,now it’s time to do some real trading”

After walking for a while,he stopped.


A huge space was transformed into an achromatic space!
A battlefield was spread over the rooftop of a building in front of him.
Unlike ordinary people, graduates can see what was happening in the field.

“Look at that.”

20 vs. 2.
The gang in a black suit was beating two young students.
Ryushin smiled once, and entered the building where the fight was taking place.
On board the elevator he pressed the button to the top floor.

“Let’s get rid of them.”

As soon as the door of the elevator closed, the appearance of Ryushin changed.


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