Revenge Consulting - Chapter 12

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The moment he reached the top floor, all the lights in the elevator faded. It was folded into the field.
From this point on, everything was fixed.
Ryushin stepped back, lifted his hind legs and pushed the door of the elevator away.


Ryushin stepped on the rooftop stairs without any hesitations!
After destroying the door with a kick,he saw the guys in the suits looking at him.

“What?, who are you?”

“I came because I saw the battlefield. Dozens of adults beating just two students. How could I stand watching this? ”
“Have you come to rescue your colleagues pretending to be some other person? You’re stupid.You shouldn’t have come. ”
“I think you have a misunderstanding.”
“It does not matter if it is a misunderstanding. At this point, your death has been set. ”

When he saw the leader of the gang, three men falls back.
Ryushin reached out to say something while embarrassed.

“No, wait a minute …!”
“Men kill him.”

Men came to attack him from all directions! .

‘My ability, time freez, is already well-known in the reincarnation schools.Since,The female teacher is still alive.”

A light passed! It was a knife.
Ryushin gently backed away.

‘My way of fighting as Kwon Tae-ha is to be focused on attacking with force. So when I fight with this identity,it would be in a completely different way. ”
Ryushin stepped back and avoided a straight knife with a low posture.
And gives a body blow to the defenseless side!
The person bends over the body and kneels, without even screaming!

“Yes …?”

Ryushin runs over the men.
Heavier stride and brilliant step!
At this moment, his upper body rotates with the speed and flexibility that cannot be imagined, and supplies centrifugal force and weight to both his fists.

Whatever! Pupper perch!
The torque and weight of the upper body combined with the force pulled from the lower body!
Create blows which slams the enemies like crazy.
But Ryushin’s punch were always as clean as his looks.




“Uh huh …!”

Destructive power like a monster, speed like a ghost!
In front of the perfect punching technique, the enemies were just blown like fallen leaves.
The leader of the gang,looks at the Ryushin,who was knocking his men down.

“I can not ……….”

Pa aac!
At that time, Ryu-shin hammered the jaw of the person who was about to hit his back.
Even if you have eyes on your back, you cannot do that!
That was the enemy’s idea, but it was different.

Perfuck! Quick!
Ryushin, like a typhoon, rotates fiercely and hits the enemy.

An unpredictable dazzling technique! Repetition of rotation and reverse rotation.
Ryushin’s combat technique was not just about the attack.
The position and posture of his enemies were always in his sight while fighting.
Ryushin was simulating all of it in his head.
So even if one was out of his sight,he could predict the movements clearly.

Great! Kwaan!

“Let’s stop this. If the students have done something wrong, they must take responsibility in a legitimate way. Of course, I think you guys are in the wrong. ”

Without spilling a drop of sweat, Ryushin stretched his arms.
All those who came to him were on the floor.
The leader of the gang took one step back without even thinking.

“He ……… That guy is …! He’s a genius in fighting!

Grasping power and wide visibility to recognize the whole battlefield itself.
Controlling the flow of the fight and the power to lead the flow!
‘This······. It’s not about the power and speed only! ”

While the man was in panic, Ryushin was beating up and tearing down the men near the students.

‘He did not grew up as a fighter.Instead he was Born as a fighter! ‘

And the last man near the students fell down.
“Are you okay, students?”

Two students stood up while supporting each other.
Ryushin looked at them with a smile. It was a man and woman who seemed to be high school students.

“Are you a friend of ours?”

The girl relaxed.
But the boy, as if still suspicious of Ryu, said behind his back.

“We have no connection with each other?”
“Yeah. But do you need a reason to help someone in trouble? ”
“But your opponent are gangsters!Who also receives the protection of those who are leaders …! You don’t care about your life? ”
“I do what I want.”

No tension.
Both man and woman were stunned for a while.

“You should leave the place. I’ll be watching them until they wake up. ”
“Please don’t bother with our situation!”
“Kim Jun-gum, don’t do that! What’s wrong with him who is giving us a favor? ”
“Sorry······! I will be grateful for your favor! Thank you very much!”

The two almost had a fight, but eventually the man followed the woman’s side.
After confirming that they disappeared over the door, Ryushin picked up the knife that was lying on the floor.

“I’m sorry, but this face will be my real identity. Unfortunately,you all have to die,Sorry. ”

Hook! Worse!



With the knife passing through the last one’s neck, Ryushin laughs.
It is a very thorough after-treatment. The devil’s laughter was gone by the time he left the building without a trace.
The students who came down first came up again.

“Hey,why are you still here?”
“that······. Because you saved our life, I am so grateful … ”
“It’s alright. They will not bother you again. ”
“Yes …. Well, if you don’t mind, please let me know your name! ”

A boy who is still having a disgruntled look, and a girl looking up to him with respect.
Ryushin was worried for a moment, and spit out a name.

“I am called Lee Nak-hyun.”
“Ah yes! I’m Eun Bin. ”
“… It is Kim Joon-gum.”

After a minute passed,six or seven gangs came rushing from afar.


A group of men with a lady in front came near them.
After confirming the condition of the injured Eun Bin and the boy, they sent a careful eye towards Ryushin.

“Who are you?”
“Uh, sister! He saved us! ”
“Really, really strong! Those who attacked us,were seriously injured in a moment …! ”

Everyone was amazed at the words of Eun Bin,
The lady was astonished at the fact that Ryushin had solved the large number of enemies by myself.

“Da … did you really save these children?”
“Yeah. I saw the field while walking on the road. But I am scared,that maybe I have caused one or two deaths … ”

Ryushin shakes his head.
A face of guilt that may have killed a person.
‘Look good and look calm.
Above all, I was tall and my characters were too chiseled, so I lied to the members.
Because with this, it was proven that I had nothing to do with them as I had killed the enemy.’

“Then there are those on the roof! I have to go and kill them! ”
“stop! No matter how they are, they are defenseless!
“But this is the perfect opportunity! It’s not the time for justice! ”
“Okay, stop it! Let’s get out-of-the-way because the other guys are coming. ”

In order to prevent those who pass by the road from hearing, the members voiced their opinions in a low voice.
They concluded that they would leave this place immediately.

“Thank you for rescuing me, brother!”
“Yes, be careful.”

When Ryushin waved his hand with a smile,a tall woman turned around and came in front of the him.

“I don’t think it so.Since You may become the enemy’s target. ”
“I guess so.”
“How about going with us for a while?I have to help the benefactor. ”
“Well······. Okay.”

Soon Ryushin moved to a large parking lot.Where a huge car was parked.
Ryushin, along with the members, got on the car.

“It is late to say hello. I have to ask You?”
“I am called Lee Nak Hyun. By the way, she called you Yongbin. Is that your name? ”
“Yes, that is correct. We are a group of people walking on different routes than the successful graduates -Leaders. ”
“Successful graduate?”
“As students from the reincarnation school graduates, they demonstrate their abilities and are victorious in all kinds of crime and corruption. That’s the identity of the leader. ”

The woman in the passenger seat speaks in a cold voice.
She turned her upper body and looked at Ryushin.

“And we have come together to stop the leaders …. We are graduates who failed. “


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