Revenge Consulting - Chapter 4

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Ryushin escaped from the mountains and headed towards the city center.
One year at the reincarnation school is only one hour from the time of the death.
While Ryushin had spent 500 years in reincarnation school, the time flown in Earth was only three weeks.
People in different clothes pass by him.
The atmosphere buzzing with the sounds of vehicles blowing the wind, the noise coming out of the store.

“Every time I have a reincarnation, it’s empty.”

The sky is clear without a cloud, and the cold wind blows through his hair.
Ryushin had a perfect life, so he decided to go to the house where he lived.

‘At this point, it’s time for something to happen …’

Ryushin muttered,while a flowerpot fell off towards his head from a balcony of a 6th floor high building.
Ryu-shin waved his arm without shifting his gaze.
The fist’s back struck the pots and smashed it, and then he looked at the sky.

‘Well then.’

Those who have graduated from reincarnation school are reincarnated as they were before the death.
The location appears random.
Ryushin has fallen into all kinds of places during his 100 reincarnations.
8 lane roads. Subway track. Roof railing.Even up to the Hangang Bridge.
It was a situation that seemed like someone manipulated so he had to die just after the reincarnation.

“But,Not now.”

Ryushin laughs and crosses the cross walk.
It was obviously a green light, but the truck was running towards him without stopping.
If it was the same as before, I would have died again without being able to do anything and then have to go to the reincarnation school again.
However, Ryushin was able to accelerate the time axis to avoid the truck.

“Is the real god hating me?”

At this point,he was having such illusions.
Ryushin looked back at the crosswalk that returned to the red light and muttered.
The ‘accident’ that came to him, came in exactly every 30 minutes.
Ryu-shin was using all of his excellent physical abilities and time-base acceleration to avoid them all.
And then he observed one thing!

‘Wait······. And then, I think that the accident happens only when I am alone. ‘

To Confirm his hypothesis, Ryushin went into the subway station.
Standing in that space as people burst out, Ryushin looked at the clock in front of the ticket office for a while.
One hour later, no accidents occurred.

‘Right. The misfortune that came to me was only when there was no one around me. If there is a possibility that others will get caught in the accident, then the accident will not happen. ‘

“Fuck you!”

When Ryushin cried in excitement, the people who were around him were surprised and looked at him.
But then he immediately turned his attention back to reality and went on his way.

‘I’m sure some bastard is aiming for me because he controls people.’

One hypothesis came to Ryushin’s mind.
One of the other graduates of the reincarnation school intentionally used this ability to control people for his bidding.
But Ryushin had never fought anyone with this ability, even though he had reincarnated so many times.

‘This ability is manifested only to you, you can not control others. It is not such a simple matter. There is a complex give-take relationship. ‘

Ryushin exits the subway.
As soon as he got off the crowd, a motorcycle ran in.
Like a skilled bullfighter, Ryushin, swiftly pushed himself out of the way.

Then, in the eyes of Ryushin, some sight suddenly shone.

“You have hair on my coffee! Please switch it to a new one now! ”
“I’m sorry, guest …”

A small coffee shop specializing in takeout.
Auntie, who was dragging her stroller, was protesting to the employee.
‘However, no matter how I see it,this..’
Ryushin smiled as if he had seen a nice person and sneaked near her.
It is a good match.

“No, do not just say sorry, but change it to a new one!”
“I’m sorry, I will ask the boss …”
“No, I have something to ask the boss. Is it not common sense to change the coffee if a foreign object comes out ?! ”

But no matter what I see, something is strange.
The hair in her hand was yellow.
There are two ladies who say that they are employees, but none of them have blondes.
But the Auntie,she was a yellow head.
Finally, his thoughts came back.

“Hey, yellow lady!”

I mumbled out without even knowing it.
But the yellow lady listened to it.
She began to appeal that she was upset with her toad-like impression.

“What do you have to say?”
“So what did you say about the hair? Do you come up with an empty cup and ask for a new one?
“Well, that’s because the hair is sitting on the bottom of the cup …!
“There is common sense that hair floats in the water! Your health is bad and you are not well-educated. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? ”
“Well, why are you saying my health is bad?”

At that moment, Ryushin played off the time axis.(TL:Time freezzzzz)
A slow world like a slow video.
Ryu-shin went towards her and then he looked at her right belly and pointed with his index finger.
Ryu-shin then returns to his place without hesitation and releases his ability.


To dismiss it horribly, the lady squeezes her belly and sits down.
A surprised employee jumps out of the counter to help her.

“Cus.., customer! Are you okay?”
“Oh,My belly is …!”
“Where, where ?!”
“Right belly …!”
“Hey, this is crazy. The right lower abdomen.. is this appendix? It’s not like acute appendicitis, is it? ”

Ryushin’s words were indeed right.
Even the people who passed by started to crowd around. Ryu-shin looked at the employees who had no idea, and took the cell phone of the student who shot the video swiftly.

“Well …!”

Ryushin dialed 119 as it was, saying only that a patient had occurred in a cafe in front of a building and broke up.

“It’s a good world.”

And Ryushin got off the spot.
There was a lot to be done, and that lady would soon be carried away in an ambulance.
Ryu-shin helps good people,but a person with a bad personality will dealt with in a simialr manner.
It was one of the few hobbies of Ryushin.


Ryushin moved his foot towards the house without a hurry.
However, after an hour, no accidents occurred.

‘I did not mix with the crowd · · · ·?’

In a way, he stopped in his pace.
And then Ryushin rushing into the driveway.But the car that was just running towards him stopped in front of him, like a miracle.

“Ya bastard! Did you decide to die ?! ”

Boo Woong!
The driver who stopped was full of character, drives away and disappears.
Ryushin walked to the center line at a distance. It is not unusual for the car to stop but..
Nevertheless, nothing happened to Ryushin!

‘No way······. No way!’

Ryushin was shocked and stood in front of the commercial building across the road again.
The accident does not happen. Like a lie!
Ryushin began to trace his memory of what had happened different from his other reincarnations since he felt as if he would soon find out something serious.

‘A few bad luck came right after I came down to Earth, but it is not happening now. Where did the bad luck go? So what incident, and at what point, did this badness disappear? Wait, I can not …?

And finally, Ryushin made a horrifying hypothesis.
One clue that comes to mind after over an hour, yellow head lady!

‘If I solve the misfortune of others, my misfortune will disappear as much as others misfortune …!’


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