Revenge Consulting - Chapter 7

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Posted on April 3, 2017by darkdeathking

A few days after that.
Ryushin succeeded in creating a new identity.
Name: Kwon Tae Ha. Twenty eight years old.
His family consists of only a grandmother who went to a nursing home, and there are no contacts with any other relatives at all.
His parents were in a seafaring profession and were supposed to be dead when they were working on a fishing boat.


At the government office, Ryushin picked up his resident registration card with the name of Kwon Tae-ha.
To gain this status, Ryushin had to go through the town hall and family courts and do all kinds of duties.
He changed the paperwork,manipulated the computer network, and stepped into the process of correcting the death certificate.
Of course it was troublesome,but not difficult.He was the master of transformation that can move in any way he wants!

‘Ryushin and Kwon Tae Ha. These two identities must be thoroughly separated. ‘


Through this identity, Ryu will fulfill his parents wish of living a luxurious life.
But still, It would be better for him to abandon the name Ryushin and use an alias when not necessary.

Kwon Tae-ha.
Handsome man who does not need to be an entertainer right now.
It is a perfect mixture of physical beauty where his charms affects one just by looking at him.
Ryushin was planning to make his money,through “Revenge Consulting”.

It is hard to live a life of two people alone.
But for Ryushin it was easy as he had another ability, ‘time freeze’.
An ability which can be active even when he sleeps.
Using this, Ryushin can resolve his sleep in 30 minutes a day.
Therefore, Ryushin was able to use two identities with ease.
‘I don’t have much time to sleep.’
‘I have lots of things to do’
“Today will be a busy day.”

Now that he had a new identity, it was time to do something else.
Ryushin stood in front of the building that had many people going in and out, and then he looked up at it.
LED signboard with ‘JD Financial’ text in bold.
It looks like a financial company, but in fact it was a lie of a loan shark.

“Let’s take a look at how much money the shark has accumulated. ”

Ryushin shakes his shoulders and heads to the underground parking lot.
‘I have already completed all the preliminary investigations.
The president of JD Financial, the name of the person who squeezes the common people’s life with bonds, is Park Hyun-Gun.
He used to come to work at nine o’clock on weekdays, driving a foreign car.’

The aim of Ryushin was to eat off the property of the president.
(TL:Nice way to earn money!Maybe we should do the same.)

Today, too, Park Hyun-Gun’s Benz entered the parking lot.
Ryushin activated his ability and then..
‘I have already activated the time axis so he can’t escape from me today.’
He slowly walked towards the side of the car, and opened the door of the car.


Ryushin gets on the passenger seat and closes the door.
The expression of Park Hyun Gun, who was driving, was changing very finely.
And the head was slowly moving to his side like a sloth.
Ryushin slapped the chin of the person and took the safety belts off and then throws him on the back seat.

“There are many vacancies anyway.”

Ryushin, moves to the driver’s seat,and releases his ability and then drives the car instead.
The world regains its original speed. Ryushin looks back at the person who was stuck in the back seat.

“I’m glad that he fainted before he even knew my face.Otherwise,he would have lost his life. ”

The car rear bumper hits the parking pillar.Well, It’s his driving after 500 years of no contact with a car anyway, so there is not much he could do about it.
Ryushin touches the breaks and carefully finishes the parking.

Ryuchin opens the door of the driver’s seat and gets out ,then he drags the person out of the car.
Hyun-Gun is the owner of a body shape with a belly protruding and with a small height.
Ryushin was feeling uncomfortable because he had to mimic his appearance.
Ryushin went to the elevator and moved to the 12th floor where the JD Financial office is situated.
His appearance has already been completely transformed for the current situation.

“Boss, are you here!”
“Welcome, boss!”

Ryushin puts both hands in his jacket’s pocket and nods his head arrogantly.
‘Since I have been familiar with the usual practice of the present case, a pretty natural act comes out.’
The inside of JD Financial is just a desperate landscape with just a few computers, cabinets and a few couches.
Ryushin sat down on the executive sofa where only the current president could sit, and looked around.

“Why are the kids so less today?”
“Yes, boss! The retired Seon electronics superintendent burned up his agreement. A few of the kids went to see him. ”
“Do not worry, boss!Don’t worry boss the kids can handle this much easily.”

Ryushin nods his head and smokes a cigarette.
Of course, if he borrowed money, he could pay off in near future.
But these social pandemics attaches murderous interest and pluck two or three times the principal.
So Ryushin did not like these people.
So he chose them as a target because he did not like them.

“That’s it, I’ll have to spend some cash right now.”
“How much do you require, boss?”
“Yes. About a billion won. ”
“Yes, sir. Hey, Zhao Huang, Zhao Ching, and Suhyeok Lee follow me. ”
“Yes, brother!”

The boss’s word here was the law.

He brought the two workers together and left the office.
They only took an hour to eat and then took out a travel carrier.
Since the limit of withdrawal per day is set for each bank, it is decided to withdraw the money several times and get one billion.

“Boss. I have withdrawn. Would you like to put it in your bag? ”
“Just give me the suitcase. ”

Surely 1 billion won is good. The volume is too small compared to the value.
Ryushin laughed when he saw the suitcase with a billion won.

“I’ll see you at work. And today,at 12 o’clock in the afternoon,bring everyone back. ”
“What do you want to do?”
“Of course it is all to make a move. It’s important that you do not miss one. ”
“Yes, sir.”
Ryushin pulls the suitcase and goes out of JD Finance office.
Ryushin enters the elevator.

“Oh, I almost fell out of control.”

As soon as the door closes, the appearance of Ryushin changes.
The second status of Ryushin, who has a big body and a dignified body, Kwon Tae Ha.
He looked at the mirror of the elevator, cleared up his suit, and looked at the CCTV with an exciting smile.
No CCTV, camera, tape recorder can see Ryushin in this world.
It was the privilege of those who were off-time.(TL:Well he just uses his ability to avoid problems)

‘I will not see you again anyway.’

The door of the elevator opens.
Ryushin stepped out of the building with a gait.He uses the presidents current cell phone.
He dials 112 and imitates the voice of the president with his Doppelganger ability.

[It is Park Hyun Gun, president of JD Financial. I am engaged in a ring loan, and the crime I committed is illegal… I will acknowledge and surrender all of these charges. Those who participated in my crime are supposed to be gathered at JD Financial Office by 12:00 today. Please take it for granted.]

Ryushin hungs up the phone.
‘The time now is 11:20 am.’
When I came to the parking lot, I was stunned as it the person was still stuck in the back seat.
He cannot get up.(TL:LOL)
Ryuchun threw his cellphone down the car and left the parking lot with a cool smile.

“Well done, Park Hyun-Gun.There should be a time when a person is given back the fruit of his crimes. ”
Ryushin comes out of the street with a serious face.
‘Now it is time to use this one billion won in earnest.’ Ryu-shin recalled his plans for the future.
‘First, I give my parents about 200 million and then help them buy a small apartment.’
‘And the remaining money was to set up an office. As a place to conduct revenge consulting.’

“If I have sufficient money left,then I will should buy a car, too.”

‘So thats how I will spend the 1 billion won ‘
While he was passing the winter streets refreshingly.
He observed a girl of high-end family walking towards him from a distance.
‘I wonder if she is 20 years old. ‘
He got an unusual impression from her, but he had no interest in her.
(TL:The action is coming..)
‘I’ll have a little money left. At most, I would be able to buy a domestic mid-sized sedan. Yes, one should not be too greedy. One must have a good heart.'(TL:REALLYY..XD)

When Ryushin was completely distracted.
The girl whose height reached his nose stood up and started talking to him.

“I’m a graduate,Here to invite you.”

She said slowly.
But as I passed by her, I felt terrible and unpleasant.
I never want to hear any word related with graduation!
Ryushin stops his imagination and looked at the girl with a devilish eyes.

“What did you just say, you are?”
“I came because of the leaders. I want to invite you to the reunion. ”
“What Reunion? Leaders? ”
“Reunion is a gathering of school graduates.”
“Right. The time of reality is much faster than the reincarnation school, so graduates will pop out from time to time. There will be meetings. ”

Ryushin became curious for a moment.
But it was for just a moment of time.
He leaned towards her like a devil.

“Go away!Cause I don’t care. ”
“Since you refuse,I have no choice but to use force.I will say it again Please respond to the summons. ”

From the girl’s slender body, an intense aura burst out.
At the same time, the sky became ash-colored and the land became dull.
Topographic features lost their original color and turned white.
The world of this monotone, Ryushin knew it well.
An artificial dimension that replicates the space within a certain range without destroying the features!
Originally, it was the skill of the teachers who made battlefields so that students could play with each other, so that the reincarnation school would not be harmed.

“You can create a battlefield.This is the ability of reincarnation school’s teachers? ”
“Teachers as well as graduates can use this. You just don’t know it. ”
“Yes? I did not know. ”

Ryushin clicks his tongue.
He learned the benefits of a graduate that he never knew.
‘Even so, it is a problem that I did not know these facts during my hundred graduations.
When Ryushin remembers the reincarnation school,his thought came to a stop because of what the girl said next.

“This is my final warning. Please respond to the Leaders’ summoning orders. ”
“Well, this makes people mad. It’s the same as playing homecoming. By the way, will you take people with violence?”

And then the following words were bloody enough to enrage the girl.

“Do you want to go back?Or should I help?”


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