Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1518

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Outside the courtyard, a battle had begun. Infuriated, Zhu Chang kept targeting Long Chen, who not only tried to fool him but also attempted to kill him.          


Zhu Chang’s figure flickered, appearing right before Long Chen. He hadn’t even called out his Soul Weapon as he didn’t want to give this imposter that much importance.      

Unfortunately for him, Long Chen wasn’t the only one he was facing here. Before he could even land a hit on Long Chen, the Demon Princess appeared before him.      

She grabbed the wrist of Zhu Chang, stopping it mid-way.      

With his wrist in the hands of the Demonic Princess, Zhu Chang felt as if his strength was being sucked. The longer she held onto his hand, the weaker he felt.      

A mighty wave of energy came out of his body which sent the Demon Princess flying along with Long Chen.      

“The Demon Realm has really gotten arrogant!” Zhu Chang roared. He rarely became serious, but this was one of those rare moments.      

A stranger had arrived here, and she thought she should challenge him in his own backyard?     

“If that’s what you want, then I promise. I will make sure that you don’t leave this place. The Demon Emperor thinks he can send his daughter here as if it is his own backyard? His arrogance knows no bounds! It is time we crushed his arrogance!”     

“For years, the beasts have stayed neutral, and out of your wars, so you seem to believe that we have gotten weak. I don’t care who you are, but only your dead body will go back to your father! He couldn’t respect our borders; we won’t respect his either! I’ll personally take your body to his Empire! He wants a war; then a war is what he shall get!”     

Zhu Chang didn’t even ask his father before he declared a war, and he didn’t need to either. Their dignity was challenged! He was sure his father was going to agree as well! It was time to reduce the super families by one!     

This was precisely what the Demon Princess was worried about. This was also why she hadn’t killed anyone. She didn’t want to bring a war back to her home. In fact, the only reason she came here was to stop the war. Unfortunately, she failed to finish the plan successfully. Instead, she ended up infuriating the young prince.      

“Prince Zhu! I promise I didn’t come here for a war. I didn’t intend to disrespect you either. The Demon Realm isn’t arrogant, and we certainly aren’t looking for war!” the Demon Princess declared.      

“Instead, the only reason I came here was to stop a war. That’s why I didn’t kill a single Soldier of yours! If I wanted, many of them would’ve been dead! Even now, I was attempting to escape and only intervened when you were about to kill him!”     

“You wanted to stop the war? You came here to stop a war? Nonsense! That lady in the back already told us your entire plan! You came here for the God Core!” Zhu Chang declared. “I’ve already given you the benefit of the doubt before, but not anymore! You two… Both of you will have to die here! And that third lady will take us to the real Long Chen, who is in a coma!”     

“We came here for God Core? Real Long Chen is in a coma?” Even the Demonic Princess was stunned at the revelation. She stared at Long Chen with a suspicious gaze, wondering if she was lied to?     

Did this man use her Empire for his own ulterior motives by talking about threats that didn’t exist and making up stories?     

“That’s not true! I didn’t know anything about a God Core! I only came here to stop the real Long Chen who was working for the Heavenly Empire to instigate the Godly Beasts against us!” The Demon Princess explained her side.      

She didn’t realize that the Immortal Queen had bluffed to keep the real reason a secret.      

“Long Chen was working for the Heavenly Empire?” Zhu Chang burst into a mocking laughter. “That man had never gone farther than the Immortal World, let alone going to Heaven and meeting the Heavenly Emperor when I met him!”     

“In fact, after that, he even ended up being imprisoned in the Heavenly Prison until I freed him! Let alone working for the Heavenly Realm, there is instead more for the negative feelings between the two sides because of what happened!”     

“If you wanted to make a story, you should’ve chosen a story that wasn’t so easy to discredit!” Zhu Chang declared.      

The more the Demonic Princess heard, the more she was surprised. It was sounding more and more like she and her father were fooled. This man… He played them by using their suspicions against the Heavenly Realm!     

“Tell me you didn’t lie to us to bring us here? Did you?” The Demonic Princess took a step away from Long Chen. Unlike before, she didn’t feel like fighting for this traitor anymore.      

Long Chen didn’t know what this new mess was. What was this God Core they were talking about? Even though it was true that they lied to her, it wasn’t true that they did it for the God Core; he didn’t even know what this was!”     

Seeing Long Chen not reject it outright, her suspicions became even stronger.          


“So he didn’t try to pull you closer to Heavenly Realm? He didn’t work for them? And they already have Long Chen? He wasn’t here?” She asked Zhu Chang.      

Zhu Chang looked at the Demonic Princess’s expressions. He couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong. Could it be that she was telling the truth? She was fooled?     

“Wait! You can’t pretend to not know about it. That other woman said they informed your father all about it, and he sent you here because it was a matter related to God Core!”     

“Neither I nor my father had been informed about the God Core, and I can prove it.”     

“The Memories Mirror!” She brought out a mirror from her Spatial Storage. “This will show you my memories of the last few days! You can see we had no idea! The only reason the Demon Realm became involved was because we didn’t want the God Beasts to be brainwashed against us.”     

As she stared, the Mirror started playing her memories where she had first heard the General mention before her father about this guy’s message about Long Chen.      

She also showed the entire discussion and her journey here to clear her name. If this was indeed a plot by this guy, she didn’t want her Empire to end up in a war with the God Beasts because a mortal decided to tell one lie. She wanted to get to the end of it as she believed that Zhu Chang wasn’t lying either.      

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