Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1519

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Long Chen’s clone wanted to kill the real one for revenge, being influenced by the Immortal Queen. It was all because of her that he was in this trouble. He wanted to go to Long Chen to kill him after getting the strength, but she influenced him to come here to get his family.          


If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have arrived in this Realm. Even after all that, just as they were about to get to the finish line, that same Immortal Queen became his biggest obstruction.      

Not only did she lie to these people about their goals, but she mixed those lies with truths. It was a lie that they came here for any God Core, but it was true that they had lied to the Demon Princess.      

Between this lie and the truth, Long Chen was caught, not knowing what to do. On one side, there was the Black Tortoise Heir, who wanted to kill him because he impersonated his friend and tried to kidnap his family.      

On the other side, there was a Demon Princess who was furious that he had lied to her to get the Demon Realm involved in something that wasn’t their problem. Not only was she angry that this guy had lied and used her, but he also brought her Empire to the cusp of war with the God Beasts because of his own greed.      

“It’s not true that we came here for God Core!” Long Chen exclaimed, trying to get out of the mess. “I don’t know what that lady told them, but she probably lied!”     

“How am I to trust you at this point? It doesn’t matter what that lady told them but what matters is what the Young Prince told me. He said Long Chen had no good relationship with the Heavenly Realm. Did you lie about it?’ the Demon Princess inquired. “Because I don’t believe he is lying at this point!”     


Long Chen didn’t know how to respond to that question. It was indeed the truth that Long Chen didn’t have a good relationship with the Heavenly Realm.      

In fact, he even had bad blood with the Heavenly General! It was true that he had lied. But how could he accept that at this point? He was going to be in even bigger trouble if he accepted.     

If he said Zhu Chang was lying, that guy was going to kill him, and if he said he had lied, this girl was going to kill him.      

Long Chen stood between a rock and a hard place with no way out. He was so close to death, and he couldn’t see any option that he had. Was he really not going to get out of this place alive?     

In the distance, he noticed the Patriarch also step out of the Courtyard with the Immortal Queen, who had her hands tied.      

As soon as he saw the Immortal Queen, his blood started boiling. He had almost succeeded, and he had his entire future ahead of him with winning the heart of the Demon Princess, but it was all impossible, all because of her.       

He was angry in the first place, but there was another factor inside him.      

When real Long Chen had split a small fraction of his soul for this clone, he had taken advantage of the situation by sending his Heart Devil with that fragment of the soul inside this clone. That Heart Devil had been inside the clone all this while, placing him on the path of conquest.      

His Heart Demon had somewhat calmed down since he was looking forward to his revenge and his future with the Demonic Princess, but seeing the woman who had spoiled her entire plan, his heart demon was going crazy.      

At the moment, he hated the Immortal Queen more than anyone else in the world! That idiot was the reason he was fighting for his life at the moment! She couldn’t even keep her mouth shut for a few minutes!     

Enraged and out of his mind, Long Chen lost his control as he flew toward the Patriarch, who stood behind the Immortal Queen.      

The old patriarch gazed at Long Chen in amazement. Was this guy really thinking about attacking him? He didn’t react and just stood calmly. He wanted to see what Long Chen was capable of. Unfortunately, he was wrong about Long Chen’s goal.      

On the other hand, the Immortal Queen thought that Long Chen was flying to her to free her.      

As she saw Long Chen call out his Treasure Sword, she thought it was for him to cut her rope. She waited to be freed so she could help him fight. Unfortunately, she was also wrong, which she only realized when the Sword didn’t slice her ropes. Instead, the Sword penetrated through her chest, impaling her heart.      

She coughed out a mouthful of blood as she looked at Long Chen in disbelief. The man she helped get stronger was the reason for her death?     

The Prophecy about Long Chen killing her, it wasn’t for real Long Chen, but this one? So she had been working with her killer? She was wrong all this time and made the prophecy come true on her own.      

She couldn’t believe it. She slept for millions of years and did so much, all so she could create and strengthen her own killer?     

Her lips bled as Long Chen pulled out his sword. “Bitch, it’s all because of you! You couldn’t keep your mouth shut for a few hours, can you?!”         


Long Chen swung his sword, slicing the head off the young lady. The Immortal Queen’s lifeless body dropped to the ground as her head rolled to the side.      

The Old Patriarch stood stunned. He hadn’t expected the young man to kill his partner instead. The attack wasn’t on him.      

“I suppose you were telling the truth,” Zhu Chang commented, noticing Long Chen’s actions as he talked to the Demon Princess.      

The Demon Princess also stood in disbelief. She was hoping that all of this was a lie and that Long Chen was telling the truth, but his current actions proved that these people weren’t lying. It was Long Chen who had lied to her.      

“I will kill that bastard with my own hands!” The Demon Princess flew to Long Chen, calling out her Treasured Sword.     

Long Chen had also lost his mind in his anger which hadn’t satiated with the Immortal Queen’s death.      

He looked back at the Demon Princess, whose Sword was close to her neck. He raised his sword to block the attack, only to be overwhelmed by her attack.      

The Sword flew off Long Chen’s hand, falling into the distance from the impact while his body dropped to the ground.      

The Demon Princess brought his sword down to kill Long Chen once and for all!     

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