Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1520

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Demonic Princess brought her Sword down to kill the clone of Long Chen, who had no way of escape at the moment.         


He could only close his eyes.     


The sword was just about to kill Long Chen when a weapon came out of nowhere and blocked the sword.     

The Demon Princess gazed at the spear which had blocked her attack. “Why are you stopping me from killing this liar! He used me and the Demon Empire by lying to us! He almost caused a war that killed millions of our people!”     

“I know what he did, and he certainly deserves punishment, but I can’t allow you to kill him. Now that the other lady is dead, only this guy knows where they are keeping the real Long Chen. We can’t kill him yet,” Zhu Chang chimed in.     

The Demon Princess stepped back. Even though she was angry, she knew that was right. Moreover, she was on their turf; even to have her revenge, she needed their permission.     

“Fine. You get your answers, and after that, I’ll kill him. And I’ll also issue a formal apology from the Demon Realm for our mistake.” The Demonic Princess respectfully stated.     

Zhu Chang agreed.     

However, right then, Long Chen chimed in. “I know where the real Long Chen is, but I will only tell you if you promise that I won’t be killed. You’ll ensure my safety for as long as I live!”     

He had also heard their conversation and knew what they were talking about. If he answered them, he was going to be killed, but if he didn’t answer, he was going to be brutally tortured for answers. The only path to safety was to get Zhu Chang’s promise to his safety. Then, even the Demon Princess couldn’t hurt him.     

“Ensuring your safety for a hundred years, I can’t promise that. I can’t be your bodyguard, but if you answer me, I can promise you that no one from the Black Tortoise Realm will even think about killing you. We will forgive you,” Zhu Chang responded.     

“What is your forgiveness when she is there as well? Even if you forgive me, she will kill me. If I’m to die anyway, why would I tell you anything?” Long Chen inquired lazily. “I better die without answering in that case.”     

“What if I made her promise that she will also forgive you? The Demon Realm won’t look to hurt you either, and we’ll allow you to leave?” Zhu Chang inquired. “That’s my best offer.”     

“Can you make her promise that? The Demon Realm will forgive my lies?” Long Chen asked.     

Zhu Chang gazed at the Demonic Princess. “Can you please forgive him for what he did? If you do, I won’t ask for an official apology from the Demon Realm. You forgive his mistake, and we will forgive yours.”     

The Demon Princess was really angry at Long Chen for making a fool of them and wanted to kill him, but the offer she Received in exchange wasn’t bad. Issuing an apology from her Empire was bad for their dignity in a lot of ways, so if she could avoid it, she wanted to take that offer, even if it meant forgiving that bastard.     

Moreover, things didn’t go too far, so it wasn’t that bad. Fortunately, all the misunderstanding was gone.     

After a long time, she agreed to the offer. “Fine. To help you, and as an apology, I will listen to you this time and forgive this bastard for lying to us. The Demon Realm won’t look for him and won’t raise this issue again. I, as the Princess of the Demon Realm, pardon him for lying to us.”     

Zhu Chang nodded in satisfaction. “Thank you for being understanding.”     

He also declared that he was forgiving this guy and that they weren’t going to punish him. He was forgiven for his crimes.     

“Now tell me where the real Long Chen is. After we find him, we will send you anywhere in the universe you want to go. You’ll be a free man. It’s my word as the Prince of the Black Tortoise Clan!” Zhu Chang let out.     

Long Chen sighed in relief. He had narrowly escaped death. And these people didn’t know that he had come here for Long Chen. They still thought he was here for God Core, so he was safe.     

After being freed, he could stop thinking about killing Long Chen and leave to roam the infinite world now that he wasn’t sealed in that small world. He still had anger toward Long Chen for leaving him in the sealed world, but he was going to forget that man and live his life anew. It was better than dying, after all.     

He stood up now that he was pardoned and patted his clothes. “That’s good. I’ll help you now, and you must keep your promise then,”     

“We will!”         


“The Real Long Chen is in the White Tiger Realm, trapped inside a tomb. We don’t have him in a coma. The Immortal Queen lied about that part. Everything else was true though.”     

“If you don’t have Long Chen, how do you have his memories?” Zhu Chang inquired.     

“Because I’m his clone that he made a long time ago and left on a sealed world to rule over it. After I left the world, I synced my memories with his and saw everything about this place. That’s when we made this plan. I don’t have him, but I do know where he is now,” Long Chen explained.     

“I can take you to the entrance of that tomb, but you can’t go inside. Only his blood and a key can open that tomb. Despite being a clone, I don’t share his blood, so I can’t open the tomb.”     

“How do we know you aren’t lying?” The Demon Princess asked again.     

“Because I’m not. I also know that the White Tiger King is inside that Tomb with his daughter for some reason as well. If I’m not telling the truth, how am I supposed to know that?” Long Chen asked before turning to the Patriarch. “You can go to the White Tiger Clan and confirm if you doubt me. You should be able to.”     

“White Tiger King went inside a tomb personally? What’s inside the Tomb?” The Patriarch asked.     

“Inside the Tomb? Inside that place sleeps the nightmares of Long Chen,” Long Chen answered. “Or at least that’s what Long Chen thinks. I don’t know if he’s right or not, but if he’s right, I doubt he’ll come back alive. The world might change forever as well. But it doesn’t have anything to do with me. Since I don’t share his blood, I don’t have to worry about all that.”     

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