Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1522

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The White Tiger King… One of the supreme authorities in this universe was flying straight in the direction of Long Chen, not even trying to hide his aura.          


Long Chen had seen Zhu Chang’s father. He had also seen the Heavenly Emperor before. Not only that, he had seen the ancestor of the Godly Beast: the Rainbow Phoenix. They were all very strong, yet none of them had an aura that was as dominating as the aura of this man.      

The Black Tortoise King had a calm yet serene aura. The Heavenly Emperor had a majestic aura that was like a sea, gentle yet deep. The Rainbow Phoenix didn’t even have much of an aura. On the other hand, the man before him had a Chaotic and explosive aura.      

Fortunately, Long Chen had the experience of standing before another God Beast Kings. He also had his Bloodline, which made him resist this aura. If not, he might’ve been forced to his knees.      

Xun couldn’t resist this aura either as she was forced to her knees. Tensha also did the same since he couldn’t resist this aura. Only two people still stood even in front of this aura.     

Seeing Long Chen stand as if he wasn’t affected at all, the White Tiger Princess was also amazed. She had seen him fight. He was strong, but as time passed, he appeared to be more and more mysterious.      

Her father was much more powerful than the Ice Phoenix, especially one who was weakened, so defeating her didn’t mean that Long Chen should’ve been able to resist the aura of her father. His ability to still resist this aura meant that his soul was really strong… Too strong for a person his age.      

The White Tiger King went straight to his daughter. Only after making sure that she was fine did he calm down.     

“Are you alright?” he asked his daughter.      

“Father. I am perfectly fine, all thanks to him.” Baihu Ling glanced at Long Chen. “If he wasn’t here, I might have been dead.”     

The middle-aged man turned to Long Chen. He was already very intrigued about the young man who was still standing even under this immense pressure.      

“May I ask what a Demon is doing here?” he asked Long Chen.     

“Trying to stop an apocalypse,” Long Chen answered. “Fortunately, I was here on time.”     

“You can resist my aura. You seem to be pretty strong. Were you the one who killed my men in the village?” The White Tiger King asked.      

Baihu Ling might not have noticed it, but it wasn’t hard for him. He could see even the most minute aura. He realized that he had felt the trace of that aura back where his men were killed.      

He was sure that Long Chen was there. The only thing she was unsure of was if Long Chen actually killed them.      

“Your aura was present in that place, so it’s highly likely you did it.”      

The middle-aged man was happy that his daughter was safe, but that didn’t mean he was going to ignore his men being killed. “After killing my men, you came here and got close to my daughter?”     

Long Chen had a feeling that this topic was being raised. He had already prepared an answer as well. He was going to tell the same answer that he gave his daughter. They had no way to prove he was lying for now, after all.      

Fortunately for him, he didn’t even need to give that explanation himself.      

Baihu Ling stepped forward. “Father, calm down. He isn’t the one who killed them. He was just there, and he already told me that he was.”      

Long Chen had saved her life, and she had started trusting the young man as well, including the story he told before.      

“They were killed by the Dragons,” she explained before telling the entire story about Long Chen discovering this place before being caught by the Dragons who brought him here.      

“A man who is able to kill God Beast Kings?” The White Tiger King squinted his eyes, but he didn’t outright refuse the possibility either. Unlike his daughter, he knew more about certain things.      

He had also heard stories about there existing a man in the past who was a nightmare for everyone. That man had used the Maze of Death to kill the Ice Phoenix Queen. It was also said that he had defeated the Black Tortoise King of that time, barely letting him leave alive.      

There were many stories about that person who ultimately disappeared. Until some time ago, the man used to think that it was all a rumor.          


Only when the White Tiger King once again saw the Maze of Death did he realize that the story probably held some truth to it. That’s why he was worried about his daughter and wanted to get to her as soon as he could.      

“There was certainly a story about that man. I used to consider him fiction, but my father and all the other Kings believed in him. That’s why they took many precautions to make sure we didn’t end up like the Ice Phoenix Queen,” the man agreed to the possibility.      

“Are you sure that the man is sleeping here?” The White Tiger King asked once again.      

“There is a high chance that it’s the case. That’s why I wanted to come here.”     

“That’s good. If that person is indeed here, I can kill him right here and right now so no one will have to hear his legends about killing God Beast Kings! I’ve had enough of hearing stories about how a God Beast must never underestimate a human since a human was capable of killing us! With his death, that last chapter will close as well!”     

The White Tiger King grew excited at the thoughts of killing the person who had managed to scare his ancestors as well. If he could kill that man first, he could prove his mettle.      

“If what you said is true, then you will be heavily rewarded for this information later. But we don’t have time to waste here. We need to get to that person before the Dragons. I can’t let that old man have the glory of killing this man!”     

“Don’t get left behind. Keep up with me.” The White Tiger declared.      

“Wait, do you even know the right path? We can’t be hasty in that. We need to be careful. We should be out soon. No need to be hasty,” Long Chen reminded the man, thinking he didn’t know how dangerous this situation was.      

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