10 Mitsuha, armed


…… An unfamiliar ceiling.
No, I’m being a bit persistent.

I am currently in the middle of shutting myself away. In the blankets of the bed.
I cried. Moreover, bawling, seriously crying! At this age, in an old man’s chest!
Oh well, Earl is dandy and a good guy, and I’m “supposedly 12-year-old”.
Should I relax for the next 2 days until the carriage for the capital departs…

I cannot teleport until I get to the capital. I have time, but my absence will likely be noticed. I can’t risk it. Well, there is no problem because I already prepared what I needed.
Two knives and a short sword, also three handguns and a spare magazine.
Didn’t I say I can’t sell the knife because there’s only one left? That was about “folding knives hidden for self-defense”. The other one is a Randall hunting knife openly attached to my waist.

Eh, too many weapons? No, they are necessary if I get attacked by thieves or flock of monsters on the way. A revolver and a concealed weapon are required in preparing for jamming and if someone rushes in while I’m changing clothes. The knives are for emergencies but they can also be used for everyday tasks. Like cutting a goblin’s ear.
Oh, there’s no need for collecting a part of dead bodies, is that so?

The short sword is really just for intimidation. Because even if the handgun is seen, it wouldn’t be thought of as a weapon, there is no guarantee that a wicked person who catches and sells people who’d underestimated me like an unarmed girl and pick a fight won’t appear. It’s like a protective charm.
Oh, I practiced properly, of course!

A few days ago, the captain’s room of the private mercenary group “Wolf Fang”.

“…You’ve come, little girl”
“I’m here, captain”
The captain hangs his head in dejection from Mitsuha’s return. It is a mercenary “group” but he is called “captain”. No one calls him by his name. He is simply called captain. Things such as their names spreading isn’t a good thing for mercenaries. It’s fine if the name of the group became famous.

“We are ready, come.”
Following the captain, Mitsuha moves to the training ground.
Looking at the weapons placed on the long desk at the shooting practice ground, Mitsuha raised a happy voice.

“Here are the products from your order. First, a short sword for decoration. It’s not an antique. It’s newly built. Antiques are expensive and fragile. With a sheath. Fasten it to a belt. No sword belt. You won’t be able to put that on with a gun belt”
(tn note: The sentences stop short in the original too, I think he’s showing it off while explaining.)
Mhm mhm, It’s small so I could somewhat manage.

“Next, a gun for self-defense. It’s a Walther PPS. Small and lightweight at 549 grams, Bullets are 9 mm and with 8 shots. If you put one in the chamber as well, it’s nine shots. It should be enough for emergencies. If lighter than this, they become .22 caliber and the lack of firepower becomes a worry. It has a reputation for women’s self-defense.”
Mhm mhm, good good.

“Main weapon, Beretta 93R. It’s a little heavier with 1170 grams, but there are 20 rounds and 15 rounds magazines. Plus one in the chamber. The caliber is also 9 millimeters. It’s greatest feature is the three-round burst mode. It can switch between normal single-round burst and three-round burst modes. It will run out of ammo If you keep shooting in a frenzy, but it should be effective as the first strike in a time of emergency. Normally use the three-point burst and switch to a single shot when necessary”
Ho ho. It is certainly a bit heavy, but the three-round burst seems interesting. Good choice, captain!

“Also revolver, .38 caliber”

Huh? the end? Do you dislike revolvers??

“Also, you can also change the type of bullets in the reserve magazine. Armor piercing rounds that’ll go through a bulletproof vest, or hollow rounds that can deprive fighting strength each shot even if it misses vital points. Steel core rounds when using rifles, tracer or HEIAP rounds if it is a machine gun.
O, oh……

“Then, for now why don’t you try putting it on and adjusting the holster. After that, general usage, shooting training, simple care, and precautions. I will do the proper maintenance, so bring them back after using it for a while or regularly”

So, well, that’s why the preparation for going to the capital are perfect.
Oh, I should have prepared grenades. Failed!
Huh, even if you have weapons can you kill people, you ask?
I can kill, naturally. Is there a reason not to kill anyone?

I wouldn’t kill ordinary people, of course. That’s obvious. But there’s no reason why I shouldn’t kill someone who’s going to kill me. What, respect the other party’s life and silently be killed? No no no no!
If you capture them couldn’t you admonish them without killing? They’re going to hit back as soon as they get away, or attack someone else. How many pure and honest people will have the misfortune of being murdered by the overlooked scoundrels. In that case, the people overlooking them are as good as the killers.
If people go off the road of being human, call them “fiend”, they’re not human anymore. As in, it’s fine to exterminate them.
Also, even if it’s not a fiend, you can kill enemy soldiers. No, although they might be feeding a family and be a good husband and father at home, well, if they come to kill their opponents by choosing such a profession themselves, they shouldn’t complain even if they are killed. I feel sorry for the drafted people who are being to forced to fight, but at the point where I value my life and my opponent is trying to kill, there’s no helping it anymore.

However, what is with the protagonist who worries about killing the enemy in movies. Don’t you think it’s stupid. Their friends or lovers get killed while they hesitant. Then they hesitant even more, and regrets it… It makes you think, kill your enemy for the time being and then take your time to think, doesn’t it.
Eh, you don’t think so, is that so?
(tn note: I have never seen this movie but I feel like I seen this in anime somewhere. Also, Mitsuha daydreams a lot)

“Mitsuha-chan, it’s lunch time!”
While I was escaping from reality, someone has come to pick me up. Mr. Butler, did you refrain from coming in to wake a woman worn-out from crying? Yes, indeed, a good butler is different. Your name is Sebastian, is it not. Oh, Stefan? It’s different, is that so?

At the dining table. Awkward.
No, they’re all are smiling at me. Didn’t touch anything about yesterday. …But that consideration hurts!
I’m so embarrassed that I can’t look straight at earl-sama’s face……
Earl-sama talks to me about various concerns. Eh, an invention? Making salt? Developing sweets? No, no, no, no, what did you say, yesterday’s me!! No, for now, please act as if we didn’t have that conversion!

Which do you prefer? What? Oh, about your sons, is that so?
No, I’m not interested in either, right now. Please tell us again if you have to sell something else in a hurry, thank you. What, why are you depressed, both of you…. I do not mind having Beatrice-chan. Huh, don’t call me “Chan”? Call me onee-sama? If I marry your brother, you would be my imouto, Beatrice-chan. You’ll definitely stop it? Yes, good luck, I’m rooting for you.

After the meal, the scramble has begun.
For what? No, for me, but.
Earl-sama wants to talk about agriculture, forestry, taxation and special products. Iris-sama seems to be plotting something with Beatrice-chan’s clothes. Alexis-sama invites me on a long ride. No, I can’t ride a horse.
Theodor wants to hear a lot about knives. No well, things like forging, coalescence, carbon content, and quenching, I have some half-baked knowledge but, you’re going to talk with a girl about cutlery, is that so.

Beatrice-chan seems to want to talk about various things between fellow girls. Well, a daughter of a lord wouldn’t have other children of the same age to play together with.
All right, I’ll sell you underwear. A small piece of gold. Of course, it’s unused.

Various things happened, and it’s finally the day of the departure to the capital.
No, in the scramble over me, a schedule was decided after consulting with everyone in the Boses family. Thanks to that I couldn’t get a good rest.
So why were you in the discussion about the schedule, Stefan-san? You are a butler, right?

And, well, after various things, I finally depart.
“Mitsuha-san, take care of your body. And be careful of strange man”
Yes, I’ve had a lot of practice with Alexis-sama, Iris-sama.

“After a while, we will also come to the capital. Please wait until then.”
Yes, it seems that there is a time when nobles gather in the capital for something called the “social season”. I’m glad it’s not right now, Alexis-sama…….

“Let me hear more about Mitsuha’s country again”
Theodor-sama seems to be interested in the technical systems. However, I shouldn’t teach you about technology that can be used immediately and will have a big impact right, sorry though. Well, in time.

“When I get to the capital, I’ll show you a good shop!”
Yep, girls are amorousness, aren’t they?, Beatrice-chan.

And lastly earl-sama.
“Then, be careful. I have sent letters for instructing people to prepare as much money as you need. Of course, there is an upper limit though, well, you’ll have no problem with the amount as long as you aren’t going to buy a big mansion”
Yes, I’m in your care.

Oh, there is an immediate need for money because of travel expenses for the time being so a certain amount was handed over to me. Okay, now I can hand gold coins to the captain. I want to know quickly, how much are gold coins from here worth on Earth?

“Have a nice day”
Sent off with the butler Stefan’s bow, I left the Boses house and headed to the waiting place for the carriage. With servants.
…Yes, ‘with servants’

Starting with the earl, all of the Boses family wouldn’t let me travel alone. No, even if it’s called that, this time I’m traveling in a carriage with a lot of people. But it was no good.
So, because they’ll go there any way for the social season, it was decided to make two people go ahead as an advance party​. A maid around mid-twenties, and a male guard around thirty. Well, seven days to the capital, it’s good I have people to talk to.

The passengers at departure are seven in addition to the two coachmen who’ll take turns. Although it is called wagon, rather than the one that the aristocrat uses, it is more like a covered wagon that many people can ride on. Two horses. Besides us who are affiliated with the Boses, the four passengers are a slightly overweight middle-aged merchants, a young mother and her daughter, and an adventurous-ish young man.
No, things like adventurers, there’s no such profession! It might be an escort of another customer or an escort for the carriage itself. There is a possibility of just being a customer though. Well, it’s a long journey, I’ll eventually know. I’ll talk with various people and gather information.

And a few hours after the carriage departed. Me, an escort, and a maid gathered together were clearly giving off a nobility like feeling, anyone can see it’s a noble girl’s party. It’s clear they are wondering why she doesn’t use a dedicated carriage. The other guests act like they don’t know to not get involved. Darn it.

Seven days later. We safely arrived in the capital.
No, nothing else happened! There was no bandit attack, nor did hordes of demons attack. That’s normal, right~. If you are attacked so often, you can’t travel or trade right. I know that, mhm.

But well, it’s not a waste of effort trying to be safe. It will be useful from now on.
The other passengers, various people got on and off board.
Oh, while I was listening to the maid and the escort talking, the other people came to understand that I am like a commoner that’s harmless to people and animals and ended up talking to me about various things.
The story of the merchant uncle went in various directions. Mhm, I’ll become your
patron once I get rich. The uncle was with me until the capital.

After we had descended from the wagon, the two did not head to the Boses’ house in the capital and came with me to the inn. Everything seems to be directed by earl-sama, they seem to have received orders to not leave me until arriving at the inn that earl-sama specified. How overprotective.
After all, he pushed me to stay in the Boses house at first, and it got considerably heated. I insisted, then it’s not possible to become independent, right now I need to work hard not as a noble but as a commoner, and forced him to accept this.
In the first place, the earl has no right to force me. I just stayed overnight and sold a necklace. For cheap too. Hmph!
Well, I’m brimming with​ motivation after receiving a supporter.
But, an inn introduced by an earl-sama, wouldn’t it be stupidly high class and exclusively for nobles…….

There was no such thing. Anticlimactic.
It’s an ordinary inn for common people in this country. It seems that the husband and wife of the inn are from the Boses territory and are also an acquaintance of the earl, and it is simply a safe inn with credibility. Maid-san and the escort-san went away to the Boses residence.
Alright, with this I can teleport as much as I want, let’s get serious to secure a base and make money!


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