Chapter 106

Mitsuha: “Well then, we will now hold the 2nd Different World Round-table  Conference or “DWRT 2″ for short!”

The whole audience applauded as I declared the opening of the round-table. Yeah, even though this is merely an appointment for them, the atmosphere is still nice.

Unlike last time when we held it in a rush, it seems that the main members this time are from the diplomatic department and cabinet ministers instead of the people who is in charge of intelligence. Those people had been properly confirmed after I received the list of participants from Captain who I had asked to collect them beforehand.

…and, surprisingly, there are also attendees from Japan on the list. It seems like they were given the information and invited here by a certain country who wants to gather the people who have the same opinion with them. Hence, I need to be careful so they won’t found out that I’m a Japanese.


Mitsuha: “Well then, let’s start with the tribute ceremony…”

Yes, just like what it says, it’s a cover-up for 『collecting of tributes』.

There are a lot of practical items rather than jewelries this time as they might have reflected from the previous result. No, jewels are also practical items in terms of selling it off for money, though.

Assembled boat, complete set of solar power generator system… No, their point of view is very good but, it’s not the right time for-……ah, no, can it be used?

And then there are also a foot-operated sewing machine, piano and all sorts of things. Even if I take the piano, there won’t be anyone who can play it and there’s no piano tuner there, you know…?

A set of Japanese swords, kimonos and traditional dolls…… It’s a pattern which the Japanese seem to think that their style and taste will be well received by the people in another world. No, the people over there might want it, though. Especially, the Japanese swords and such.

If it’s like this, I wonder if it would be better for me to take some gems or something similar, convert it, and buy the things that I need.

No, but if I sell it immediately, it will be found-, no, it will probably be found out instantly, so it’s a bit of a problem, you see… Can’t be helped, huh?

Selling it over there and converting the gold coins here is somehow bothersome and I’m very reluctant on doing it. It’s also a bit annoying to know that the exchange rate is only equivalent to one-fourth of it.


So, as a result of me being captivated in various things, the winner of this time is the small country that has reproduced a full set of tools used by olden days boat builders.

They really understand me, aren’t they~? This is the one that I want! They remembered our previous conversation and took the time to create something from the olden days using the present metallurgy technique while thinking of the things which I would want the most. With this, there’s a possibility to mass produce the similar products based on this. Thank you very much~

The reward items are a plant used as a medicinal herb and a somewhat extremely heavy 20 cm metal statue. It would be a great discovery if it is a new kind of metal, but that’s just a too-good-to-be-true story, huh? Well, I will look forward to the results from their analysis. What’s left are a couple of horned rabbits and a travel ticket to another world. No, it would be bad if they lost the plant and metal, so they should be guarded just in case.

Of course, although the production and marketing rights are granted, the exchanging of documents are mine for the taking when there is a new discovery. I won’t forgive a business that wants greed and monopoly, you know?


The attendees from other countries are staring with bloodshot eyes for the freebies, no no, the return gifts that have become slightly more grand than the previous one. Yeah, do your best next time, okay? If there is a next time, though.

And finally, the main subject.


Mitsuha: “As stated in the guidebook, you are not allowed to bring in any recording devices such as cameras and recorders. If this rule is violated, you will be taken out immediately. It has also been decided that this conference is not something that the attendees’ countries will gain all of the profit. Is there any problem with this? No one will do anything reckless, yes? I will still treat it as “Careless” if you are still holding the recording devices now.”

Everyone is composed.

Even if they have it on them, they won’t be flinched at such warning, huh?

Okay then….



Kachan Kachan!


Yup, I transferred the things by saying 『Recording devices, come to me!』 and transferred it back again with 『The ones who have come to me, move a little bit forward to the table in front of you!』. And then some of the attendees turned white as they saw their tiny cameras and recorders fell on to the desk in front of them. A variety of types are available from the button type until the necktie pin type, including cuffs type and glasses built-in type. It looks interesting, so let’s take it all.

Mitsuha: “Some of the people here wants to go home. Guide them to the parking lot!”

Under my direction, The mercenaries immediately took out the violators.

Some of them were brought out obediently without resistance while the others were desperately trying to resist. No matter how much they resist, it has no point as the conference won’t start until those person leave.

Mitsuha: “It seems that everyone have already known what I would do if someone try to deceive me right now….”

I said so while in a sad tone.

The meeting room was quiet. Well, they would turn quiet if they imagine what would happen to them after returning to their country without being able to attend this meeting at all, huh…?


They absolutely can’t use cameras and recorders. After all, if my pictures and voice got spread out, it would turn into a problem, you see…

There’s nothing I can do if they draw montage pictures or sketches later depending on their memory, but, well, it would probably be fine if it’s at that level. No country will send a portrait artist disguising as a diplomat instead of the real one, right?


Mitsuha: “Now then, we will start the round-table conference. First, do anyone here have any questions or something you would like to hear before we proceed to our talk?”

I chose some of them because several hands were raised.

Diplomat A: “Umm…, who are those two?”

Aah, I forgot to introduce the two people sitting in my left and right seats.

Mitsuha: “Sabine-chan and Colette-chan. My escorts.”

Diplomats: “””””Escorts?”””””

Everyone let out a surprised voice after I said that the girls who seem to be around 10 years old are my escorts.

Yup, I won’t be honest to a fault and say that they are a princess and an important retainer. If I do such a thing, they will be targeted. I have to make them judge that it is only me that is worth aiming, and that it makes no sense to monopolize them.


Mitsuha: “Yes, if there is someone who harms me, they will use magic to do 『that』 to their heart.

Umm, please don’t do any quick movement on my side or put your hand in your pocket as there’s some occasion where they were overreacting when protecting me. Therefore, I won’t be too happy if a rumor says 『if you get close to that child, you will suffer a heart attack and die』, spreads out…”

Everyone in the meeting room drew back because of what I said.

But well, with this, no one would dare to try and take out Sabine-chan and Colette-chan when I’m not around. There won’t be any fool who tries to make the escorts as hostages and demand something from me. Especially, the tremendously dangerous escorts.

Hence, the one they are targeting would only be me.


And it’s time for the real main issue.

No, it’s not that I didn’t want to hold a separate round-table conference but, visiting each of the countries will be too bothersome……for Captain and the others, that is.

Though, I had no problem with that as I can get in touch with them by letters and emails through Captain but, he begged me while in tears and said 『we can’t do any job if there’s a ton of phone calls and emails day after day』.

Therefore, I cannot help but held this round-table conference based on that.


Mitsuha: “So, this is a round-table conference held by everyone’s request, but what kind of business do you have?

Ah, and I will limit the contacts to my newly created email address. It seems that it has given a trouble to the mercenary’s business…… From this point on, phone calls and emails to the former mercenary email address will be ignored and we will remove that contact out of our list as well….”

Alright, this completes my purpose for this time.


In fact, there are quite a few requests for 『we want to discuss something』 and some of the countries have prepared the meeting place several times in the past. As it will likely turn out to be risky if they request one-sidedly when we visit their country, I chose the countries that are having a conflict of interests with me and borrowed a safe place in a nearby town. Of course, alongside the mercenaries as escorts. I won’t be that careless to go to their country or to a place that was prepared by them, you know?

And sure enough, I have managed to block their demands and I can finish this without making any promises just what I have planned for from the start. It was just a waste of time and quite tiresome when I did it a few times. The other countries that knew it thought 『We also want it!』 and became a pain to deal with.

Therefore, I want to prohibit all nuisances and leave it to the mercenaries in one go as well, but…


Diplomat A: “We would like to invite you to our country!”

Diplomat B: “A discussion with the government leader…”

Diplomat C: “We would like to welcome you as a state VIP……”

Wait, state VIP is a problem! It’s an out if the mass media take a photo of me. Even though I have said explicitly no recording devices in order to avoid that….

Besides, the mercenaries’ heroic tale in another world and dragons are spread all over the world but, the talk about me having been here since then is a national top secret of each country and is not known to the public yet. Even if I said 『yet』, I have no desire to inform anyone, though.


If i’m not using the noble 『Nanoha』 from another world, and instead being known as 『A Japanese, Yamano Mitsuha』, then I have to be prepared to throw away my nationality. Everything in Japan such as, my home, friends, and the relationships with the neighbors will all be gone, and there’s nothing I can do except living in other country as long as my country is driven by the mass media and forced to do something for another world. And it feels like this problem is not even that far ahead.


The information can be leaked, and if it does not leak, it would be so in the near future around 10 years at most until my appearance seems suspicious as it’s not growing at all ever since. By that time, I have to move out from my house and go abroad with a pretext of job-related stuff.

Well, by that time, all of my friends will be married and have children, and I will probably forget about my friends from junior high school and high school as I have become alienated from them. Then my friend scope will change into only having my friends in our college years and my mom’s friends from the neighborhood,……, not good, my tears will….


Diplomat A: “I-is there something wrong!?”

Diplomat B: “Are you okay? How is your physical condition!?”

Not good, not good… I unintentionally became emotional and shedded some tears….


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