Chapter 109

We returned to my home, took a bath, returned to the inn, and had our dinner .

It would be a long bath when there are three people in it . Though, I always took a long bath to begin with .

Well, if you do some stretching, muscle training and go in and out of the bath every time, two hours would pass easily, right?

That’s why, without realizing it, it was time for our dinner . Even though we had rent the inn ahead of time .

It’s troublesome to go out and search for a restaurant right now, and we should be able to order a meal at this inn . It doesn’t matter if it’s pricey . Yup,  we can use our expenses on this and I have taken some notes as well so that I can charge the king later .


The food is, as expected, it’s quite extravagance as it’s from a high-class inn .

But extravagance doesn’t always mean delicious, right? This is… .

Well, it’s not that it’s bad . It’s neither cutting corners nor stingy on the ingredients as well . The spices are also used sufficiently . But, well, it’s regrettable if it’s compared to the refined cuisines of modern earth . Sabine-chan also used to eat only high-class food in this world before, but now that she has tasted the dishes on Earth abundantly, it seems that she’s not satisfied with the food in this world now .

Only Colette-chan who eats the dishes in Earth and this world with enough happiness . Yeah, well, compared to the food in that village, right? Was there a punishment for complaining about the food?

We went to bed early after having our meal as we will do a tour in the royal capital from tomorrow .



…was something that I thought once in a while .

The next day, a little before the second noon chime (15:00), we transferred to Yamano residence and standby in front of the radio . There was a response from both the king and the earl when I called at the appointed time .

Because we had killed some time on Earth, we had arrived at the royal capital on the next day evening .

Well, it had been quite a while since we left Darisson Kingdom’s royal capital, Mathrica, and the kingdoms around here are not that big as well and since we have only seen the royal capital for only half a day, let’s jaunt around until tomorrow evening .

I told the name of the inn that we’re staying at and finished the call . I have talked a lot of things with the king yesterday and I will meet with the earl tomorrow, so there’s no point on talking with the communicator right now .

Sabine-chan as well as Colette-chan are playing with everyone in 『Yamano Household Maid Corps』 and I discuss some things with the leaders . Uuh, I also want to play with Ria-chan……



After having dinner at the residence, we returned to Courson Kingdom’s royal capital, Sakuon .

The next day, we went sightseeing here and there until noon . Of course, we did an eating tour as well .

After that, we returned to the inn a little earlier as there’s a possibility that the main party will arrive earlier than the planned time .


While we were relaxing at the table on the first floor near the front desk, a familiar acquaintance came in . He stopped and bowed when he noticed us and then went to the front desk . The frontman who was looking at such scene, of course, concluded that our companion had arrived and… .


Retainer: “We are the delegation from Zegreus Kingdom . We would like to ask for a room . ”

Frontman: “Eh…, y-yes, I have received it . How many people would there be if I may ask? As we would like to allocate the rooms that will be used . ”

Yup, seems like he got shaken for a moment, but he endured it immediately . As expected of the frontman from a high-class inn!

……However, did the earl not give a previous announcement this time?

Well, he had decided to stay at the inn where Sabine-chan is staying, so I guess he omitted it . Or rather, he perhaps thought we were making a reservation and had explained it to them beforehand? Uwawa… won’t this be bad?


And there’s no way the frontman could deal with this large number of delegation members alone, hence the aid group and the manager are called .

The rest is almost the same as last time . It will take a while for everyone to settle in their room, so the next meeting will be at dinnertime .



For dinner, like always, we focused on eating our meal while the earl, Klarge-sama and the other attendants were trying to approach us . Sometimes I managed to hold on by talking with Sabine-chan and Colette-chan . It can’t be helped if it’s this painful every time . Uuh, is there any way out from this… .

Audyst: “Now then, let’s start the meeting for tomorrow . ”

With that being said, the main members of the delegation are having a tea time strategy right after our meal .


Audyst: “In this kingdom, the king is in good health and there’s no discomfort from His Highness the Prince to the third prince, and from the first princess to the fourth princess as well . ”

…That’s…something good but… seems like it can be a seed for dispute… .

Audyst: “Other than the 4th Princess, they all have matured . His Highness the Prince, second prince and the second princess are empress’ children, and there’s no concern about succession struggle . ”

Oh my, then, there’s no problem politically speaking .

Mitsuha: “Then, it’s fine if we do it normally this time, right?”

When I said so .

Audyst: “Umu, based on the stability of this kingdom, there is no need to worry like what we did for Darisson Kingdom . However, there’s a little problem, you see…”

Mitsuha: “Problem?”

Audyst: “Yeah, the king’s character is so bad that he will push his selfish conditions for his own benefit and use dirty tricks as well . ”

Mitsuha: “That’s not 『a little』at all!”

I feel like there will be a shred of trouble occuring somehow… . .


After that we have various strategy meetings with everyone .

Of course, the earl had had a detailed meeting with the king before leaving the kingdom . Therefore, regarding the acceptable range and common ground are properly decided for each partner kingdom . And, in unexpected situations, the earl, who is the mission leader, has been given considerable discretion .

Even though he can get in touch with the communicator, he can’t make an inquiry in the middle of the meeting, and they won’t even believe even if he says that he wants to confirm with the king in the first place . The speed of information transfer is, in a sense, an advantage compared to a gun .


Mitsuha: “Then, there’s no problem if the negotiation broke down?”

Audyst: “Umu, we can not make coordination with many kingdoms if we think that we will be able to get what we want with confidence . Regardless the discussion between two kingdoms, we can’t give any favorable treatment to only a certain kingdom if we want to have a multilateral agreement . It goes without saying that we won’t find any agreement if we do like so .

In any case, we are only 『prior explanatory representatives for the agreement』 . It’s not our job whether we have to make the agreement or not . Therefore, if they don’t want to hear our explanation, we can just say 『I see』 and leave the spot .

Well, the other party is not a fool, so they might think a bit about entering the treaty if they realize that it’s no use to push through and rather, it can lead to a loss for their kingdom . ”

Mitsuha: “I see……”

Thus, the counter strategy has been decided that is to say if the other party is bullish, then we can decide to return the favor and attack them with the same attitude .




Audyst: “Thank you for setting up this meeting . ”

The next day afternoon .

After finishing the ceremonial greetings with the audiences and moved to the meeting room, it is now time to begin the meeting .

First, the earl explained our purpose of visit and details of the situation .

Audyst: “That’s why we were dispatched as a delegation to explain the situation prior to the formal agreement that will conclude the treaty . ”


The king, the first prince, and the second prince remained silent with a sullen face . The third prince who is a child of a concubine and has a low inheritance ranking or so it seems, is looking with cold eyes like it’s someone else’s problem . The other attendants who are the cabinet ministers and officials are watching over what will their king respond .


King: “…Well then, our kingdom will accept your kingdom’s position as the mediator for the kingdoms that are participating in the treaty . And, for the time being, can we see that 『Gun』 or something as the payment to our kingdom?”

While saying so, he pointed at the case that I’m carrying on my back while acting as a haughty king, and the earl blatantly made a frown face .

The earl is also a capable elderly noble . Under normal circumstances, no matter how uncomfortable he is, he won’t show such face to the king of another kingdom . ……In other words, he did it purposely . Yes, that’s about it .


Audyst: “…is what he said, what will it be, Princess Shrine Maiden-dono?”

Mitsuha: “Hmm, this is out of the question, yes? Well then, Courson Kingdom will not participate in the treaty, so let’s go to the next kingdom . ”

Audyst: “Umu, understood . Well then Your Majesty, thank you very much for giving us a place to see and meet you . We will inform our delegation to not come for the plenary session so as not to bother you further on this matter . So please rest assured . Now then, we will take our leave . May the Goddess bless Your Majesty and Courson Kingdom…”

That being said, the earl stood from his seat, and right after that we and the other attendants did as well .



The King, Prince, as well as the officials of Courson Kingdom saw us in a blank look .

That is obvious . They didn’t seriously thought about going along with our previous conditions . That was no more than just a negotiation technique which we suggest an excessive condition at first and then giving it up a bit . That’s the condition we had put out alongside our intention, and of course the other side should have understood that much . However, their response was quite unexpected .

And from the explanation earlier, not joining this treaty is a suicide act for the kingdom . Even a fool, no, a person who is considerably a fool could understand this kind of thing .


King: “W-wait! What are you trying to do…?”

The king said so while being flustered and spontaneously rose from his seat . The earl then explained to the king with monotonous voice and no emotion .

Audyst: “No, we judge that there’s no need for Princess Shrine Maiden-dono to explain the further details as Your Majesty had presented us with conditions that exceeded our level of tolerance . Therefore, we are very sorry to have Your Majesty and the officials’ time wasted on us . Hence, we will take our leave…”

King: “W-what are you saying!? Won’t the negotiation start now!?”

The earl looked away from the king who shouts a lot and glanced at me . Yup, time for player change .


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