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The inn was the template.
A cheerful wife and a taciturn owner husband who’s the cook. A cute daughter who is 7 years old. The food was delicious. However, the daughter didn’t have cat ears. Too bad.
Oh, I remember Colette-chan. It’s unnatural to go meet her right now. Alright, let’s be healed by this girl.
…Eh, you are busy helping, is that so?

I teleport with my luggage from my inn room. After changing luggage at home, I teleported again and returned to the inn. The dress, shoes, and other things that were unnecessary for now were returned to my house, and a change of underwear and daily necessities were carried back. There is always a possibility of theft even if it’s a trustworthy inn. There is nothing to worry about if only something on the level of underwear and daily necessities get stolen.
I walked around the city after changing into plain clothes. It is elementary in the art of warfare to obtain geographical advantage. Only a small handgun in the shoulder holster and a knife attached to my inner thigh for self-defense​, well it will be fine if it’s a main street in the capital at daytime. I need be careful after moving around a lot though.

Yup, as expected of the capital. There are such splendid buildings even in a developing world. The food stall​’s skewer is quite delicious. I won’t mind what the meat is. Keep away from dark alleys and slums. I’ll deal with such clichés in time.

After walking around for a while, the sun was setting so I returned to the inn.
At dinner, well, as far as the cultural level is concerned this is good… Maybe because spices are expensive, the taste is tame. It’s not bad, but something’s lacking. Oh, I think I’ll bring some seasoning from home.
I ate in one my house’s room. And take a shower for the first time after a long while. I’m revived…

Next morning, I head out to the town immediately after eating and went to a realtor. No, I woke up late and barely made it before breakfast ended, so I think the realtor is open now.
After asking passing people several times, I finally arrived. It’s probably okay because it’s the shop recommended by earl-sama. I gently enter the shop. No, it was better to enter confidently, but out of habit….

“Please come in(Irasshaimase)”
It might have been some other phrase, but for some reason the young clerk greeted me with words recognized as that.

“Thank you for coming over. What kind of service would you like to receive today?”
Oh, even if the other party is a child they normally treat them as customers. Their training is pretty thorough.
While being impressed, she gently presents the letter of introduction.

“Em, I want a store with living space… This is my letter of introduction”
The clerk confirmed the signature on the backside without opening it when receiving the letter of introduction. Then, rushes to the back panicking after asking for Mitsuha to wait a little.
Ahh, as expected of earl-sama, it’s working it’s working.

An elderly man jumps out in an panic.
“Sorry to keep you waiting, my name is Lutz Sol Tan, the owner of this store. Thank you for choosing our store at this time…”
The owner comes out to meet in person. Ah, it’s obvious, because it’s an letter of introduction from one of the leading nobles.

“Thank you. Actually, I wanted a shop… ”
“Yes, it was written in detail on the letter of introduction from the earl. We have some recommended properties. I will explain them to you, so please come to the back… ”
Lutz-san guided me to the back of the store. Perhaps ordinary customers get served at the storefront tables. It’s VIP treatment. I wonder if delicious sweets will be served.

The sweets are so-so. No, I think it’s good for this world. However, not when compared to Japan’s. I’m sorry.
Well, maybe because Lutz-san thinks I’m used to eating delicious sweets, he doesn’t seem so disappointed when he sees my face that shows it’s not so delicious. No, for Lutz-san, right now is not time for that.

“… so, these are the places I would recommend around here…”
Mhm, I got some explanations, but first I pass on having it in the noble’s district.
No, it would be nice to have the security and the clientele​, but first, expensive. And I don’t want only nobles clientele. It would be difficult for a commoner to go to the noble’s district after all.

No, it’s not that I don’t like nobles. There are some good nobles and some bad. There are some good commoners and some bad too. And even with slaves. However, if there’s only nobles then it’ll likely be somewhat tiring and wouldn’t seem interesting, right. As I thought, there’s sometimes should be stupid and vulgar guests.

So pass on the noble’s district. As expected there are no properties close to the slums in here, there are only ones close to the center of the commoner’s district or close to the noble’s district.
M~hm, of course noble customers are indispensable for earning big. That delicious food shop was close around here. No, the surveying around yesterday wasn’t for fun, it for this reason, it’s true!

“Em, this, this and this, can I see these places?”
“Of course, madam. Should we take a look now?”
“Yes, thank you”

I go on a local tour while being guided by Lutz-san. Screwing the leftover sweets into my pocket.
Huh, the girl who served me is looking at me with sad eyes.
E, ehh! Does that mean the rest of the sweets was her share?
Well, it’s certainly a disgrace for a shop to reuse sweets they served once before, and it is not strange to give them to female employees and their children as adult consideration. Ah~, I done it now…
Sorry. Next time I’ll bring Japanese sweets. Definitely.

The trip to the first site.
Umm, the place is nice. In front of the main street and with many passers bys. But it’s a little small.
Besides, my shop doesn’t have to have a lot of traffic. It is fine if people who knows about it by word of mouth comes. I mean, if there are too many customers it’ll be tiring. For the general merchandise store “Mitsuha”, high price low sales, is the motto.
……It’s a bad store.

The trip to the second site.
Umm, Lutz-san, do you think of me as a Millionaire? What would I do with this huge property? It is that, make an orphanage here and make the orphans into clerks. Am I a saint-sama, a philanthropist, is that so? Pass Pass! Let’s go to the next!
(tn note: Yuna from Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, started the same way as Mitsuha, by meeting a loli and killing wolves)

The trip to the third site.
Umm, it is the second street across the main street. Moderately few passers bys, moderately deserted shopping street. Originally a brick 3-story building doubling as an inn and dining hall.
For a inn with a dining hall, it is nice that it has a well and a backyard. The dining hall part can be widely used as the shop, and a bath can be installed in the kitchen. Umumumum, I think it’s good.

The first choice is too small, the next one is too big, and the last one is just right. I understand, Lutz-san! This is a very basic sales technique.
“This one please!”
I bought something that cost hundreds of gold coins as easily as buying candy.
Oh, speaking of which, I forgot to ask the about the price.

“”””Welcome back, ojou-sama”””””
“O, Oh ……”
Lutz-san stiffens greatly behind me.

No, I’m was going to talk about the payment so I went to the earl’s house with Lutz-san. Then, I was greeted by the servants totally like a countess. Lutz-san definitely mistook me for a countess. He’s sweating bullets.
And he was passed straight to the parlor​.

“I am called the butler Rufus, Lady, this one is…”
Mr. Rufus addressed Lutz-san, then later turns to me and ask. Yes, letting it pass that it’s also my first meeting with you.

“Ah, Lutz-san of the real estate agent who is selling my shop. I came here to consult about the payment”
“Is that what happened? My lady Mitsuha-sama is indebted to you Lutz-sama”
“N, no, no, Don’t need to be so extravagant!”

From what I heard, a butler of a powerful noble has enough influence to blow away random shopkeepers with their nose. I heard that from Stefan-san, the butler of the manor’s house. During the “private schedule time” Stefan-san won.
Well, I also heard about the butler of the capital’s mansion, Mr. Rufus. “He’s still inexperienced, but somewhat capable.” And also to never say that was said. …Maybe “somewhat capable” is a big compliment in the industry.

“Oh my, ojou-sama, a little bit of your hair is disturbed…. This, Bertha, take care of ojou-sama and care for her hair!”
“Yes, immediately!”
Eh? Ehh? But, I’m consulting….

In no time at all I was taken away by the maid and was brought into the dressing room. And, my hair is sprayed and combed with a comb somewhat, and I’m safely returned to the parlor after various were done.
Huh? Lutz-san, don’t you have a face that looks about to die?

“Oh, ojou-sama, have you come back? Mhm mhm, your hair is fixed, it is a splendid beauty. Now, it is the matter of payment. Lutz-dono, what price do you ask of? ”
Lutz-san who’s dying for some reason desperately squeezes out the words.
“I, it’ll be 280 sheets of gold coins!”
Huh, that’s cheap! This is a good deal.

Afterwards, it was determined that the Boses house will directly pay the cost. In addition, I received 20 gold coins on the spot as money for the renovation cost. It became a shinely amount!
The documents will be created and delivered at a later date so we parted with Lutz-san in front of the capital’s mansion. The key to the shop is already handed over, it seems anytime I’m free to go there.
If it was normal I would worry about being deceived and wouldn’t agree to a contract without some documentation, but at the earl’s house, it is easy to imagine what will happen if you break a contract exchanged in front of so many servants starting with the butler even if you are not a merchant. In other words, It means there’s no need to worry.
Mhm, supporters are awesome!

“Excuse Me~!”
Mitsuha went through the entrance and made a voice.
There was an answer from the back, and a man with a difficult-looking face and a solid body looking passed middle age and approaching elderly came out,
“Oh, what do you need?”

This was a woodworking shop, as a combination of a carpenter and a fitting shop.
Mitsuha, who separated with Lutz and was thinking about what to do about the shop’s renovations, and with an pin an idea flashed. That’s right, a real estate agent would have connections! I just separated with him a little while ago so it’s a little weird, but let’s have Lutz-san introduce me. I only have a few acquaintances, so I’ll use whatever I can!
So, because it’s on the way I went back to Japan once to chose something delicious at the pastry shop, and went back to Lutz-san’s shop again. I pushed the souvenir to the girl I found at the storefront. The girl was surprised but she received it anyway, then she calls Lutz-san.

“Please introduce to me someone who has reliable arms, confidence and pride in their skills and technologies, but not hard headed nor resistant to challenging new things”
Toward Mitsuha who’s asking, Lutz-san is reluctant to introduce anyone for some reason. Lutz-san finally relented to Mitsuha who persistently buckled down and agreed to introduce her under a condition.

“Em, please, I want you to not try to cut the cost of construction.”
“Eh? That’s normal, right? Haggling with craftsmen and technicians is the same as making fun of their the skill and technology. Good skills and technology require a fair reward”
Furthermore hearing that Mitsuha will directly hand over the payment this time, Lutz can finally introduced the workman with peace of mind.

“I’d like to ask for this kind of thing”
Kunz was aghast when he saw the paper bundle Mitsuha spread across the table.
“W, what, is this……”

First, he was surprised by the paper. A thin, slippery, and very durable paper.
And, it is drawn with that which seems to be amazingly detailed, precise characters. What the hell is this?
And even more surprising is the novelty of what is depicted in the drawing, the beauty!
This is a table! Is this the chest? This is…

“Ah, that part is fine. This one, this. This shelf, this exhibition. And, I want to install security equipment on the windows and door. This, for this. I will prepare the metal parts. Also, a large storage tank that can be placed on this kind of platform. Photo of the tank… this is the picture. The size is as written in this memo. And, the installation of the bathroom in the kitchen. Since I’ll do the piping, please only do that part. See the site for more details, and so… ”

“……I’ll do it”
The paper bundle, the A4 paper copies printed out from a computer were grasped, and the Kunz which had been stunned muttered.
“No, but we haven’t talked about the price”
“I’ll do this job, I’ll do it!”
Well it’s good if he’s motivated I guess.

“Instead, can you give me this sketch later?”
Eh, such a thing?
“It’s okay, or rather this is just a sample, I’ll give you some more proper documents later, I’ll also give you some unrelated materials about different furniture if you want it.”
That much should be fine right. It’s just a design and not exceptional technology. The creation methods and the difficulties will be overcomed by their own efforts.

“I will do it, I will catch up with this genius…….”
Uh-oh, did I flip a strange switch?


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