Chapter 112

Mitsuha: “Tomorrow we will do a demonstration for the gun, and if the king wishes it, we can send the true delegation for the negotiation…”

Audyst: “Eh?”

When I told so to the Earl who just came back from the banquet, he opened his eyes wide for a moment, but immediately returned being composed . Though, Klarge-sama who is next to him was still dumbfounded . Yup, you can see the difference of their life experience, right? Klarge-sama, please practice more and become a cool and nice guy, okay? .


Audyst: “So, since when did the story turn out like that?”

It’s obvious that the Earl asked me so . All the other officials should have attended the dinner party .

Mitsuha: “There still seems to be a clever one on their side . His Highness the third prince came to us shortly after . Perhaps it wasn’t an instruction from the king, but an arbitrary one . ”

Audyst: “W-what!? T-then, you didn’t make any other negotiations or promises, right!?”

Eh? Even though he was calm and composed a while ago, why is he panicking…Aaahh~!

Mitsuha: “It’s fine . I’m not going to let Sabine-chan becoming a bride yet!”

Audyst: “No, it’s not like the viscount has to decide… No, well, I guess it’s fine…”

Somehow, that’s an inarticulate way of saying, huh…

And why are you looking at me with a tired face, Sabine-chan…?

Colette-chan is in a state of not being concerned as she doesn’t understand what we’re talking about .


Yes, a demonstration and the dispatch of delegation for this negotiation .

It was an utter defeat for our side as I had chosen the 「responding immediately without any hesitation」 hand . Yup, the rest of those two are all souvenirs! ……Did I spoil him too much…?

But, well, the prince himself almost certainly won’t take the throne, so if I don’t give him some kind of achievements, his prestige would become narrower . The prince will probably be happy if he got a praise such as 「Amazing~」 from his little sister or his big brothers…




Hence, it is now the day of the demonstration .

His Highness Savas should have known the time and prepared the place as we had decided it properly yesterday .

After I arrived at the royal palace while carrying the M1 Garand on my back alongside Sabine-chan, Colette-chan, and the delegation members, we were guided by His Highness Savas who had been waiting and went straight to the demonstration venue .


The venue, as I asked for yesterday, has a puppet wearing an armor in a place 50 yards away and a proper artificial hill on its back . I won’t know where the ammo will ricochet if there’s no soil behind, hence I will be too scared to shoot .

In the shooting area, a proper wooden platform is also made as ordered .

……and there are a lot of spectators at the venue .

The ministers, soldiers, king, first prince, and second prince who were in the preliminary discussion on the first day as well .


Mitsuha: “Now then, we’ll immediately demonstrate the new weapon . Please observe carefully . ”

I said so and instructed His Highness Savas to have a bit of a distance . Then, I opened the gun case which I had put down .

The king and the others? I completely ignored them .

(TL Note: A wordplay with Gun Case and Completely Ignored (Gan mushi), but it’s lost in the translation)

This is a 「display for our dear friend, Savas」 and has nothing to do with the people who just happen to be here . Especially for those who ridiculed me by calling me a little girl and broke down the negotiation themselves .


The matter of dispatching the delegation for the negotiation is only 『if the king wants it』 . Since they are the ones who have broken down the negotiation, we don’t want to talk to them unless they beg us . His Highness Savas does not have such authority, so he just said, 『If our decision maker asks you, you can still think about it』 . The decision maker, that is to say, the king himself .

Though, we won’t know for sure whether that king will 『bow properly』, even if he does not actually bow his head .

No, well, we don’t care at all whether he bows or not, you see…


Just like before, I put the barrel on the wooden platform, put my right index finger on the bolt lever, and pull it all my might . While watching it, Sabine-chan and Colette-chan grabbed the left and right hands of His Highness Savas, and pulled him a little further back .

Although I didn’t care about his ranking before, this is an act to show the intimacy of His Highness Savas and Sabine-chan . If he becomes personally intimate with the the third princess and the Princess Shrine Maiden, His Highness’ prestige will rise slightly . He might even get a lot of attention if we hang out together…… . wait, don’t we already look like hanging out together? So it won’t be a concern, huh…


I grabbed one 7 . 62mm NATO bullet from my pocket, plunged it into the chamber, pulled the bolt slightly while pushing the magazine follower with my thumb, checked the feeling of the lock whether it has been released or not, closed the slide vigorously and put on the safety trigger .

I then put the gun barrel on the wooden platform, aimed briefly, then released the safety trigger, aimed again, and gently applied force to the trigger .




Mitsuha: “Your Highness, please confirm it . ”


There are two 『Highnesses』 at the distance, but it doesn’t matter as our only host today is His Highness Savas, the third prince .

His Highness nodded and walked toward the armored doll and I didn’t move an inch .

I’m reluctant to leave behind the gun and the spectators also started walking to the target . Hence, I don’t want to go there as they might try to have a talk with me . Please pardon me from that troublesome thing .


Savas: “……amazing……”

The spectators who confirmed that it had penetrated the armor were silent and His Highness said so . Yeah yup, as expected, the people who can concern are different, right~?


Mitsuha: “…Well, as you can see, we as well as the kingdoms that have joined the treaty are going to develop and produce these weapons and have all the soldiers carry them together with their sword . The kingdoms that has a sea border also will produce cannons…that is a weapon that’s several hundred times the size of this gun .

It costs a lot of money, but I’m glad that this kingdom doesn’t have to worry about that!”

Even though I smiled while saying so, why are they twitching their face?


Because I didn’t load an ammunition clip, I closed the slide that was left open as there was no ammo left, and put the M1 Garand back in the gun case and carried it on my shoulder . But then, there’s a voice suddenly calling from behind .

King: “Wait! I want to talk with you!”

Oh my, it’s the king . I was wondering if it’s the minister that would come to me .

Mitsuha: “I don’t have any wish to talk with you . ”

King: “Eh?”

Probably it’s the first rash remark for the king .

Mitsuha: “If you have some business with the Goddess, then pray in the church . If you have some business with me, go through the intermediary . You have lost the qualification to see me directly . ”

King: “Eh……”


Not only the king, but also the two princes who stood behind him, the ministers, and His Highness Savas were dumbfounded .

Well, there won’t be any rude remarks from them after this, but I will use transfer in that unlikely event .

That is, after escaping using transfer, the Earl will follow up and gloss over with 『What are you trying to do to Princess Shrine Maiden-sama!?』 or such…… First of all, that kind of thing won’t happen in the first place .


Yes, obviously, I had a meeting with the Earl in advance . 『Princess Shrine Maiden』 is a separate personnel from the delegation, and is the Goddess’ angel that cannot be interfered by the delegation . Hence, even if I did a rude remark, the delegation has no responsibility for it . By doing this strategy, you can see that no matter how bullish the other side is, it will be useless and the situation would only worsen instead…


No, I did disagree with this, you know? I said it’s a little impossible to do .

But I couldn’t do anything as the Earl decided to go as planned .

Even if I’m not under the command of the delegation, I can’t ignore the decision from the Earl, who is the delegation leader if it’s related to negotiations . That’s what our king said to me .

I signaled my right index finger to the king who was still frozen in place, and pointed to the Earl . Now they probably know what to do .


Mitsuha: “Well then, thank you for all your help, Your Highness Savas . Let us meet again if we have the chance!”

With that being said, no one stopped the three of us who started walking out at a steady pace .



Mitsuha: “Ah~ it’s finally over!”

I stretched my body with all my might at the inn .

Sabine: “I was about to faint because you did something absurd, you know!”

Sabine-chan seems to be in a bad mood .

Mitsuha: “No, well, we agreed that it doesn’t matter if we can’t negotiate with them, right? The king also, if he’s sane, he absolutely won’t do any rude remarks towards other kingdom’s delegation, moreover, meddling with Her Highness Princess and Princess Shrine Maiden as well, don’t you think? It will ruin their kingdom without a doubt . ”

Sabine: “Like I said, it won’t be weird if they lose their sanity and have a fit of rage! If the royal family, including the king is publicly insulted like that, it’s usually inexcusable, you know! Please restraint yourself next time, okay…?”

Sabine-chan said so with a serious face .


Mitsuha: “Eh? But the Earl said…”

Sabine: “Maybe he didn’t actually mean to provoke them, you know? I anticipated that neesama would transfer with us and moved on with the Goddess’ angel story and such, but I don’t know if I could protect neesama as a shield, though . In any case, we need to have that kind of absolute card, right? If that happens… .

I presume that neesama can just easily use transfer due because in the previous kingdom, the number of days required from the assault site to the royal capital and from the royal capital to the assault site cannot be calculated . ”

Mitsuha: “Eh……?”

Sabine: “I told you, neesama is too naive . That’s why, I have to stick with you…”



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