Before, didn’t you said you wouldn’t bring anything that would affect the development of this world? That was a lie!

No, no, like I said, I won’t let it spread. But, isn’t it fine to use it for yourself? No one will be troubled even if Mitsuha suddenly disappears, and far from duplication, it’s not possible to even analyze due to the technology gap if it is found, and it will eventually be lost and forgotten in time so there’s no problem. Also, one shouldn’t skimp on crime prevention and bodily protection.

I’ll carefully consider and be cautious about what goes on the market. Just a few momentarily convenient products that won’t cause a problem if I suddenly disappear, luxury goods. Something that’ll be a shame when it’s gone, but wouldn’t really bother anyone. So that no one will lose their jobs from this.
That, and things that wouldn’t catch the eyes of important people. …Is this difficult?
But, well, whatever will be, will be. At worst, something like starting over in the other countries far away, maybe trading a super high-priced product with gold coins then quickly running away, there are many options. I don’t want to go that far. If possible, while being easy going and carefree, enjoying making a fortune while having fun with everyone, that is my ideal though.
…Something so good isn’t possible, is that so.

With that said, it is a collection of goods from here and there. The place is my house. It is a bit painful to say but fortunately, ah, “fortunate(saiwai)” and “painful(tsurai)” are similar aren’t they. What irony? No, leaving that aside, anyway the parking garage is vacant. The car, it ascended together with my family. So, items are being delivered one after another.
Home center, mass retailers, mail order, etc.

I signed up with a propane business for 6 large ones. Dividing them into three pairs, to exchange them and rotate them when they became empty. They will be connected to dummy pipes along with the ones I use at home, but I’ll teleport them to the capital immediately and exchange them.
(tn note: I’m guessing they install them for you so she needs dummy pipes)
Gas will be used for the gas stove, gas oven, and for hot water in the bath, but of course there is another reason to use so many large cylinders. It’s electricity.
Solar power generation and large capacity storage devices are naturally prepared, but that is not enough for a ‘cultured life’. For that chemical reaction type, gas power generation is depended on.
Gasoline and diesel generators are noisy, requires large storage of hazardous materials, troublesome refueling, worry during continuous operation over a long time, there are many disadvantages. On that point, gas is easy.

And of course, a solar power system and an electric energy control system. For the control panel of the various power generation sources and electrical storage.
Solar panels are inconspicuous because they are placed on the rooftop. One of the advantages of that building was having a rooftop instead of a roof. It seems to have been used as a drying ground for laundry.

Multi-recorder for a power-saving LCD TV and various game consoles.
No, from now on the center of my life will be in a different world, most of my time will be spent there, so I’ll need devices for digesting recorded shows and games.

Metal grids for windows and security equipment necessary for the renovation are one by one transported by teleportation. Call them ‘transferred’ for short. Items for sale will stay in the house.
I scooped up various things from 100 yen stores everywhere. There are a lot of things which seem like they would sell for several silver coins, thousands of yen. No, depending on the item maybe I can go even higher than a gold coin? It is a mountain of treasure.
And, finding free time I made savings holes in both the general store and the house.

Savings hole. It is a “safe money stash” I build in both the general store with very bad public security nearby and my house which I’ll mostly be absent from.
It was easy to make. First, prepare a large plastic container and a 10-meter long PVC pipe. Face the floor, and imagine the “space 10 meters long vertically ahead” and teleport. A slender cylindrical stick of earth with a lump of the soil at the end appears at the teleporting destination. Then teleport back a plastic container inside the PVC pipe. The container will appear in the space deep underground and the PVC pipe will fill the hole and it’s complete.
Once I have a good amount of gold coins I’ll open the floor and put gold coins into the pipe, then put my ear on the pipe and have fun listening to the clear sounds of gold coins falling ten meters.
(tn note: I’m not sure Mitsuha really means meters even if she says mētoru. 10 meters is like an 2 story building.)

To steal this, you need to know the existence of this savings hole and dig a 10-meter hole while without anyone noticing, and raise the gold coins from that depth. In the middle of the house. Without using heavy machinery.
First of all, it is impossible. But if it is Mitsuha, it can be easily retrieved with teleporting.

Mitsuha also attended a driving school. Until now, she only had a scooter license.
Although license and the car registration isn’t needed over there, it is necessary for buying one here. Also, refueling and maintenance will not be possible without a license and registration. As a necessary investment, she decided to handle it properly.
At the moment, there are no plans to use a car or the shooter over there. It will be mainly used in Japan. It is too conspicuous to use over there and would attract attention.
Well, when I really have to, I’ll think about it.

The renovation work went relatively well while repeating trial and error, and the goods were teleported to the second floor of the general store. Mitsuha’s living area is on the top floor, the third floor. Safety was prioritized over the chore of lifting. The second floor will be subjected to a variety of gimmicks later.
Also, of course the escape and evacuation equipment ‘Oriro’ is installed on the rooftop, and a backpack packed with emergency supplies is concealed there. It is a preparation for circumstances when she is out with an employee standing in and thieves, rather, when Mitsuha can’t teleport because there are bad people around who’ll find out.
Mitsuha is basically cautious, a worrier, and a timid human. She usually doesn’t seem that way though.

“Captain-san, what happened with the gold coins?”
“As usual, you’ll, jou-chan suddenly appears……. Oh, I had them appraised, 90 percent purity, at the current market price , it is about 208 dollars per coin including the fee”

Hmm, If you turn it into Japanese yen, about 25,000 yen? It is considerably less than I thought. My calculations were wrong….
Figuring from the price of lodging and meals, I thought that gold coins were worth about 100,000 yen.

Ah, no, it’s not wrong much I guess. Just in a different sense.
Living in a civilized area of Earth is expensive. Taxes, rent, electricity, gas, water, transportation, entertainment, clothing, food, education, neighborhood association and many other expenses. In contrast to that, over there the different expenditures are overwhelmingly few. Those who have a house, only taxes and food, clothes and firewood, and alcohol? Anyway, there is little spending. Of course, income is little too.
If a family of four’s monthly income is two gold coins, a piece of gold will be worth more than 100,000 yen in Japan. It’s just simply that the exchange rate for gold coins with Earth’s currency is 25,000 yen each.
(tn: Expenses divided into pairs for some reason, how are clothes and firewood connected?)

Also, even if you compare prices, crops are much cheaper than in Japan, but industrial products, clothing and tableware, high-end foods and luxuries are amazingly expensive, the result will vary greatly depending on where you compare.
In the end, such a comparison is meaningless, “You need hundreds of thousands of yen every month if you live in Japan, how many gold coins are needed every month if you live over there?” it won’t be enough to ask that.

Then, 40,000 gold coins to live in Japan for 100 years. So that I can eat delicious foods and drink, wear comfortable clothes, have lighting to stay up late, and get the latest convenient household goods, that is, considered normal in Japan, a considerable luxury over there, for that 40,000 gold coins as well. Together 80,000 gold coins. Okay, this should be my final goal!
I will save it, 80,000 gold coins!
For my peaceful and happy old age!!
(tn note: roll credits)


Please look forward to Mitsuha-sensei’s next work.

Anyway, let’s think with the sense that a gold coin is 100,000 yen, a small gold coin is 10,000 yen, and a silver coin is 1,000 yen. Also, that the exchange rate with the Earth is 25,000 yen for one gold coin. Let ‘s think of them completely separately. And be careful about pricing items.

The selling price is set quite high. But, that can’t be helped. They can’t be too cheap. They’ll sell like hotcakes and I won’t have time to do anything else, it’s because I want to avoid that lifestyle. I also wanted to avoid having a big influence after all.

But “It will be able to sell even at this price. You guys, come on, you’re going to buy this, right?” that is, I don’t want to follow the code of conduct for certain mania. I know that would make me a lot of money. But if I do that then it’s not ‘Yamano Mitsuha’s store’ anymore. If I wanted to do such a thing, I could go around the country and sell pearls and imitation jewel at a very high price then run away. If I use disguises and aliases or people, after that I could live somewhere leisurely.
But I don’t.
Why you ask?
Because then, life won’t be fun.
Gaining money is not the purpose of life.
I only need as much money as needed to have a happy life.
It is painful if there’s not enough. So I collect as much money as I can.
But if it’s no longer fun because of that, then it is putting the cart before the horse.
So, if I have leeway, then I’ll leisurely save it.

Fortunately, thanks to the ability I accidentally gained, I got plenty of leeway.
Then, let’s do it leisurely while sharing a part of the fun with everyone.
……However, enemies that butt in will be crushed mercilessly. For our happiness.

“…Are you finished?”
“Er, what?”
“Delusion time, seems to have been quite long this time…….”
“Okay, let’s go”

Today is finally the practical training for assault rifles.
I gave up on grenades. It flew back and I was brought inside the killing range, it was banned by every member of the troops acting as the instructors.
I have some expectations for the RPGs.

Please look forward to Mitsuha-sensei’s next work, “RPG22”.

That’s enough of that!


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