06 Mitsuha, leaving the village

While thinking so, Colette-chan woke up.
Oh no, it became a quite a commotion. Colette-chan hugging and screaming, unable to avoid the bear hug Mitsuha is tapping Colette-chan’s shoulder while screaming, and the surprised parents jumping into the room…….

“Stop it, stop, it hurts, it hurts, it hurt, it’ll breakk~!”
Finally, Colette-chan’s clasp relaxed with Mitsuha’s cry. Then Colette-chan yells after immediately noticing.
“Mi, Mitsuha, wo, words!“
The parents are also stunned.
However there’s no need to worry, she properly thought of a reason.

“Colette-chan, thank you so much for everything. It seems the memories I’ve lost have come back, and I remember these words I have studied from my country… ”
“I’m glad, I’m glad, Mitsuha!”
Colette-chan clings to Mitsuha and sobs. Parents are tearful as well while nodding.
Nice people right~

Collett-chan finally calmed down, then it came, the information exchange time.
About my situation, I gave as little information as possible because a more detailed story would fall apart. For now, I had to leave my home country for some reason and came to this continent by ship. No, I don’t know if this country faces the sea, so I can’t say it to this country.

So, I was separated from those with me after being attacked by a herd of the beasts, and I can’t remember after that very well. Something like I was sleeping in this house when I came to.
I did not use the word nobility because I do not understand the class system here, but I talked to seem like a person clearly with a status.
I wondered if they buy it, but while they seemed a little surprised, there wasn’t much of a change in attitude. Well, if you come to think about it, my original clothes were obviously not that of a farmer’s. The nobility of their country aside, it might be that it doesn’t matter if you’re a noble from another country. Well, maybe they just don’t understand.

Next is my turn to ask questions. I obtain information about what happened afterward.
First, it seems that five days have passed since that day. Of course Colette-chan would be worried. I don’t know whether it is simply because of shock and fatigue or because of the operation. Well, I don’t care which.

The cleaver, slingshot, and the other things, it seems that everything is collected properly. You have my gratitude. And about the beast, it seems just “wolf” was fine after all, everything was collected, it’s fangs, fur, then made into meat. Although it seems to have been shared and eaten by the villagers because the meat would spoil, the fangs and the fur have been processed and left aside. And they can pay for eating the meat. That’s all right.

But, well, everyone in the village is saying that with good intentions because they think I’m broke, maybe I should obediently receive it. The fangs and the fur got sold. It seems the villagers are pretty grateful that danger was annihilated before any damage was done to them. Well of course, it’s natural considering their wives and children have been killed.[1] Colette-chan was definitely out if she were alone.

But annihilated, it surely was annihilation in that place, but don’t wolves live in packs? Also, if there are kids then isn’t there a father as well?
A lot of questions remain, but if the locals judge so, it should be fine. The wolves here might have such a habit. Like the mother wolf goes out on a trip with the children for training, or it is divorced and was in the middle of taking the children to the parents’ house. Well, that doesn’t matter.

Afterward, I’ve heard a lot about this country. The value of money, the nearby towns, the capitals, questions their level of civilization can answer, etc….
Rural farmers didn’t know much, but at the very least I think that I managed to obtain about half of the “common sense of a rural farmer in this country”.[2]
But I just want to say one thing.
How is Colette-chan more knowledgeable than her parents?

Three days since waking up. I went out for a walk after pushing back the worry wart Colette-chan.
Things seemed to have been pretty bad when I was carried to the village, and Colette-chan who had seen my injuries and left arm seemed to have been frantic. Thanks to “that”, the wound is much better and there is hardly any pain.
Well, it was hard to persuade Colette-chan who insist on coming along by making up various reasons to go out alone. It’s a problem if I’m not alone, really.
After looking back over and over again to make sure Collett-chan who went out to pick wild vegetables isn’t there, and checking many times to see if there’s anyone else around, I teleported to my home on Earth.

Wow. So many phone calls.
Well, I guess they were worried because I couldn’t contact them.
I have to reply to all the people who emailed me.
Next, I looked at the mailbox. All kinds of infrastructural bills were paid automatically, so no problem. I have to go to the police box and report my safely. Many people helped me during the matter with my uncle’s family and the bad guys, so they may be worried about me being away for such a long time. Next thing to do is…….

Mitsuha took a bath for the first time in a while, changed out of her worn clothes, and took care of various errands. The clothes she wore were not going to be washed here were and left as is to wear them again when returning. Even if she does some shopping, she couldn’t take it to the other side. The Mitsuha that appeared was empty-handed without any luggage. Well, just endure until leaving the village.

Mitsuha went back to the village much earlier than evening but was persistently asked what she was doing by Colette-chan who had already returned. Colette-chan came back too soon! …Well, She might have finished early because she was worried about Mitsuha.[3]

Mitsuha has completely forgotten. Um, about the men who messed with Mitsuha at the cape.
At that time, there was a loud scream and the old and young couples could firmly see the place where Mitsuha was pushed off the cliff. The four people wanted to avoid involvement, but the story is different indeed when it comes to witnessing a murder. The scream of the young woman echoed while the young man photographed the men on his cell phone. The old man called the police on his cell phone, while the old lady photographed the men’s car. What a combination…….
The panicked men scream things like “I didn’t know!” and “It’s not my fault!”, and got in the car and drove away, but with so many witnesses and photographs there was no way to escape and was they were caught immediately.

The criminals were quickly caught and there were plenty of witnesses so the investigation into this murder was expected to be settled quickly but soon run into trouble. The victim’s body couldn’t be found. There was a missing person survey into nearby disappearances, but no applicable person was found. Because the investigation’s target was elementary school students and middle school students, the investigation’s search ruled out Mitsuha from the start.
Multiple witnesses and a confession of the culprit. But the victim remains unknown with no body.
The hardship of the police continues.

The men got what they deserve. Without that coincidence, Mitsuha would have surely died. Although she was saved in the end, that is only the result and a coincidence at that. The men have “attempted murder”, so there is no problem in them receiving a reasonable punishment. If you leave it alone they will just repeat the same thing over and inconvenience many people.

Mitsuha had stopped taking the newspaper after her family died. It is because television and the internet are enough for her alone. Also, disposal of the quickly accumulating newspapers was troublesome, in the first place it’s a security concern that the mailbox is in full view of passer-bys and when papers get thrust halfway in, it becomes known to an unknown number of people that they were uncollected from the absence of the household.

So when the incident was picked up in the news it wasn’t sent here, even though being home for several hours this time Mitsuha didn’t have the opportunity to find out because after replying to her emails she did not have time for television and web surfing, it will no longer show on TV news programs or be featured on internet news the next time she returns home.
In the end, Mitsuha never knew about this incident nor did she remember those men.

It’s almost time.
Seven days since returning back home. The injury has long since been healed, it was hard work to make sure no one finds out that it healed without a trace. The wolf’s fangs and furs were also gladly bought by the villagers. They seem to have sold for a bit high, but the cubs’ fur with less damage seems to have been a good deal. Furthermore, a middleman sold it to a town.
…There was an exchange with the town.

For that reason, I gain some income and a pretext to let me go out on a journey. Next heading towards the capital through the town this territory’s lord lives in.
That town is just a rural town although it certainly can’t be compared with this village, well, that’s the extent of a town it is. However, that town is the where carriage heading to the capital departs. And the lord lives there.

Since then, becoming friends with other villagers as well as the Colette family, Mitsuha worked hard to gather information. The village was thankful, and because it was believed that she wasn’t able to work for a while because of the injury, to distract her from the boredom the aunts and grandmothers of the village often became Mitsuha’s companions to talk to. Even if each person knows only a little, if each one knows something different, it becomes a fair amount of information when collected. Right now, Mitsuha is the most knowledgeable person in the village about the town and the lord’s family.

First of all, to become an acquaintance of the lord.
According to the villagers, the lord here is unusual as aristocratic people, they seem to be quite good people. Cherishes the population and delays tax at a time of bad harvest, the citizens feel lucky to have such a lord. Moreover, he has quite a push in the capital and is a considerable influential person. The peerage is earl. Yes, except for the royalty and their encumbrances, the dukes, there is only the marquis above that. Pretty good properties.

It is approximately 30 km from village to town. No, it is uncertain as it is predicted from the villagers’ stories. If a villager walks 10 kilometers in an hour, it may be over 100 kilometers.
Well, there’s no use thinking about it now. Anyway, after going to that town and becoming friends with the Lord, I’ll head for the capital on a horse carriage. Yep, I need backers after all.
Carriage fees or living expenses? The money I got in the village is not enough, but there’s the lord for that as well.

It’s not that I didn’t expect it. However, it is still standing, the biggest difficulty!

“I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I don’t you want to go!”
Colette-chan is crying. Well, we have a relationship where we had saved each other’s lives. In the village, there are few girls who are close to Colette-chan in age. She was always close by me except when gathering wild vegetables after the time I got hurt….

“I’m sorry, but I really have to go. I have my original purpose, and I promise I’ll be at the capital if anything happens with people I’m separated with.”
“B,but, but~…”
Even the parents’ soothing has no effect.
“Then, I promise. When I settle down in the capital, I will definitely come back here to report it. And if Colette-chan ever comes to capital, I’ll definitely go meet you”
“Colette-chan is smart, so she really understands, that I cannot be stopped. Therefore, I want you to send me off with a smile so that until next time we meet again, I do not want a tearful face to come to mind when I think of Colette-chan. I rather have Colette-chan with a smile. ”
As Mitsuha looks at Colette who trying hard to force a smile on her face, her father, Tobias, murmurs with a small voice.
“It’s a lady-killer. There’s vicious lady-killer here…”
Excuse me!

On the morning of the next morning, Mitsuha finally departed from the village with the villagers sending her off. Water and food are in the bag carried on her back. About 4 liters water in a leather container and 4 servings of food, 2 of which are snacks.
It seems that If an adult from village leaves early in the morning they can arrive in the evening, but because everyone insists that Mitsuha will take two days it became like this. Because of this, she had on room for any other luggage. Although Mitsuha originally didn’t have luggage, the villagers were worried and try to give her blankets and so on. But with everything, Mitsuha couldn’t even stand up. It was a bigger problem than not being able to walk. A number of villagers offered to accompany her but Mitsuha firmly refused them all. It is because it’s very inconvenient. Really, it is fatally inconvenient.
Then, though forcibly in the middle, Mitsuha left the village by herself.

The villagers seldom go to town. Two days for a round trip, one day in town, a minimum three days. Although it is not so far away, it is too far to go casually without a need to. It costs money to stay in town. Most of the self-sufficient villages have little cash income, and there is no room for shopping after paying for housing, food expenses, and others thing. In the end, unless there is some compelling reason, the villagers will not go to town. It was enough to shop from the peddler who visited the village occasionally.

In other words, that is to say, “even if Mitsuha does not visit the town, no one will find out.” Even if after a long time there are villagers visiting the town, they wouldn’t go to the trouble of asking about Mitsuha. It’ll end after being told, “I do not know”.
Besides, it isn’t that Mitsuha has to go to town. She’ll go though. However, it’s only that the schedule has shifted greatly.

“It” had pushed the knowledge of world movement or what Mitsuha calls “teleportation” into Mitsuha’s memories. According to the knowledge, it seems that the transfer point is set randomly when going to an world for the first time, and from the second time onward it is possible to choose to a place she remembers. However, it seems useless if the place cannot be clearly imagined. In summary, it’s good if it is a “place where she went once before”.
Then, if it was a place you been once before, by going through another world you also been before, it is possible to move through the same world in a moment. Therefore, though it is necessary to get there regularly once, after that you can go there anytime. So although Mitsuha heads straight to town, in the meantime she’ll to go back to Earth to prepare various things. For insurance in capturing the lord and getting to the capital.
Mitsuha teleports to her house at a place far away from the village. For now, she changed shoes and clothes and brought along her favorite scooter. The road that connects the town and the village is rarely used after all. If she sees a person’s shadow, she only needs to quickly teleport away.[4]

Considering the condition of the road, I cautiously traveled with slow driving and arrived at a hill where I could see the city in a little over an hour. I didn’t see anyone on the way. It’s going according to my plan.[5] That’s it for today. I will walk from here to town on another day. From now on, it’s time for the preparations. Now, things are going to get busy.


  1. So the women and children go into the forest to gather and the men farm in this village?
  2. MC trying to understand common sense-chan! 
  3. Another sentence from the first person but by neither of the characters, is the alien part of Mitsuha the one narrating?
  4. I can see her accidentally crashing into her room. 
  5. Keikaku dōri! 


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