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Mitsuha returns home, switches to casual clothes and heads to the station. And then get on a train headed for a certain city with a US military base.
On the train carriage, Mitsuha got on, there were Americans who seem to be soldiers working in a US base. Apparently, there was no need to go to the city with the base.

“Excuse me”
Talk to the man who looks most intelligent, ask if this train stops in a certain city, and leave after thanking him. And then just move to the next carriage. After getting off at the next station she went back to the former station.

With this, I have gained the ability to talk and write in English. The reason why I choose the person who seems the most intelligent is because my abilities are obtained by “scanning the linguistic knowledge of the other party”. Usually, knowledge of a language is gradually accumulated after talking with a lot of people, but I have various things I to do alone this time, and between the choices, it was natural to choose the one who seemed the smartest.

Mitsuha returns home as is and starts searching on the net. The keywords and pages displayed one after another is all in English characters. Mitsuha continued to open search pages one after another.

"Captain, we have a visitor".
My men open the door and tell me so.
"We shouldn't have any plans today"
"It seems to be a sudden request. Will you see them."
We don't have any big jobs right now. Even small jobs, it should ease the troops' upkeep If we do a number them.

"I’ll be right there. Guide them to the reception office "
"Roger. Hee, you'll probably be surprised"
"What? Is it an outstanding beauty?"
"Yes, well, something like that"
Like such a woman would come to this place.
Without believing it even a bit, I went to the reception office and opened the door.

Amazingly, his words were true.
I'm certainly surprised. And, it was certainly an outstandingly beautiful girl.
However, there is the word "little" between "beautiful" and "girl".
"My name is Mitsuha. I have a request…"
There sat a beautiful girl of a face like a doll, beautiful black flowing hair, and mysterious black eyes. An elementary school student.

“The contents of the request concerns the operation of firearms, shooting drills, fighting drills with knives and short swords, and a purchasing agent for these weapons…”
To my confirmation which a little agitation still lingers, the girl nodded.

“For now, please hurry the handguns. A small one that can be continuously hidden for self-defense, a main pistol with a lot of power and a large number of bullets, a revolver that is not so heavy in preparation against jamming, and something to equip each of them. And I’d like to have training for those weapons. The other things can be left to another day.
It is fine if the knife and sword are ineffective. I can’t use them properly anyway. Please think of them as intimidation.”
"…Then, after that, machine guns, assault rifles, sniper guns, grenades, rockets, the use of grenade launchers….
The heck kind of organization are you planning to attack, Miss?"

Oops, my voice became rough.
“Eh, it’s just for self-defense. My country's security situation is a little bad…. Oh, of course, advance payment is fine”
What country? Are thugs riding tanks in your country!

“Ah, currently I have a little extra yen. Can I pay in yen, Japan currency?
“Well, I don’t mind yen compared to yuan or won. However, the fee for converting to the dollar will be deducted. ”
“Oh, isn’t that’s natural? Of course, it doesn’t matter. Oh, I’d like to pay in gold coins as well, is it okay?"

Gold coins. Who the hell are you?

"I don’t mind, but what gold coins? Kruger or something?"
“No, it is an unnamed gold coin of an unnamed country, please think that it is just worth the gold content of the bare metal. I will have a sample at a later date, so please appraise it with an exchange trader of sorts. However… ”
“Later on, it would be helpful to have a shop that would accept the exchange of thousands to tens of thousands coins”

The girl went away.
Suspicious, no, even while thinking it was strange, I received the request from the girl. It costs money to keep the troops!
I'm trying to hold it in, but why does the hand holding the cigarette still tremble.
All I have to do is wait for the men I have instructed to follow that girl back.

“Captain, I’ve returned.”
The subordinate who I gave the instruction returned, but it was a little too early.
"What’s the result?"
"I’m sorry, I’ve lost her"
She was able to shake off this guy's tail?
“As soon as I left the base, I turned to the right at the first turn, when I turned, she was no longer there…”
"What are you talking about? It’s a straight line that’s just around the corner!"

For now, I understand I need to just prepare a gun.
While looking blankly at a piece of paper and a wad of yen casually placed on the desk, the girl was measured for the preparation of the holster, while dimly gazing at the piece of paper with Mitsuha's measurements, I thought.
……It’s size A.

Mitsuha left the base of a certain mercenary organization. Though she might be followed, It doesn’t matter. Turn around the first corner and immediately teleport.
That mercenary organization was chosen from the result of examining various areas. There are various small and large organizations ranging from decent ones to villainous trash groups. Well, they might not be decent by the time they're called mercenaries.
Mitsuha intends chose one said to be relatively decent and sincere among them. If not, they will be quickly discarded. If she doesn't show up again, that’s it.
If they try to catch Mitsuha or do something strange, crush them.
One day suddenly, if the inside of the armory is empty, or if funds or important documents in the safe are lost, it will be difficult to maintain the organization. Mitsuha with the ability to teleport would be top notch as a phantom thief, and perhaps as an assassin or a terrorist.
Well, let’s hope that a good relationship can be built.

Ah, if you ask me why I was able to teleport to a foreign country, I actually realized.
At first, I was convinced that it was useless unless I've gone once before because an image of the destination was necessary for teleporting, but I tried doing things. (I looked closely at foreign dramas and movies, local photographs and video footages from news programs, and confirm the location with satellite photos. I challenge teleporting with an image as strong as, no, even stronger than from going to the actual place!)
The result was a great success! Now I can teleport to several points in foreign countries.
However, this is limited to Earth. Because there are no pictures or satellite images in the other world, it can not be helped. It is necessary to move once. Disappointing .

Money is quickly decreasing. The important money that my parents left behind…….
But this is an initial investment. It is a necessary expense, it can not be helped.
On the table in front of me is a pearl necklace. It also exceeds the highest level grade, 10 mm diameter costing over a hundred million. But this is the most important weapon, there's no point if it's cheap.
Beside that is a Gerber folding knife. It is not the memento of her brother, but a new purchase made by Mitsuha. There is also a Switzerland army knife. And a Randall hunting knife. For a costume, it seems expensive, no, “was expensive”, the dress and heels. Other than that, some changes of clothes and some small items.
All of them are carefully packed into a big backpack, after changing clothes Mitsuha puts on one equipment after another.
All right, sortie!

Mitsuha breathes in heavily before the big doors. and exhale. This time has finally come. When the knocker attached to the door is grasped and lightly hit, konk, konk, a light sound resonates.
Mitsuha cried in her heart.
(Excuse me~!!)


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