“Sir, you have a visitor”
“What? There were no such plans…”

The lord of the Boses territory, earl Klaus von Boses, makes a suspicious face at the butler’s report.
Stefan as a trusted veteran from my father’s generation, he wouldn’t make such a boring mistake, and for sure wouldn’t do something unnecessary like answering a dubious guest who didn’t have an appointment either. Then is it a special guest that Stefan decides should see me?
In that case out of respect to Stefan, no, I’ll believe in Stefan.

“I’ll meet them, bring them into the reception when you’re ready”
Hmm? Why aren’t you going back?
“What about your wife and children?”
What did you say! Call my family as well!! What the hell are you thinking, Stefan!
“……Call them”
I decided to believe in Stefan’s judgment, so I’ll believe it to the end.

During the reception, every member of the Boses family was gathered. It is far from a King’s audience as there is only seats and a large table like normal. Although the price of the table isn’t very “normal”.
It is usually impossible to suddenly introduce the whole family to a visitor without advance notice. His wife Iris and their three children are all fidgeting with a restless expression. Klaus doesn’t say anything while his family is like this. It is unavoidable because Klaus doesn’t know anything either, but he couldn’t say such a thing.
(Please, Stefan…)
It seems that Stefan has finally guided the guest in.

“Halting from the country of Japan, Mitsuha von Yamano has come to greet the Earl of Boses.”

Klaus was surprised to see the person who had come into the room and being introduced by Stefan the butler. Beautiful flowing black hair, a face like a doll’s, and a never before seen mysterious dress. A coat which seems to allow ease of movement with a lot of pockets attached, and a mysterious tool next to the knife on her belt.
It seems that she is from a foreign country I have never heard of, but a journey alone without escorts or servants even though she’s the daughter of a noble? Moreover, as a ten years old child!
Klaus anger ignited. Not towards the girl, but towards the parents and those around her. Why didn’t they stop her! Why did they let her?!

“Pleased to meet you for the first time, I am called Mitsuha von Yamano. Although coming from a distant country, I wish to pay a visit to the Earl of Boses, and pushed an unreasonable request on your butler. Please forgive me”
(tn note: Her translation cheat is working overtime to the point that even the MTL turned out fancy)

Klaus was impressed with her firm manner of speaking that does not match her age. Hm, though she’s young, as expected of someone Stefan allowed though.

“Um, your trip from afar must have been tiring. It is fine to take a rest at my house for a while. So why did someone from so far away took the trouble to visit this Boses’ house?

If you came from a distant country, you would first head for the capital. There is no reason to stop by the lord of such a place.

“Yes, in fact, I was attacked by a herd of beasts in the middle of the journey and my life was in jeopardy, and I was saved by people of this territory.
I would like to share this with the lord to let you know my gratitude and the presence of good subjects as soon as possible.”

“What, is that true!“

It’s a pleasure. To have someone appreciate and informed me that my territory’s people helped without robbing them. I was able to show it to my children. How delightful this is!
While I was immersed in emotion for some time, miss Mitsuha took out a package from her handbag.

“Although it is a modest thing, I will be delighted if you receive this item brought from my homeland as a feeling of appreciation”.
Stefan receives it and delivers it to Klaus’s side.

“W, what, is this…”
The heavy weight indicates that it is made of metal, but it is an elaborate item with a brilliant color and glossy feel. I have never seen it before, nor understand its application at all. However, there is no doubt that it is a gift of superior technology.

“It is a folding utility knife”
“What, a knife!”
Knife, when Klaus heard that his eyes open wide. Though this is elaborate and expensive, something this short and difficult to grasp is? And folding? How do you use it?

“Yes, although I said knife, it’s not like the one used in combat…. Well, it’s like a tool. Blade, scissors, filing, etc., various small tools are folded inside. I guess it is easier to understand if you pinch and pull with the tip of your fingernails”

Hearing that, Klaus tried various things and somehow succeeded in making the blade, scissors and etc appear.
“W, what a detailed structure…”

Klaus is stunned by the sophisticated item. The children are also interested and are surrounding Klaus to look at it.

“This is a great thing. I have to give something back by all means…. Ms.Mitsuha, what are you planning from now on?”
“Yes, I’m going to go to the capital as I am. Because it’ll take some time in this unreliable body, time is precious… ”
“That is unsatisfactory !”

Klaus involuntarily stood up and shouted.
“Right now it’ll be dark soon! In the first place, it is strange for a child to travel such a long way alone! I won’t allow such a thing!”
Forgetting the overly polite expressions of a noble, he unintentionally shouts.

“Wait three days. A carriage bounded for the capital departs after three days. Take it.
“Em, I’m sorry, it’s a little embarrassing, but, my traveling expenses are lacking so I can’t really…”

Klaus opens his mouth wide to Mitsuha’s embarrassed answer.
Not enough for carriage fees? While you wearing such an expensive outfit? You simply hand me an item that is likely worth a dozen gold if you sell it to a noble out of gratitude?

“…For the time being, stay over at my place today. And I’ll have you explain the situation slowly later”

Instructing Stefan to take Mitsuha to the guest room to take a good rest until dinner time, Klaus held his head with his elbows on the table.

“Sorry, let me think a bit …”
To Klaus who interrupted the words of his wife Iris to think with wrinkles on his forehead, Iris took the children and went out of the room with a bitter smile.
“It’s exactly who is that girl…”

At the same time, Mitsuha who was heading to the guest room being guided by Stefan the butler, even while making a meek face she was grinning in her heart.
“…… I won”

Mitsuha, who was guided into the guest room, took out luggage one after another from the backpack.
A dress that was folded carefully so as to not wrinkle. A heel that was stuffed so it wouldn’t collapse. A case with a folding knife inside. And today’s featured item, the finest pearl necklace. The preparations are progressing steadily.

A few hours later, Stefan who came to pick up Mitsuha to guide to her to the dining room was so surprised he raised his voice without thinking.
…To Stefan the Butler of Steel, it was the blunder of a lifetime.


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