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Bonus Short Stories


It was the beginning of September in Japan, on a Sunday shortly after summer break ended for high school third years. On this day, Miharu was visiting the apartment Satsuki lived in by herself.

“Welcome, Miharu. Come in, come in.”

“Thanks for letting me visit.”

Satsuki showed Miharu inside her room. There was a bed and a hanger rack packed tight with clothes.

“Now, let’s get you ready,” Satsuki said with a giggle.

“A-Amazing...” Miharu swallowed and looked around the room. There were cosplay outfits everywhere.

“You can pick out any outfit you like.”

“Thank you... But are you sure about this?”

“Yeah. They’re the cosplay outfits an upperclassman’s circle used at the university’s school festival last year, but they’re not participating this year. So no one’s wearing them anyway.”

So that’s why Miharu could borrow them.

“With this many outfits, I’m sure there’ll be a good one for you to wear in the school festival’s beauty pageant.”

Incidentally, Miharu was going to participate in the beauty pageant for their school festival. It was tradition for the third years to select one person from their class, and while Miharu had no intention of volunteering herself, she ended up being selected. The contest required participants to wear a cosplay outfit, so she went to Satsuki—who had entered last year—for advice, resulting in this visit.

“Now that we’re here, let’s find the one that suits you the best.”

“N-No, I’d prefer the one that stands out the least...” Miharu said reluctantly.

“Nah, you’re sure to win no matter what you wear. If you’d entered last year or the year before, you would have been the winner for sure.” Satsuki laughed at Miharu with a mischievous smile.

Miharu shook her head furiously. “Th-That’s not true.”

“I’ll be going to watch, so I’m looking forward to it too. Now, let’s choose! I haven’t checked them all myself, so there are still some in these cardboard boxes.” With that, Satsuki eagerly started opening the sealed boxes.

“Y-You seem to be having fun, Satsuki...”

“Well, of course. I get to see you try on all kinds of outfits.”

“D-Do I have to try them on...?”

“Yes. You’ll be upset on the day of the pageant if it doesn’t fit, no?”

“R-Right...” Miharu hung her head in resignation and nodded.

“Something too flashy wouldn’t suit you, but we shouldn’t let ourselves be biased while choosing either. Oh, but this one is a little...whew...”

The outfit Satsuki pulled out of a box while talking was a bunny girl outfit. It was white in color with matching bunny ears.

“University students dress this radically...?” Miharu’s face instantly turned bright red.

“Aha ha... I’m sure this one wasn’t used. It says ‘rejected’ on the box too. There are a bunch of other risque outfits in here.”

“Th-Then let’s not look at that box any further,” Miharu protested firmly.

“Right. But since we’re here already...I’d really like to see you try some on,” Satsuki pleaded with a teasing smile on her face.

“N-No way.”

“What if we called Haruto here to watch?”

“That’s even worse!”

“But I bet Haruto would want to see you wearing a bunny girl outfit...”

“I-I highly doubt that...”

“Then let’s ask him directly! If he says he wants to see it, you have to wear it! Okay, it’s decided!” As soon as she said that, Satsuki whipped out her smartphone.


“Aaand sent!”

While Miharu was hesitating in confusion, Satsuki had texted the message, “Don’t you want to see Miharu in a bunny girl outfit?”

Haruto’s reply arrived several minutes later, but he and Satsuki are the only ones who know whether or not Miharu wore the outfit.

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