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A Good Bath

The night after Rio regained consciousness, during the journey back to the Galarc Castle from the Holy Democratic Republic of Erica, Liselotte was enjoying the bath in the stone house.

“This is so nice...” She sighed happily, leaning back to look up at the ceiling. She had been beside herself with worry while Rio was unconscious, so she hadn’t been able to appreciate how wonderful the bath in the stone house was until now.

Was the hanging curtain over the changing room door Amakawa-senpai’s way of being playful? It’s like I’ve come to a Japanese hot spring.

Liselotte let out a half-amused, half-delighted giggle. The Rikka side of herself seemed to have risen to the surface, as she was referring to Rio as “Amakawa-senpai” in her heart.

A stone bath sure is nice, though. Maybe I’ll make one the next time I get the chance.

Liselotte thought as she hummed to herself happily.

This cave-like atmosphere is great. It’s like having a private hideaway all to myself.

Liselotte rarely had the opportunity to soak in an exquisite rock bath. Whether it was because she felt inspired or because she was a merchant by occupation, she looked around while thinking about how she wanted to design the interior of her own bath. She could soak forever like this.

I’d like to relax for a little longer, but...

It wasn’t her own bath in her own house, and Rio still hadn’t had a turn yet, so Liselotte decided to get out of the bath early. Once she returned to the changing room and finished changing, she stepped out into the corridor. There, she ran into Rio, who had just left his own room.

“How was the water?”

“It was a really good bath. Thank you very much... Amakawa-senpai,” Liselotte replied. The blush on her cheeks probably wasn’t just because of the bath. She finished her sentence with a grin.

“Right... Can I get you a drink? Something like milk or fruit with milk to drink after your bath?” Rio offered, smiling a little awkwardly. For people with memories of being Japanese, it was a truly tempting proposal.

“Y-Yes, please...!” Liselotte gulped and nodded eagerly.

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