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Rainy Morning

In the Galarc Castle, in the mansion that Francois bestowed Rio...

Training that morning had been called off due to a night of rain, but Rio woke up at an early hour out of habit. Meanwhile, everyone else had yet to wake up. They had decided to cancel morning training the night before, and Christina and Flora had stayed at the mansion last night, so the girls had held a pajama party...and might’ve stayed up late talking to each other.

Right. I’ll make breakfast today.

Miharu and Orphia were often the ones to make breakfast during morning training, so Rio decided he would make it today. He headed straight for the kitchen.

No one will be moving about without morning training, so should I make something light for everyone? Something simple...

He thought about what to make. After deciding on the menu, he began to cook. He began with the ingredients that needed boiling and the dishes that could be reheated later, and chopped the ingredients of those that needed to be made later. He spent an hour in the kitchen on those preparations before returning to the living room.

There’s nothing left to do...

He sat down on the sofa in the empty living room. Mornings were normally a loud and lively affair with everyone awake, so being alone like this felt oddly lonely. Rio smiled gently, realizing he had gone from being always alone in his school days to becoming completely accustomed to living with others.

At any rate, he wasn’t sleepy enough to return to his bed and sleep again, so he was left wondering what to do with this free time.

Maybe I’ll drink my tea while reading a book.

He had made some tea on his way out of the kitchen earlier. He glanced at the clock in the room. The tea should be about ready. With that, he poured himself a cup from the teapot. The scent of tea spread throughout the room.

After enjoying its scent to the fullest, he took a sip of the tea. “Tastes good...”

“Oh. Is that you, Haruto?” Celia said, entering the living room.

“Good morning, Celia... Princess Christina and Princess Flora too.”

When he spotted Christina and Flora with Celia, he stood up to greet them respectfully.

“Good morning, Sir Amakawa.”

“Good morning, Sir Haruto.”

Christina returned his bow with a curtsey. Flora’s voice was animated with joy.

“You’re all up early,” Rio said.

“So are you,” replied Celia.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, we all slept in the same room last night.”

“Flora had something she wanted to ask Professor Celia no matter what.”

“Hehe! I’m glad I was able to talk to Professor Celia so much.” Flora grinned happily.

“That’s great.”

“Yep,” Celia nodded. She then looked around the room. “Is everyone still asleep?”

“Yes, I was just waiting for everyone to get up. I’ll bring some more cups over, so please have a seat.”

Rio stood up and headed to the kitchen.

“Isn’t this just the best morning, Christina?” Flora said to her older sister. She seemed overjoyed at the opportunity to talk to Rio.

“Indeed,” Christina chuckled gently.

After that, the four of them chatted with each other until the others woke up. It was a scene Rio never would have imagined during his days at the Royal Academy.

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