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The Dragon King’s Cooking

Sora was a young girl and a disciple of the Dragon King. Her physical growth had stopped the moment she became a disciple, so she still looked like she was seven or eight years old after a thousand years. Becoming a disciple had also halted her mental growth, making her behavior that of a young girl as well.

Sora loved her master, the Dragon King. Rather than a romantic love, she worshipped him like a god. Because of that, the moment she met his reincarnation Rio, she directed her adoration towards him instead.

“Dragon King!” she called him happily.

“Yes, Sora?”

“Today’s breakfast is really, really tasty!” Sora beamed.

“Thank you. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”

“That’s because it’s great!” Sora resumed eating her breakfast. She stuffed her cheeks like a squirrel or hamster, making an expression of pure bliss.

Ever since becoming a disciple, her body was no longer capable of falling sick or changing shape. That’s why she had a big appetite in spite of her childlike appearance, and she was capable of eating all the oily food she wanted, at any time of day. The same applied to Aishia as a spirit, and she also ate a lot. Ever since the three of them started living together, Rio had to prepare extra food in the mornings.

“Sora is so happy to be with the Dragon King again, eating his handmade cooking,” Sora said joyfully. Her delight was so over the top, Rio felt embarrassed.

“Ha ha.” He smiled while he watched Sora eat.

“Nom nom. Whoa... This meat! It’s so good!” Sora’s expression changed vividly with every bite, but she was at her happiest when she was eating meat.

It’s worth cooking for someone when they enjoy it this much. What should I make next? What flavors does Sora like the best? Rio went through his repertoire of meat dishes in his head.

“Like Sora said, Haruto’s cooking is delicious. Eating it warms the heart,” Aishia suddenly added. With her untalkative personality, she had been eating in silence until now.

“Aishia’s right! Everything the Dragon King makes has nutritional value and a recovery effect!” Sora huffed proudly.

“I don’t think they have any such effects...” Rio smiled wryly at the exaggeration.

“They do! Sora’s heart is all warm now!” Sora declared firmly.

“Yup,” Aishia nodded.

“I see... I’ll have to live up to those expectations when I make lunch, then,” Rio replied shyly, carefully considering what to make for their next meal.

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