Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha - Volume 12 - Chapter Aft


For those who have read this volume, those who have read all the way to this volume, thank you for having picked up this book. This is Uesu Tetsuto. 

So, let's start with some apologies! In the afterword for volume 11, I had said that the twelfth volume will have an extra side novel released alongside it and be the conclusion of the series but, I’m sorry... Because though we planned to make short stories, it grew longer and longer until it became this thick book, and I couldn’t put in the extra story. That being said, when we compiled all the short stories, it’s enough to fill a whole book, so I’ll be looking at it again and plan it for the next book. 

Now for this volume’s contents, it ends up being the master-servant vow with Hasegawa that was skipped over in the 11th volume 

Speaking of this volume’s content, it focuses on the master-servant vow with Hasegawa that was skipped over in the 11th volume and the daily life after the “main story”. To summarize the content of the current volume, all six heroines have since become Basara’s sex slaves and are now pregnant. This volume also expands upon how two heroines in particular have made new master-servant contracts with Basara and the explicit descriptions of them having sex as new additions to Basara’s collection of sex slaves. Wild, isn’t it? While proofreading this as an author, words such as “inner vagina” were highlighted in red so as the kanji would appropriately be expressed in their respective katakana/hiragana (*for example, ???? would be written under ??? (internal cumshot) as an iteration of the kanji ’ s katagana/hiragana.) I admittedly really disliked having to go through the process of checking it all one by one, but it was an entertaining job for me. 

Moreover, I want to extend my thanks to those who helped me with this awesome twelfth volume. 

Nitroplus’ Okuma-san, thank you for the beautiful illustrations, such superior quality! Furthermore, the OVA extra novel has some art for it too, even then you maintained an amazing quality. Thank you very much. Thank you too to Miyako-sensei and Kiso-sensei who sent supportive illustrations despite their busy schedule. 

For the anime staff, thank you for creating the new OVA! I think when this book goes on sale, so would the DVD/Blu-ray for that. I think it would have an even higher quality than the cinema version, so even if you’ve watched it in the cinema, or even if you haven’t, do try and purchase it, that’ll make me very happy. And then, for those who had accompanied me in this strict schedule, the person in charge, creators, designers, proofreaders, sales, all other related persons, thank you very much. Next time it should be okay... I hope. 

And then to the bookstores that purchase this book to sell, and all of you that purchased this book. My utmost thanks! 

—- Lastly, following this we will have a new series announcement. This time it wouldn’t be from Sneaker Bunko, but I received permission to publish the announcement here. 

I think you’d be surprised to see it. Please support me there too. 

Then, please do continue supporting me through to the real final volume of the series! 

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