Space Speed Xing Hen - Chapter 1.3

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CHAPTER 1: Colourful Meeting at Dream City ( part 3)

Translator : evening Boat

In a state of tension and excitement, Tian Hen finally couldn’t wait anymore, he pressed down the tiny protrusion on the metal ball.

Tian Hen spread out his palm, emmitting light heat, the metal ball slowly floated off of his palm, and a ray of light appeared before him, Tian Hen watched tensely, but, he was soon disappointed, because the light was blurry, other than a vague beautiful figure and a pair of bright big eyes that he felt he has seen before, anything else couldn’t be distinguished, obviously this girl intended not to make him see her appearance.

” You woke up.” A clear moving sound was heard, hearing this sound Tian Hen gulped, ” When you’ll wake up, I’ll already be gone, relax, I know that you don’t have money, I paid all the bills. You can leave, if you want to. Also, I want to talk clearly about a matter with you, I have chosen you, not because I like you, and as for the reason, i think you’ll know about it soon enough. You should not look for me and I will not appear before you again. We don’t have any relations.”

Hearing this, Tian Hen gawked, what’s this? a One-night stand? Is this girl willing to waste her first time this way? A feeling of being tricked surged in Tian Hen’s heart immediately, this young girl surely left this message for a certain reason.

However, Tian Hen also relaxed, after all, she paid all the bills. Although many thoughts kept popping up in his mind, but the sound in the metal ball didn’t stop.

” You are a very interesting person, yesterday in the evening, you kept shouting, I’m not impotent…167 times unexpectedly, and truly, the facts showed that you’re not impotent. Moreover, in that aspect, you are quite fierce, although I don’t know about others, but I can assure you that you are not impotent. Well then, I must leave, I want to say sorry first in case yesterday’s matter brings trouble for you, looking at your heartbroken appearance, moreover also had been insulted, what did they say?
If you want to live joyfully, do what your heart wants, all the good things won’t fall on your lap for no reason, if you want to obtain something, you need to try hard, these are the words my mother said to me and you can regard them as my gift to you.”

Rays of light flashed, as the metal ball returned to normal, that blurry figure disappeared, Tian Hen’s whole body became stiff, not only his face, his skin also turned light purple, even in college Tian Hen has always been a upright person, after all,not having money he can’t really do anything, other than studying in college and accompaning his girlfriend, he almost didn’t have any way of entertainment. Tian Hen really couldn’t believe that he will do such a thing unexpectedly. What is this?
I, unexpectedly said that I’m impotent, and in front of a girl too!

Present Tian Hen, just wanted to look for a hole to crawl into, and never come out again. However, he actually has neglected one thing, that is, the sadness in his heart, vanished.

After a long time, Tian Hen sobered from the complex emotion in his heart, quickly wearing his uniform, when that soft and tough fabric has covered his body, he felt that his heart was a lot more calmer. Tian Hen’s vision accidentally fell on the Thunderclap Comprehensive College insignia on his chest, then he suddenly remembered, today is his Graduation Ceremony ! After five years of study, today is the moment of his graduation, but, now he’ll clearly be late.

All along, in Tian Hen’s heart, apart from his parents and the teacher that led him out of the slums, studying at Thunderclap Comprehensive College has been the most important thing, in Tian Hen’s heart, he is very clear, him having this opportunity is not easy, in order to allow his parents to live a better life and to truly come out of that slum, he has been doing his best to learn and study diligently, when other students has been fooling around at Thunderclap City for entertainment, he actually studied diligently without any rest, and today, this Graduation Ceremony, for is very important for Tian Hen.
Five years of efforts just for just this one day, so long as he can earn the graduation qualifications of Thunderclap Comprehensive College , at least from now on he can find a good job, his parents also will no longer need to live in poverty in the slum, and he can also earn some money.

When Tian Hen thought of the Graduation Ceremony, he rushed out without any hesitation, the door of the room in front of Tian Hen automatically opened to both sides, and what he saw in front is a mazelike complex path, naturally , this didn’t affect Tian Hen, with his keen sense and vast understanding of the various Galactic Alliance’s structures, Tian Hen quickly found the correct path. After three minutes, Tian Hen walked out of the Dream City’s front door, with all the expenses having been payed by that girl with bright eyes, naturally, no one stopped him.

The moment he went out, Tian Hen didn’t even care about all the surprised visions, the Universal Qi in his body is in optimum condition, wind bloweed from under his foot, his body similar to Laser Cannons Light Bullet shoots up into the sky.
At this moment, his simple watch showed the time and distance of Thunderclap Comprehensive College Graduation Ceremony, there’s only five minutes left.

Flight Technique , for ordinary people it’s impossible to achieve, because, cultivation of Flight Technique must be based on Universal Qi, and Universal Qi cultivation Method is only availabe in those large-scale Comprehensive Colleges , where studying is really very expensive.

Because there is Flight Vehicles, the rich have long been accustomed to it for traveling, so, very few people studies Flight Technique anymore, and even if someone does, it’s not much, after all, at the present state of Thunderclap Star, pleasure is the most important thimg for the rich.

Universal Alliance, is also known as the entire humankinds Alliance , from the early national system, it has now abandoned previous country and race division, regardless of any person, now they can coexist mutually together, 200 years ago, after numerous Scientists developed the Universal language, it became common language in the entire Alliance, the currency has also been unified, it’s now called Universe coin. The highly developed Science and Technology has brought Universal Union to new hights, shuttling between planets is a very easy matter now.

The Parliament is responsible for all of Universal Union. Parliament is divided into upper and lower, two Chambers. Respectively composed of 500 people, although a large number, but their work is devided very clearly.

The Upper Chamber is mainly composed of the senior government officials and planetary Governers, but Lower Chamber is composed of various Civil Representatives of each planet. Upper and Lower two Chambers has powers to vote and veto, although the Upper Chamber’s authority is big, but the Lower Chamber has the
authority of supervising control.
The two Chambers togather determines the direction of development of the Galactic Alliance Parliament.

The militay directly answers to the Parliament, Galactic Alliance has long since come out from the time of ground army, it’s main military power is comprised of ten big Fleets.
These Fleets can navigate in space, each Fleet has the abilty to easily destroy a planet. Each Fleet is comprised of about
10,000 warships, not including the transportation and replenishment ships.

The Fleet’s with the most attack strength are Fleets that commands God Rank War Vessel formation. The God Rank ship can be said as humankinds most formidable weapon, a God Rank great
ship has 800 Primary Artillery, and 3600 Loaded Artillery, it also has a three kilometers wide, the Defensive Energy Shield with a shield energy upto 100,000 degrees, various Battle Machines and Space Vehicle numbering upto 10000, in addition at least eight Frigate, it’s attack power is devastating, and it’s load of attack power can almost destroy an ordinary Executive Stars all Defensive Facilities easily, paralyzing it

In the entire Galactic Alliance, only the ten big Fleets Command God Rank War Vessel motherships. These Ten big War Vessels Commanders are the Commander-in-Chief of army, they separately guard Universal Unions surrounding Executive Stars, in their respective different Star Domains.

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