Space Speed Xing Hen - Chapter 2.2

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CHAPTER 2: A Look That Can Kill (Part 2)

Translator : eveningBoat

“Sorry, Tian Hen, I’ve de­cided.”

„Why?, am I not good enough for you?”

“No, it’s not that you’re not good, but you’re too good. You and I have been togather for four years, but during this time, you just held my hand at most. I know that you trea­sure me very much, but, I can­ no longer continue to be with you.”

“Why? Give me a rea­son.”

“With you I feel no sense of se­cu­rity, be­sides those use­less the­o­ret­i­cal knowl­edge, you can only fly, You can’t do anything but running away, and it doesn’t feel right to me.”

” No! since you’ve felt this why, why didn’t you tell me earlier, I just crossed 20 -year-old, I can start learning other body tech­niques, four years of sen­ti­ment, how can it just end like this?”

” Is it that ridiculous com­mit­ment? How much did you understand at the age of seven? Is it really worth per­se­ver­ing like this?”

” But, Isn’t it im­por­tant for a person to be faith­ful to his commitment? Now that the time has passed, I can study other body tech­niques, give me an op­por­tu­nity, I can­ learn whatever you want me to learn. Don’t leave me, you should know, just how much im­por­tant you are to me.”

“No need to say anything anymore, it’s al­ready too late.”

“You, did you already have someone else in your heart?”

“So you’re not too silly, good, William is more manlier than you, at least he is not from a slum, when I was with you, it was be­cause I thought that you were promis­ing, but you re­ally disappointed me very much. I really don’t understand, are you actually a man, four years, if it ware oth­ers, it would’ve developed to that exetent long ago, but you? You didn’t even have the courage to kiss me.”

“No, I have the courage, but I trea­sure you!” Tian Hen argued re­luc­tantly, he truly doesn’t have the courage to be in­ti­mate with her, when Tian Hen sees her mov­ing ten­der face each time, his mind gets en­chanted by it, in Tian Hen’s heart she’s like a god­dess.

“Don’t talk anymore, all this is im­pos­si­ble to change again, later, you are you, I am I, there will no longer be any relations between us, you should’ve also heard about William’s tem­pera­ments, if you don’t want trou­ble­s, you should bet­ter be away from me, I re­ally doubt that you are not im­po­tent.”

Lowering his head, Tian Hen’s fingernails deeply pierced his palm, fresh blood came out once more from the wounds in his right hand from yester­day’s bro­ken Crys­tal Cup.

No, I am not im­po­tent, I am not.
Pain was constantly wreak­ing havoc in Tian Hen’s heart, in his mind, was that cold figure that left him, four years, but the repayment, only exchanged for a feeling of his heart being torn into shreds.

“Tian Hen, Tian Hen of fifth-grade body tech­nique class, please stand up.” A dig­ni­fied voice came from the chair­man’s stage.

Tian Hen sobered hearing this voice, he quickly stood up, as he felt the surrounding vi­sions, his heart felt ir­ri­ta­tet, especially that dis­dain­ing look from her eyes, made Tian Hen clench his fists even tighter. You look down upon me? One day, I will surely make you know my streantghs, but he didn’t really know when that one day will come.

“Student Tian Hen, Don’t you want to grad­u­ate, why won’t you stand up even after I called you three times.”

Tian Hen was surprised in his heart, watching col­lege’s sever­est In­struc­tor Zhang on the stage, he quickly calmed his mind, then respect­fuly said:

“I’m sorry In­struc­tor Zhang.”

In­struc­tor Zhang didn’t em­bar­ras him anymore, ” You come up here.”

Tian Hen heart clutched tightly once more, go up there? Why should he need to go up there, he knew, other than col­lege Teachers, it seemed that only the stu­dents recieving pun­ish­ment needed to step onto that chair­man’s stage.
Mov­ing his somewhat stiff legs, under the gaze of several pittying eyes, Tian Hen went up.
In Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive stu­dents, due to the dif­fer­ence of fam­ily back­ground, no­body wanted to be the friend with him.
Those rich family ju­niors, nat­u­rally had their own friend circles.

This big as­sem­bly hall can ac­com­mo­date about nearly ten thou­sand people, it is the en­tire Thun­der­clap Star areas biggest struc­ture, those in­nu­mer­able lights hanging from above, made this assem­bly hall seem more mag­nif­i­cent, 335 lev­el stu­dent are altogether about 1000 peo­ple, under their steady vi­sion, Tian Hen couldn’t help but feel some­what anx­ious.

In­struc­tor Zhang stood up, after ar­riv­ing at the stage, his resolute face sud­denly re­vealed a rare smile, he looked at Tian Hen, and said,

“I an­nounce that, Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Col­lege’s 335 lev­el student Tian Hen graduated as the fore­most per­son in the field, the col­lege will award him with the honor in­sti­tute em­blem, and the re­ward of 1000 uni­verse coins.”

All of the stu­dents under stage gawked, Tian Hen also gawked, he was not very clear, why he will ob­tain this kind of honor as the most common one in col­lege, only those popular and rich young masters usually get compete in the college.
How­ever, re­gard­less of the reason, at this moment, Tian Hen’s eyes was moist, his heart, was as if a driftwood caught in the high seas. He wasn’t abandoned, col­lege didn’t abandon him, all the other things were unim­por­tant, Tian Hen only looked at In­struc­tor Zhang.

„Thank you, In­struc­tor Zhang.” Tian Hen said with a sobbing voice, he had al­ways thought and feared In­struc­tor Zhang as some kind of tiger, but at this moment he looked so much kinder. It seems like after all the misfortunes, good luck had finally found him, Tian Hen’s heart was filled with ex­cit­ement. The honor in­signia is nothing im­por­tant, but the re­ward of 1000 coins! A full 1000 coins!.

“You don’t need to thank me, but if you must, you should thank your ef­forts.”

In­struc­tor Zhang’s face hung up with a layer of cold frost, he turned towards the other students below stage, and loudly said:

“Shut up, do you all have the face to dis­cus­s about it? If someone wants to say something say it clearly to me, or else you never want to grad­u­ate.”

The noises turned into si­lence im­me­di­ately, a cold light flashed in the In­struc­tor Zhang’s eyes, as he gaz­ed at stu­dents below,

“Have some­thing to dis­cuss? Do you think it’s very surprising that Tian Hen ob­tained this honor? You need to think about what you have done before discussing about others­. I only need to say­ a few points, so you can dis­pel the doubts in your hearts.
To study in Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Col­lege one needs to study at least 13 major sub­jects in five year, which is based on the students decisions on different professions, at the same ­time, one must also choose 14 other subjects. It all adds up to a total of 27 sub­jects. You tell me, in these 27 sub­jects, how many of you have passed in more than half of them? Huh?” He al­most shout­ed the last few words.

All the fifth-grade stu­dents below stage looked at each other in dia­may, they didn’t care about what they learned in col­lege, every day, what these stu­dents only cared about was, how to have fun.

„I am very sad.” In In­struc­tor Zhang’s eyes flashed a painful light, “You all are 335 lev­el stu­dents, other than Tian Hen, not even one of you people passed un­ex­pect­edly, and you think you have the rights to talk? In all the pre­vi­ous stu­dent, you all are the worst yet, you all can be said as the dregs in Thun­der­clap Col­lege’s history, I know that many of you don’t care about what we teach in col­lege, you don’t want to learn any­thing here, what you want is only the title of Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Col­lege grad­u­ate.
Good, very good, you have such a plan? I have already dis­cussed with the Di­rec­tor, for the col­lege’s honor, this is a spe­cial de­ci­sion, besides Tian Hen all the other 335 lev­el stu­dents have to stay behind for another year, if you can’t pass in more than half the subjects, then you won’t be qualified to graduate from Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Col­lege.”

In­struc­tor Zhang’s words, im­me­di­ately made the students boil with ex­cite­ment, a tall figure stood up, and loudly said:

“Re­porting to In­struc­tor Zhang, I think it would be unfair to us like this, in all the pre­vi­ous grad­u­a­ted students, there were many who also qual­i­fied in less than half subjects, why could they grad­u­ate, but ac­tu­ally we can’t? More­over, why can Tian Hen be an exception, I don’t be­lieve this cow­ard can be more qualified than us!”

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