Space Speed Xing Hen - Chapter 2.3

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CHAPTER 2: A Look That Can Kill (part 3)

Translator : eveningBoat 

[ The term College has been changed to Academy and will be used like this from now on , I’ve edited the other chapters too]



In­struc­tor Zhang snorted,

“William, you want to know why the previous stu­dents could grad­u­ate? That’s be­cause, the Instruc­tor wasn’t me at that time. Since I be­came Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Academy In­struc­tor, only the qualified and talented will go out from my hands. I just said a mo­ment ago, that I must tell you some things. That was about Tian Hen, his results in all the 27 subjects are excellent, especially in the six branches of theoretical Phys­i­cal Arts De­part­ment, Tian Hen passed with the per­fect score. At the same time, Tian Hen’s Flight Tech­nique has already broken through to high rank in the academy, even has surpassed some of the Flight Tech­nique Teachers, and has reached the level of speed close to sound. All these, did any ­one of you achieve?
If the academy has cor­rupt students like you all again, per­haps Thunder­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Academy’s rep­u­ta­tion will soon end, and I also must ex­plain a bit more, a moment ago I said you have to pass more than half of the subjects in the examination, this also refered to your compulsory courses too, oth­er­wise, you will not be permitted to grad­u­a­te. From now on, this will be­ Thun­der­clap Compre­hen­sive Academy’s new reg­u­la­tion, and can not be vi­o­lated. This will establish academy’s pres­tige, oth­er­wise, it will surely de­gen­er­ate into a sec­ond-rate academy.”

Tian Hen couldn’t hear­ any of In­struc­tor Zhang’s words, his heart shiv­ered, in his eyes gushed out a com­plex emo­tion, this tall figure, took away his most belov­ed person, Tian Hen’s both eyes stub­bornly star­ed at William, he thought if he had a sharp knife, he would surely split the bastard’s throat!
It seemed as if this thought spread throughout the eye’s of Tian Hen, ha­tred in Tian Hen’s heart rose to the heavens, he secretly Cursed William to go and be killed by a Flight Vehicle.

Tian Hen’s clenched fists made a slight crackling sound. At this moment, Tian Hen sud­denly felt something in his mind, suddenly his conscious­ness pro­moted to a level he was impossible to ahieve be­fore, the sur­round­ings be­came clear, he could even feel the fluc­tu­a­tions of the blue veins in Williams throat.

“Die! Die!” Tian Hen crazily screamed in his heart, his both eyes stub­bornly, steadily stared at Williams throat, the sur­round­ings all noises seemed to have van­ished at that mo­ment, under the high de­gree of con­cen­tra­tion of his thoughts, Tian Hen sur­prisingly dis­cov­ered, he could ac­tu­ally hear the beating sound of William’s veins. A burst of dizziness hit Tian Hen’s mind.

William was just about to argue with In­struc­tor Zhang’s words,
sud­denly, he clearly felt a cold feeling around his throat area, a sense fo anxiousness spread throughout William’s whole body, this was the fear of death, then he saw a pair of red pupils, and the next moment, William couldn’t make any sounds again, he felt something spewing out from his throat area, all the strength and sen­sation of his body was quickly fading, his eyes be­came blood red, and blood spewed out from his mouth.

All the students saw a ter­ri­fy­ing scene, William’s en­tire neck was nearly half cut off, fresh blood sprayed on the body of nearby stu­dents, causing them to scream in horror, the one sreamed the loud­est, was im­pres­sively Lianna.

In­struc­tor Zhang’s com­plex­ion turned pale, in the chair­man’s stage, all the academy lead­ers stood up, their hearts in in­ex­plic­a­ble horror, no one knew what was going on.

“This, is this real? a look can also kill peo­ple un­ex­pect­edly?”

Tian Hen’s com­plex­ion was unusually pale, his body slowly and softly cramped down, but ac­tu­ally, at the cor­ners of Tian Hen’s mouth re­vealed a trace of happy smile.
Even if he was hav­ing a dream, Tian Hen wasn’t will­ing to wake up, the per­son who he hated the most, the one who took away his love really died!
Everything turned black, and Tian Hen’ consciousness fell into a world of Darkness.


“What? you couldn’t find the young Miss, what the hell have you been doing all this time?” In a magnificent hall, sat a mid­dle-aged beau­ti­ful woman, in her phoenix-like eyes, several cold lights flashed. Three men with lowered heads stood before her, not one of them dared to even speak.

The beau­ti­ful woman stood up from the soft chair, along with her movement, the air in the room became even more heavy, a layer of frost condensed on the coat’s of the three men. Their lips turned green, but no one dared to move, seeing the tall, beau­ti­ful woman ar­rive before them, the eyes of the beau­ti­ful woman was big and black, crys­tal clear, she had pitch-black long hair, although she was wearing an ordinary long dress, but that white one-piece dress ac­tu­ally cov­ered every inch of her beau­ti­ful body, her man­ner still revealed a bit of solemness and anger.

As the tem­per­a­ture in the room re­turned to nor­mal, the beau­ti­ful woman’s com­plex­ion became tran­quil, she picked up a bot­tle of Red Wine from the nearby table, opened the bot­tle and poured in a cup for herself, lightly sipping the bit­ter wine with del­i­cate fra­grance, slowly shaking the cup, she in­dif­fer­ently said:

“Well, I think you’ve cer­tainly found some­thing, you are my elite, a mo­ment ago, when con­fes­sing, you made ex­cuses, that’s not your style. If there was any­thing to hide, you should know what kind of fate you will have.”

The man with the tall and thin stature and dark skin was the leader, lis­tening to the beau­ti­ful woman’s words, his eyes revealed a bit more panicked expression, “Con­troller, we, we really didn’t find the Young Miss.”

“I know, in this re­gard you wouldn’t dare to hide the truth from me, even if you found her, you don’t have the abil­ity to bring her back. Liao En, you fol­lowed me for all these years, do you think, you can con­ceal the truth from me? Tell me what you know, oth­er­wise, you can go look for Fei Er Judge. Fei Er Fam­ily does not need a dis­hon­est sub­or­di­nate.”

The hear­ing Fei Er two words, Liao En’s whole body trem­bled, he low­ered his head and said: “Con­troller, it is not that subordinate wants to con­ceal, but, it’s just”

“What is it? what did Lan Lan that girl do? Say it!” The face of beau­ti­ful woman seemed calm, but her heart was ac­tu­ally shivering, and a bad pre­mo­ni­tion lin­ger­ed.

Liao En sighed darkly in his heart, he pressed down a but­ton on his betl. Sil­ver light ap­peared in the hall, and a clear pic­ture was seen, it was a mag­nif­i­cent room.

“Con­troller, when we found the room Young Miss had stayed in, Young Miss had disappeared, we tried every means to find out her where­abouts, it’s only, in this room, we ac­tu­ally dis­cov­ered..”

The pic­ture turned, that bright red blood stain on the pink bed could be seen in the sil­ver light screen. The blood stain on the pink bed is strik­ing red, it’s the color that has the most visual impact.

The look in the beau­ti­ful woman’s eyes quickly changed, she was very clear, what this meant, the wine glass in her hand fell on the hard metal floor, and a clear cracking sound was heard. Like a ghost her body appeared before Liao En, Ice Blades appeared on her right hands five fin­gers in­stan­ta­neously, pointing at Liao En’s throat, her voice shiv­ered, “Tell me, what’s all this about?”.

Liao En didn’t dare to move, he didn’t doubt, so long as his body moves even slightly, these sharp Ice Blades will split his neck, facing the disparity of strength, re­volting is insignif­i­cant. More­over, Liao En was al­ways a faith­ful sub­or­di­nate.

“We only found out, when Young Miss stayed in this room, an­other man was also with her, ac­cord­ing to a waiter there, that man seemed to be a Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Academy stu­dent. We didn’t think that Young Lady would go to such a place like Dream City, there­fore, there­fore”

Dream City, was known as a man’s paradise, it was the en­tire Thun­der­clap Star’s most lux­u­ri­ous entertainment area, nat­u­rally, it’s also the most dirty place.

Five fin­gers tightened, five Ice Blades cut opened five bloodstains on the throat of Liao En, but, the blood didn’t flow out, be­cause, when the skin was cut, blood that flowed out had been frozen, “No need to say any more.”
The beau­ti­ful woman took back her right hand, she kept telling her­self to be calm, but, will this sit­u­a­tion let her be calm now?

Walking back and forth in the room, in the beau­ti­ful woman’s mind rais­ed numerous ideas, suddenly, she fiercely stopped, and angryly thought aloud:

“Re­tal­i­a­tion, this is re­tal­i­at­ion. This girl is un­ex­pect­edly so bold, to do such a thing, how does she want me to report such a thing to Fei Er Judge. Liao En, you go, bring that boy from Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Academy and send out the message by my name as the Thun­der­clap Star Con­troller, search for Lan Lan’s trail in the en­tire Galactic Al­liance.”

“Yes, Con­troller.” Liao En re­laxed se­cretly, this master of his had a bad temper, but still, she was sensible.

“Wait a minute.” Hesitating the beau­ti­ful woman stopped Liao En who was about to walk, “Don’t send out the mes­sage, after all, this was a Fam­ily Clan scan­dal, you should know how you should control your mouth. Look for Lan Lan in se­cret. Also, before that bastard from Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Academy arrives, investiga­te all about him clearly.”

Liao En and the three peo­ple with­drew from the big hall, the beau­ti­ful woman’s aura sud­denly be­came rapid, her right palm heavily shot on the side of a sofa, the originally soft yel­low leather sofa sud­denly changed color, and be­come similar to Blue Crystal like crys­tal clear, the next moment, cracks ap­peared on this „Blue Crys­tals”, a clear crackling sound re­sounded, and it turned into countless broken frag­ments.

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