Space Speed Xing Hen - Chapter 3.1

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CHAPTER 3 : Tian Hen’s Spatial Discipline (Part 1)

Translator: eveningBoat

After an unknown amount of time, the con­scious­ness of Tian Hen gradually cleared, he clearly felt, his body was some­what stiff, his body’s blood flow was not very smooth, but surprisingly, his mind felt very refreshed, and in­stead he had a very clear mem­ory of the events that accured at the academy as­sem­bly hall.
William died, an in­ex­plic­a­ble death.

But, why was Tian Hen’s body seemed to be pumping every bit of his strength at that time? Could it be that his gaze could really kill peo­ple?

Then he suddenly remmemebered what happened when he was en­tering the as­sem­bly hall, the front door that was closing sud­denly stopped, and all these things seemed to be re­lated to him, it seemed like it only happened under his con­trol. These two in­conceiv­able sit­u­a­tions both had fluc­tu­a­tions in Space, but, exactly how did he do these things?
Opening his eyes, Tian Hen dis­cov­ered himself in a pure white room, everything in the room was very clean and tidy, al­though this was his first time, but Tian Hen could cor­rectly guess that this should be the academy clinic.

On the table not far away, there was some med­i­cine bot­tles, his body was con­nec­ted with sev­eral tubes and sur­round­ed by a few seemingly high technological in­stru­ments.
Among these in­stru­ments Tian Hen could rec­og­nize only one of them, that was the human body life con­di­tion de­tec­tion in­stru­ment that was once shown in the academy class, the most major char­ac­ter­is­tics of this instrument was that with it you can know all the con­di­tions of human body, in­clud­ing blood pres­sure, heart­beat and brain ac­tiv­ity, it can even tell if the con­scious­ness is strong or weak. In the Academy, the consciousness of the students who cul­ti­vate the Uni­ver­sal Qi is many times stronger than an av­er­age per­son, there­fore he knew it must be that final one. The four main de­tections showed in four colored lines, slightly fluc­tu­a­ting on the dis­play mon­i­tor of the in­stru­ment.
Through ob­serv­ation Tian Hen dis­cov­ered his blood pres­sure, heart­beat as well as brain ac­tiv­ity was quite nor­mal, but the fluctuation of­ that green line symbolizing con­scious­ness was much stronger than a nor­mal per­sons, was his con­scious­ness re­ally that ex­cep­tion­al?
Fast fluc­tu­a­tions of the red line simbolizing heart­beat showed Tian Hen’s un­sta­ble state of mind at the momment, his vision changed to nearby med­i­cine bot­tle, in an uneasy mood, Tian Hen tried to mak­e these med­i­cine bot­tles ar­rive at his side. Be­cause of his con­scious­ness cen­tral­ized on the med­i­cine bot­tle, Tian Hen did not dis­cov­er the fluctuation of the green line simbolizing the consciousness got even more stronger, this even af­fected the other lines too.
“In­struc­tor Zhang, what’s the mat­ter with this year, William’s un­ex­pect­ed death, and this caused the grad­u­a­tion grade’s fore­most student to faint, was he that fright­ened?”
“Per­haps, yeah, qual­ity of this group of stu­dents was re­ally too bad, and with great dif­fi­culty there was an ex­cel­lent one in the acad­emy, I did not expect that his psy­cho­log­i­cal qual­ity will un­ex­pect­edly be so bad.”
Such sudden sounds caused Tian Hen to almost jump in fright, in an in­stant, the medicine bottle he con­tin­u­ously tried to con­trol suddenly fell on the metal table.
Tian Hen closed his eyes, he clearly felt his speeding heartbeat un­ex­pect­edly getting more and more calm. This was by no means the physical manipulation of the body, because it requires the co­or­di­na­tion of Uni­ver­sal Qi, but while com­pletely de­pendeding on con­scious­ness power he could moove that med­i­cine bot­tle far away, what is this, one of those things said by certain sci­en­tists? having for­mi­da­ble power? No, it is not only con­scious­ness, it seems to be that space controling abil­ity.
The door opened, sounds of two foot­steps came in, Tian Hen sud­denly dis­cov­ered that his con­scious­ness un­ex­pect­edly spread to each cor­ner of the room, he could see even with­out open­ing his eyes, he could easily dis­tin­guish these two peo­ple sep­a­rately were In­struc­tor Zhang and the Phys­i­cal Arts De­part­ment Teacher.
In­struc­tor Zhang first looked at the in­stru­ments connected to Tian Hen, in that in­stant, Tian Hen with the help of his con­scious­ness, re­turned everything to nor­mal, even the four lines Rep­re­sen­ting body con­di­tions returned to their nor­mal conditions.
“Tian Hen, did you awake?” In­struc­tor Zhang asked in a soft voice.
Tian Hen ea­gerly wanted to know what happened later that day, he slowly opened his eyes, and some­what weakly said: “Hello, In­struc­tor Zhang, I just woke up.”
His weakness was not an act, be­sides his con­scious­ness, other func­tions of his body truly was not in the best con­di­tions.
In­struc­tor Zhang tem­per­ately said: “I really regret about the mat­ters of that day, re­gard­ing William’s death, what do you know? Be­cause we do not know why you fainted, there­fore, we think that per­haps you saw something on that day.”
Tian Hen shook his head and said: “I don’t know anything. When I saw fresh blood flowing out of William’s neck, I was really very afraid, I felt dizzy and fainted.”
The reason he said this was be­cause of the former talk between In­struc­tor Zhang and that Teacher. He didn’t want to be turned into a mur­derer, and if so, he will ac­cept the sanc­tion of law in­evitably. To Tian Hen, William’s death was very strange, he wanted to show that it was al­most im­pos­si­ble for him to be the killer, he will sim­ply refuse to ac­knowl­edge anything, there was no ev­i­dence in any case.
Sure enough, In­struc­tor Zhang eyes showed a trace of dis­ap­point­ment, but his gaze still remained as profound as be­fore.

He com­forted and said: “Such being the case, you can rest well. I have already helped with handling your grad­u­a­tion pro­ce­dures. After you are better, come to my office to re­ceive the honor in­signia, then you can leave the academy, and con­grat­u­lations, you have smoothly ob­tained the grad­u­a­tion qual­i­fi­ca­tions, and became an excellent grad­u­ate.”
Tian Hen smiled re­luc­tantly and said: “Thank you In­struc­tor Zhang.”
He grad­u­ated, he had finally graduated after five years of study. Per­haps, now he’ll go back to his home city and re­turn to his fam­ily, he’ll find a good work by this rep­u­ta­tion. This way, he could sup­port his par­ents. Al­though Lianna left, but with the sta­tus of Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Academy’s ex­cel­lent grad­u­ate, and after a cer­tain amount sav­ings, finding a wife won’t be a dif­fi­cult mat­ter.

Tian Hen has al­ways been without any lofty ideals, he just want’s to live a bet­ter and peacefull life. Al­though he doesn’t want to admit, but he actually yearned for the life of those wealthy fam­ily ju­niors.
In­struc­tor Zhang put the sta­tus card near Tian Hen’s pil­low, com­forted Tian Hen with a few words and told him that the one thousand coins was in his card, then he left together with that Teacher.
Tian Hen closed his eyes, he wanted to lis­ten if In­struc­tor Zhang talked about anything with that Teacher, his con­scious­ness left the room together with them, once more it made his heart­beat speed up, his con­scious­ness could actually follow them, they obviously went out of his hear­ing range, but he ac­tu­ally could still hear­ their con­ver­sa­tions.
“It seems like this child doesn’t know anything.” In­struc­tor Zhang said with a sigh.
That Teacher said: “But, In­struc­tor Zhang, William’s fa­ther, since he thinks that William’s death is re­lated with Tian Hen, per­haps he will not giv­e up that eas­ily. Tian Hen is safe as long as he’s in the academy but he’s grad­u­ated now, when he leaves, per­haps… …”
In­struc­tor Zhang coldly snorted and said: ” Galactic Al­liance is a World of legal sys­tem, even if that old William is Lei Dong Groups Chair­man of the Board, so what? If he dares to act un­rea­son­ably, I will re­port it to Saint League, I think that he won’t dare to touch the Saint League’s dig­nity.”
“Yes, yes, per­haps there is no one in the entire Alliance who dares to touch Saint League’s dig­nity. More­over, you are… …”
„Shut up, some­ things can­not be said ca­su­ally, you should un­der­stand.”
„Yes, yes” lastly what was heard, was that Teacher’s voice filled with fear and awe.
Fi­nally Tian Hen’s con­scious­ness reach was un­able to ex­tend too long, his mind weak, Tian Hen did not hear anything again, but Saint League these two words ac­tu­ally was deeply printed his minds deepest place, In­struc­tor Zhang seemed have another sta­tus.

What is Saint League? It seems like an or­ga­ni­za­tion, but even Lei Dong Group does not dare to offend this or­ga­ni­za­tion un­ex­pect­edly. Tian Hen knows that Lei Dong Group is a finantial group that stretches across al­most half of Galactic Sys­tems planets, al­though Tian Hen knows William was always rampant in the academy, also very well known among the wealthy fam­ily ju­niors, but he did not think that William could be the son of Lei Dong Groups Chair­man of the Board.
Leaving here meant trou­ble, but could he really stay in the academy? No, he ab­solutely couldn’t, even if the academy agreed but he couldn’t do so, the academy life has ended with great dif­fi­culty, if he con­tin­ued to stay here, it will not bring any­thing to him.

That girl who gave her chastity to him said that, ‘if you want to ob­tain something, then de­pend on your own ef­forts,’

Lianna, didn’t you say that I’m weak? I’ll show you, from now on, I… Tian Hen will cer­tainly no longer show weakness in front of any­one.

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