Space Speed Xing Hen - Chapter 3.3

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HAPTER 3Tian Hen‘s Spatial Discipline (Part 3)

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The reason he choose to exit from the main entrance was, because Tian Hen really overestimated the preparations of his enemies, the Lei Dong group. According to him, the opposite party will certainly think that he will try to leave from the back gate, and wont wait at the main entrance, therefore he choose the main entrance.

Out of the door, just when Tian Hen took a step out of the area of the Thunderclap Comorehensive Academy’s defensive shield, four shadows blocked in front of him, behind these people there was a luxurious Black Flight Vehicle floating from the ground which Tian Hen had never seen before, from the open window of the Flight Vehicle, unclear voices could be heard.
“Is that him?”
“Right, it’s this boy.”
“Good, first capture him, we’ll see after we go back. Rather kill a thousand, not to let off one.”

“As you say.”
The four men quickly surrounded Tian Hen, they seemed to be between the age of twenty-seven to twenty-eight and all of them wore black uniforms, when the red light on their waists lit up, they completely encircled Tian Hen in the center.
Four laser daggers appeared in their hands, they blocked every path and cut off Tian Hen’s all the possibilies of escape.

A cold and gloomy voice was heard, “Don’t even think about resisting carelesly, know your own limitations, just quietly follow us.”
Although he secretly regretted in his heart, but Tian Hen’s eyes still showed a trace of disdain, “Depending on you?”

Although he was surrounded from all sides, but they couldn’t block him from above. Without any warning, the Cosmic Qi in Tian Hen’s body surged towards the soal of his feet and Tian Hen’s body instataneously soared, at the same moment a four colored net fell just where he was standing. The moment Tian Hen gained enough altitude, his speed promoted to the maximum limit immediately, his goal was to reach the more crowded part of the city. After all, Flight Vehicles could not fly in low altitude, as long as he could enter the city, perhaps catching him again wouldn’t be so easy for these people who was after him.
However, evidently Tian Hen had underestimated the ability of these people, that black Flight Vehicle instantaneously activated, as if it didn’t need the acceleration process and soon surpassed him, suddenly the Flight Vehicle turned around and a huge laser net appeared in front of it.
“Ionic Gravitational Net?” Tian Hen exclaimed out loud, as a Thunderclap Comprehensive Academy’s top student, he naturally understood the might of this kind of net, but, by his current speed it was too late to escape now. Once he gets cought in this net, he didn’t have the ability to escape again. 

This Flight Vehicle actually had Ionic Gravitational Net which was a standard weapon of a low grade Warship, this kind of thing, made Tian Hen’s mind go blank. He said in his heart : 

“Can I really go home today? Why am I always so unlucky?”

The Ionic Grav­i­ta­tional Net that black Flight Ve­hi­cle launched was obviously much smaller com­pared to a Warship’s Ionic Gravitational Net, but its speed was much quicker, Tian Hen wss star­tled, his body was sealed by that giant laser net. Sud­denly, Tian Hen felt as if his body was being pressed by ten times the gravi­ta­tional force, Tian Hen roared, Cosmic Qi inside his body erupted, a layer of blue light started to surround his body, he could ac­tu­ally keep stand­ing in the Ionic Grav­i­ta­tional Net. However, his body gradually started sinking down from air­, Tian Hen was very clear who these people were and what they will do to him once he gets caught, when Tian Hen fell to the ground he lost the abil­ity to even reasist.

The great pres­sure of nearly hun­dred de­gree cel­sius that Ionic Gravita­tional Net cre­ated made Tian Hen’s mind dizzy, even breathing became a dif­fi­cult mat­ter, just when he was prepar­ing to use that unknown con­scious­ness strength of his, suddenly, the atmosphere of his surround­ings changed.

The air seemed to sud­denly be­came cold, an unknown blue light cov­ered the grav­i­ta­tion net wrapping Tian Hen, that light was not any ordinary Ray or Laser Light, be­cause this blue light was very gentle. But this gen­tle light sud­denly cut off the con­tact of the grav­i­ta­tion net with that black Flight Ve­hi­cle, Tian Hen’s whole body felt really light, after losing the grav­i­ta­tional Bind, Tian Hen’s con­scious­ness restored much im­me­di­ately, but he quickly dis­cov­ered an­other problem, the for­mer grav­i­ta­tion net turned into a piece of ice crystal this time, al­though it didn’t have that grav­i­ta­tional force, but the cold air Tian Hen felt was not much different, the frosty air trans­mited from it made his whole body go cold, Tian Hen had to reluctantly maintain circulating the Cosmic Qi in his body. He tried to use that mysterious power to break it, but this seemingly weak ice crys­tal was ac­tu­ally harder than steel and iron.

“Who is it?” Four black clothed men on the ground flew towards Tain Hen by Flight Tech­nique, and that black Flight Ve­hi­cle pulled out more than ten black guns from who knows where, Tian Hen very clearly re­al­iz­ed, those seemingly not very impressive guns were Laser Can­nons. A Laser Can­non’s might was several times stronger compared to a Ray Cannon at the very least, even in Thun­der­clap Com­pre­hen­sive Academy, even the best students who specialized in the body tech­nique’s armor tech­nique was unable to keep off the strength of this ar­tillery without any equipments, once hit by it, Tian Hen’s only outcome was to be vapor­ized instantaniously. The Ice net was con­tin­u­ously being controled by an unknown  power, even with all his efforts, Tian Hen was un­able to even move, he could only remain floating unsteadily at one place.

Before, Tian Hen had thought Thun­der­clap Star was a planet of legal sys­tem, but he now knew that he had made a mis­take, not everyone is equal before the legal system. That black Flight Ve­hi­cle obviously belonged to the Lei Dong Group, they secretly had highly destruc­tive weapons, and they ar­bi­trar­ily attacked him, if it was any other ordinary per­son, they could have been punished heavily for these two offences alone, but now, by their ram­pant  attitude, it was ob­vi­ously not any taboo, It was not even proved yet that he was the murderer, but they were already attacking his freedom, what did this mean? 

As his body tem­per­a­ture almost fell to the freez­ing point, a cold light flashed in Tian Hen’s eyes. At that moment he became very calm, he still could keep circulating the Cosmic Qi in his body, and recover quickly.

Tian Hen be­lieved that his strongest abil­ity was flying, ad once he found the op­por­tu­nity, he must have a good physical state as a backup. Al­though, his heart despaired a little when facing the threat of Ionic ar­tillery, but that was not enought to make him give up hope and miss an op­por­tu­nity.

Four cold lights shot up in the direction of the four Men in Black, Tian Hen was wathcing through the crystal ice cage while Con­troling the Cosmic Qi in his body, but in his amazement, he discovered those four things  were un­ex­pect­edly four Ici­cles, each about one foot in length. Those Ici­cles were spinning as they moved with an insane speed, al­most instantaneously…

Those four Men in Black were obviously very powerful, as they also tried to block those icicles with their Laser Daggers almost the same time they were shot and according to common sense those Ici­cles were supposed to turn into ice dust as soon as they met the Dagger, but Tian Hen ac­tu­ally saw a strange scene. What was destroyed was not the icicles, but just the op­po­site, when the Laser Blades was about to cut the icicles, the Ici­cles released a sud­den blue light, and as it started spinning even fiercely, the light from the Laser Blade un­ex­pect­edly dimmed, then it wel­comed it’s fate by shat­teing into pieces.

Four sounds of piti­ful yell also re­sounded as those four Ici­cles pen­e­trated the left shoul­ders of the four Men in Black and ac­tu­ally caused the bodies of the four peo­ple to fly down, sewing their bod­ies on the ground com­pletely, fresh red blood colored the ground immediately .
That Flight Ve­hi­cle activated, more than ten guns si­mul­ta­ne­ously shined with a daz­zling white light, while fac­ing death, Tian Hen re­mem­bered the words that had trans­mit­ted from the Vehicle before, rather wrongly kill a thousand, than let off one.

Re­gard­less of what degree his Cosmic Qi re­stored to, ac­tu­ally re­gard­less of what mysterious con­scious­ness strength he had, when fac­ing more than ten Laser Can­nons, that was not something anyone could re­sist.

Now Tian Hen was really des­per­ate in his heart.

“You have vi­o­lated the Thun­der­clap Star law, as Saint League Ma­nip­u­la­tor, I have the right to elim­i­nate you.” 
At the same time a huge blue light shield appeared in front of the ice cage Tian Hen was in,

More than ten beams of light si­mul­ta­ne­ously bombarded on that blue light shield, Tian Hen’s heart in­stan­ta­neously jumped to his throat, his fate was depending on how long tha light shield lasted, once that shield disappeared, his life would also end.

However, all his worries was apparently unnecessary, those beams only created some ripples on the the light shield, nothing more, it was still as it was before unscratched, and there was also light shield covering that Black Flight Vehicle as it became motionless

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