Star Odyssey - Chapter 1350

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Space was much more durable in this location than in the Fifth Mainland, as despite Lu Yin’s power, he was unable to tear through the void.

As far as that beast with the strength of an Envoy was concerned, their ship was smaller than even an ant.

Shou Sheng and the others looked on in despair, hoping that the monster would not attack them.

There was another violent roar, and the sea flipped. Shou Sheng hurriedly quickly moved to stabilize the vessel, and he then looked up. The creature’s head had descended, its mouth open and ready to swallow the entire ship.

Lu Yin’s scalp went numb, and he instinctively wanted to escape.

Suddenly, there was an angry shout, “Beast! Get back!”

The dark sky was sliced apart, and the sun again shone down on the ship’s deck. At this moment, Lu Yin had one foot over the side of the ship, but after hearing the stern shout, he pulled his leg back and turned to see the massive and powerful beast wailing. It landed in the sea with a splash and slowly sank. Its eyes showed its anguish, but even the wings of flames it had spread across the sky were extinguished.

Lu Yin was stunned. This person was an Envoy, but who had they moved out for?

Up in the sky stood a burly man more than two meters tall. His head was lowered, and he was looking down at the ship.

Shou Sheng and others hurriedly showed their respects, “Thank you for your benevolence.”

The man’s body disappeared in a flash, and when he reappeared, he was already on the ship. Behind him, one could still see the huge monster that looked amazingly intimidating.

Lu Yin had returned to the cabin and he watched from there.

The Envoy’s eyes swept past Shou Sheng and others before focusing on the old man. The Envoy looked straight at the old man, and his eyes grew much softer. “You’re from the Dalian Mountain branch, correct?”

The old man trembled and he hurriedly kneeled. “Elder sees true. This one is the butler of the White Dragon Clan’s Dalian Mountain Branch in the Middle Realm.”

The Envoy asked, “Did someone bring him?”

The old man was clearly frightened, and he saw Shou Sheng’s face go pale from the corner of his eyes, but the old man solemnly replied, “We- we brought him, but the Young Master was attacked during our voyage. He was injured, and is currently resting in the cabin.”

The Envoy was overjoyed. “He’s not dead?”

The old man shuddered. “No, he is not dead.”

The Envoy was clearly excited, and he looked towards the cabin.

Lu Yin has already removed his universal armor, as he did not want to attract any attention. However, how was this Envoy looking at Lu Yin? If any problem arose, Lu Yin would have to flee, despite the possibility of danger in the sea.

After a while, the Envoy left, though the massive beast did not. Instead, the creature moved beneath the ship, and then picked the vessel up and flew away.

Lu Yin was shocked. Since the beast was present, how would he manage to escape? His universal armor was able to protect him from attacks of a certain level, but it would certainly not allow him to escape from an Envoy who decided to track him.

There was a knock at the door. Lu Yin grew nervous. “Please come in.”

Shou Sheng and the old man both entered. One had a smile on his face, the other fear.

“Little brother, how’s your body recovering? You weren’t scared just now, were you?” Shou Sheng smiled happily as he looked at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin reluctantly smiled back. “No. By the way, I’m not sure what just happened? Where are we going?”

He no longer cared about exposing himself, so he openly asked his question.

Shou Sheng smiled and replied, “We’re headed to the White Dragon Clan’s Middle Realm’s base.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. By Shou Sheng’s response, it seemed like this White Dragon Clan had to be famous and something that he should know about, so Lu Yin did not dare ask anything about the clan. “I’m not sure what’s going on here, but could you let this junior leave? There are things I need to do.”

Shou Sheng looked at Lu Yin with a strange smile. “Little brother, there’s no longer any need for secret’s as your chance is here.”

Lu Yin was momentarily stunned, but his eyes grew cold at hearing such inexplicable words come from a stranger’s mouth. This was not reassuring. “What does that mean?”

Shou Sheng glanced over at the old man.

The old man helplessly replied, “That lord just now that Little Brother saw, he’s an elder from the White Dragon Clan. A super powerhouse, and the beast beneath us is his mount.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. “So what? What does that have to do with me?”.

“Some time ago, the White Dragon Clan sent out an announcement to all branches that men from the mortal tribes must report back to White Mountain. We are from one of the White Dragon Clan’s branches, but we were attacked during our journey, and our scion perished. For the moment, Little Brother, you are part of my White Dragon Clan: the scion of the Dalian Mountain Branch, Long Qi,” the old man slowly explained.

Lu Yin’s eyes went wide as he stared at the old man in confusion.

Shou Sheng continued, “The White Dragon Clan has strict rules; any who fail to report within the specified time will be punished extremely severely. If the scion dies, the entire escort will be charged with the crime of insufficient protection, which is a serious crime.”

“So that’s why you want me to impersonate this person?” Lu Yin felt strange.

Shou Sheng nodded.

The old man also slowly nodded. “Little Brother, your appearance is quite similar to my son’s. The only picture remaining of my son is from when he was a child, and it had been left back with the clan. Little Brother’s appearance is similar enough to deceive people.”

“Actually, that’s already been confirmed. The elder from the White Dragon Clan glanced at you earlier, and he accepted your appearance. All that’s left is to enjoy your fortune. Little Brother, this is the White Dragon Clan! You’re to become a member of the White Dragon Clan’s Dalian Mountain branch! Your status will undergo earth-shaking changes! From today on, you are no longer an independent cultivator, but a member of the White Dragon Clan! They are one of the four most powerful forces of the Upper Realm, and also one of the ruling clans,” Shou Sheng excitedly explained, his voice clearly full of envy.

Lu Yin sneered. “You guys are truly naive. I’m an outsider, and yet you want me to pass the White Dragon Clan’s inspection and become a member of their clan? And this is supposed to work by just having a similar appearance?”

Shou Sheng quietly replied, “Of course there’s more to it than that. We’ve injected blood from the deceased scion into you. The blood of the White Dragon Clan, even a branch family, is something that your own blood can never compare to. You already have the blood of the White Dragon Clan inside your body, and your own blood has already been assimilated into it. This is enough to fool anyone. Little Brother, don’t you want to join the White Dragon Clan?”

Ridicule flashed through Lu Yin’s eyes. This person had to be an idiot. It would be the greatest joke if it was that simple to fool the White Dragon Clan.

Shou Sheng’s mouth curled into a smile. “Little Brother doesn’t seem very willing to do this, but unfortunately, there is no other way. The White Dragon Clan’s elder has already determined your identity. Even if you don’t want to do this, you should have already heard of the White Dragon Clan’s methods.”

Lu Yin’s expression grew ugly as he stared at Shou Sheng. “Aren’t you worried I’ll be exposed and that we’ll all die together?”

The old man suddenly looked even more frightened.

Shou Sheng’s eyes turned grim and he no longer put on any sort of act. “Failing to protect a scion of the White Dragon Clan is a truly serious offense, and the punishment is bad enough to make me want to die a hundred times over. Regardless, none of this matters; do you think you can beat me, Little Brother?”

Lu Yin went silent. Yes, Lu Yin would definitely be able to beat this man, but it also sounded like the White Dragon Clan was a power in this place that was comparable to the Cosmic Sect in the Neoverse. This meant that there was no way or time for Lu Yin to escape.

That was the thing, there was no time. If Lu Yin could pass off as the dead scion for a bit, it would allow this Shou Sheng to escape, and then Lu Yin’s own life and death would have nothing to do with this Enlighter.

After coming to understand Shou Sheng’s intentions, Lu Yin readied himself to fight. He would make his escape right away. It would be better to try to face an Enlighter realm beast that try to escape from this White Dragon Clan. That White Dragon Clan elder would be much more difficult to deal with than this beast. Also, Lu Yin had the Desolate Array from Highsage Grandmaster, as well as the walnut-shaped power vessel. Those would be enough for him to deal with a beast.

As for Shou Sheng, Lu Yin had no intention to hold himself back at all.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and just when he was about to attack, the ship swayed and Shou Sheng stood up. “We’ve arrived.”

Lu Yin’s heart fell; he was already too late. The Envoy level beast had been too fast, and they had almost instantly arrived at their destination. The White Dragon Clan elder and the clan’s other top powerhouses must also be in this place, and it would be impossible for Lu Yin to escape.

“Young Master, please.” Shou Sheng addressed Lu Yin in a very respectful manner and gestured for the younger man to move out first.

The old man stood up, trembling. “Young Master, please.”

Lu Yin was helpless. There was no way to escape this situation. As for the option of explaining the truth of the matter to the White Dragon Clan, others would need to believe him, and he would not pin his hopes on the kindness of the White Dragon Clan.

In the end, he could only take things a step at a time! If things did not end up working out, then his only option would be to resist. It was not that he was completely helpless, but more a matter of whether or not it was worth fighting his situation.

Lu Yin stepped off of the ship and onto the back of the massive beast. He felt somewhat uneasy at the fact that there was a creature beneath his feet with the power of an Envoy.


The beast let out a loud roar, and the ground beneath Lu Yin’s feet shook, and he was startled into almost putting on his universal armor.

Next to him, the group with Shou Sheng was also frightened and everyone went pale.

They had landed on a mountain, though Lu Yin could not see how far it extended. Regardless, it was truly enormous.

In the distance, there were floating mountain peaks, and white waterfalls that hung upside down. Strange giant beasts occasionally passed by through the sky, and there were also fish flying up there.

When Lu Yin and the others appeared, a terrifying aura swept over them. Lu Yin roughly estimated that there were no less than ten Enlighters in this place, as well as the Envoy-realm beast and the White Dragon Clan elder. The power of the people in this place would not lose out to Nightking Planet.

Lu Yin was somewhat terrified; just what was this place? There were so many incredible powerhouses that there was no way that this was inside of Jupiter. There was no way that all of these people were part of the Primeval Surnames Alliance!

They had landed on one of the floating mountains. From a distance, it looked like it was nothing but a mountain, but its size was comparable to Earth itself. It was clearly just a mountain, yet it floated in the sky like a star.

This was like in the Honor Zone.

Only the hidden worlds in the Honor Zone contained planets.

There was another roar from behind them, and Shou Sheng and the others went pale once more. They occasionally turned to look back, as they were all terrified the creature would swallow all of them.

Some distance away, there was a group of cultivators all dressed in white uniforms neatly lined up. At first glance, they looked like an army. Every one of the cultivators was an Explorer, and they each held a long spear and were looking straight ahead.

Further away, the landscape was covered with one building after another. The view was a beautiful as a painting on a scroll.

Lu Yin and the others were led along by an attractive woman, and they saw an incomparably gigantic python-like structure, and they soon saw that it really did look like a white giant python that had been created with an open mouth that was stretched to devour the universe.

The closer Lu Yin came to the building, the heavier his heart felt. He did not know why, but this place gave him a strong sense of deja vu. At the same time, he also felt an indescribable sense of coercion. Although that coercion was very weak, he still felt it. The pressure from this coercion far surpassed what he had felt from the Envoy-level beast.

They entered the building shaped like a python through the mouth, and they arrived at what looked like an ancestral hall. It had a solemn atmosphere, and the color scheme was completely dominated by white. The walls were etched with lifelike carvings that looked like dragon scales and python scales. Lu Yin could feel that all of the powerhouses had been gathered in this place, and it seemed to be the stomach of the building that looked like a python.

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