Star Odyssey - Chapter 1517

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An Envoy’s death served as a wonderful deterrent. All of the cultivators who had been recently sentenced instantly became more serious, and they quickly started thinking of a way to move up the mountain.

Meanwhile, Lu Yin was sitting cross-legged in his room, slowly absorbing star energy. His last breakthrough had taken him all the way to the thirty second cycle of the Enlighter realm. At this moment, he was working towards his thirty third cycle. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, regular cultivation was just too slow, and it actually felt like a waste of time. It would be more useful to spend his time cultivating his battle force.

Upon thinking of battle force, Lu Yin immediately recalled Zhou Tang’s aurelian force.

Cultivating battle force required spirit. Lu Yin had surpassed nine lined battle force and reached ten lines because of his invincibility during ZENITH. At that moment, he had surpassed all of his peers in his generation. At present, if Lu Yin wanted to improve his battle force even further and turn it into aurelian force, he needed to have the ambition of one who ruled the entire world.

He did not know when that would happen.

Cultivating battle force required courage whereas cultivating a domain required cultivation and more comprehension. He had already reached the realm of being able to predict attacks and had even reached the spiritual manifestation realm. Next was the void god realm, though that realm was rather vague and inexplicable.

Wen Diyi had mentioned that there was a domain master at Virtue Archives who had reached the void realm of domains, so perhaps Lu Yin should visit them when he had the time. At the very least, he might be able to discover the threshold needed to touch upon the cusp of the void realm.

At the moment, Lu Yin’s most powerful attack was his Vacuum Palm, followed by his spiritual force technique that he had learned from the Nightking clan. Also, he had his Champions’ Stage and die innate gifts, as well as the God of Death Transformation. He actually had many other techniques, including the Cosmic Art, the Ninesuns Cauldrons Transformation, and the dream finger. He actually had so many techniques that he was not able to properly practice them all.

After returning to the Fifth Mainland, Lu Yin really needed to return to the Cosmic Sect and learn the complete Cosmic Art. While the technique might not be able to reach the same level as what the Perennial Realm’s four ruling powers used, the Cosmic Art was still very useful.

What he regretted the most was the Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation. He had never been able to go back to the Daosource Sect’s ruins and finish learning it. The legendary combat skill was said to be invincible. After returning to the Fifth Mainland, Lu Yin felt that he absolutely had to absorb all the energy from the remaining cauldrons.

Lu Yin mentally reviewed every technique he had learned. While it did not take a great deal of time to do so, it was also not brief either. Lu Yin had picked up too many techniques.

As he sat in contemplation, a stream of water trickled by and continued down the mountain. Lu Yin noticed the color and temperature of the stream. Is that urine?

He immediately became angry, and his domain swept across the mountainside. Soon, he found a young man up and a bit off to the side from his location. This person had a blade of grass in his mouth and was leisurely… urinating. Even though it was not landing on Lu Yin or even touching where he was sitting, it still felt disgusting.

The young man noticed Lu Yin’s domain, and he looked up and frowned. “Who is it? How daring! You dare to peek at this master as he pees? I’ll show you if you want to see!”

Lu Yin’s expression froze. The void trembled, and spatial cracks spread out from the shouting man. The man became enraged as he spat out the grass from his mouth, fixed his pants, and clenched his teeth. “Which one of you bastards dares to attack this Master Tu? Show yourself to Master Tu! Your father will absolutely beat you until you apologize!”

The young man shouted in a very loud voice, and he drew many people’s attention, most of whom lived further down the mountain. The place where the youth resided was close to the top of the mountains, but more importantly, he was not an Envoy.

Lu Yin stepped forward with an ugly expression on his face as he stared at the man. “You’ll eat the words that you just said.”

When the man saw Lu Yin, he was right about to scold the youth, but then, a stunned look suddenly appeared on his face, and he blankly stared at Lu Yin. “Bo- Boss?”

Lu Yin frowned.

The man quickly shook his head and vigorously rubbed his eyes. “No. Even though you look like him, you’re not the boss. The boss isn’t as despicable as you! No, that’s not right—the boss is more despicable than you. Kid, who are you? You dare to attack Master Tu? Do you even know what Master Tu’s status in this place is? Go ask. Do as Master Tu tells you.”

Lu Yin stepped forward and approached the man. “I hope that you remember your own words.”

After speaking, Lu Yin immediately started fuming. He did not know why, but he had felt a strong urge to beat up this man after just a look at him.

The man looked a bit older than Lu Yin, and he was clearly not from the same generation as Lu Yin. Although the man had an average body and face, his eyes gleamed so brightly that Lu Yin felt an overwhelming urge to punch the man right in the eyes.

The punch stopped less than ten centimeters from the man’s face; a palm had appeared to block Lu Yin’s fist.

An indifferent-looking middle-aged man had appeared, and he stared at Lu Yin. Surprise flickered through the man’s eyes, but he still curled his fingers and roughly grabbed Lu Yin’s fist. Lu Yin frowned, and his arm trembled as he unleashed 350 Stacks, which propagated forward. The middle-aged man in front of Lu Yin was caught off guard as the void twisted and a spatial tear appeared. Both of their arms disappeared due to the excessive strength that they were using, and it had caused their arms to enter the true universe.

There was a bang, and Lu Yin retreated by more than ten steps. He was barely able to remain standing, and he looked up at the middle-aged man in shock. This person was very strong.

The middle-aged man also stared back at Lu Yin in surprise. “Are you new here?”

Before Lu Yin could even reply, the young man shouted, “Uncle He, beat him! This bastard had the audacity to attack me! Beat him up!”

Uncle He glanced back at the young man. “Don’t stir up needless trouble. This person is not simple, and not even I can break through the armor that he’s wearing.”

The young man was taken aback. “It’s that powerful?”

Lu Yin said to the middle-aged man, “You should know what the person behind you did. I want him to apologize to me.”

The middle-aged man replied in a light tone, “Little brother, in the Stacking Mountain Range, you can die at any moment. If you care about every small matter, then you’ll never be able to relax. Can you let this go for my sake?”

Lu Yin nodded. “In that case, I’ll show senior some respect.”

“Wait, you may not care, but this Master Tu still does!” The young man butted in.

Uncle He frowned and looked back at the young man. “I already told you to not make any trouble. No one this high up is an easy opponent.”

The young man snorted derisively. “Then I’ll let it pass since we’re all going to die anyway. However, don’t you think that this kid looks like a certain someone?”

Uncle He’s expression grew complicated. “That person is gone and will never be seen again.”

“I know. That’s why seeing this kid made me want to beat him up.” The young man gritted his teeth. Pain flashed across his eyes, and something seemed to be throbbing in his forehead, clearly causing him an unbelievable amount of pain. He clenched his fists and glared at Lu Yin before shouting out, “Kid, if you’re confident, get rid of your items and let’s have a fair fight. One-on-one! If you dare back out you’re the ‘grandson.’”

Uncle He instantly blew up at the young man. “Don’t make trouble! You can’t beat him! Your cultivation has been ruined, and you can’t even stand up to the most average of Enlighters anymore.”

But when Uncle He saw the throbbing object in the young man’s forehead, the middle-aged man was startled, and his expression instantly changed. He sullenly said, “I’ll support your choice.”

The young man trembled from the pain of the object in his head, but he continued to stare at Lu Yin. “Kid, do you dare?”

Lu Yin had become amused, and he removed the Cloudguard Robes. “Alright, I’ll give you a chance.”

There was a boom, and Lu Yin punched at the young man, who fell to the ground. Lu Yin was taken aback; this person was too weak! With such skills, how could he have the courage to challenge anyone? How was he able to live so high up the mountains?

After being punched, not only did the young man not get angry, but he actually laughed. “Again!”




One punch after another—Lu Yin lost count of how many attacks he threw out. But the more the young man was struck, the happier he became, and the bulge on his forehead slowly shrank down. During this entire time, Lu Yin remained on guard for any surprises.

A long time later, the young man was finally unable to regain his feet. Blood spilled from his mouth, and his face had swollen up like a pig head. However, the bulging part of his head had completely disappeared.

Uncle He stepped forward and bent down to give the young man some medicine before leaving. The older man never spoke another word.

“Again… Again if you can! I’m not afraid of you! Don’t think that I’ll ever call you boss…” the young man muttered something unintelligible to Lu Yin, and his voice eventually faded away.

Lu Yin thought that the entire incident was quite odd, and he felt rather confused by what had just happened. Just what was going on?

Elsewhere, Uncle He lowered the young man down into a resting place. The older man then sighed. “You’re very happy today.”

The younger man grinned. He had clearly been badly beaten, but he was delighted beyond words at the moment.

“You have persevered through many years of mental torture. Don’t give up! Next time the pain returns, go back to him and treat him as if he’s that person. Even if he beats you up, you’ll still be very happy.” Uncle He sighed before slowly walking away.

The next day, Lu Yin was once again resting when a stream of liquid rained down from up above him on the mountain. This time, the stream was much closer to him.

When Lu Yin walked up, he saw the young man who called himself Master Tu with a big grin. The man’s injuries had already completely healed, and he looked quite lively.

“Do you want to die?” Lu Yin asked in a cold voice.

Young Master Tu snorted in response. “I won’t fight you today, so let’s be reasonable.”

Lu Yin’s mouth curled up into a smile. “Sorry, but don’t talk such shit. Or at the very least, keep it to yourself until after you’ve been beaten.”

Even as he spoke, Lu Yin approached Young Master Tu and released a punch. Once again, his attack was stopped by Uncle He.

Lu Yin was annoyed by the obstruction. “Senior, he is clearly looking to cause trouble for me. Yesterday, I let things go out of respect for you, but I’ll have to ask you to step aside today.”

Uncle He felt helpless. “Little Brother, please forgive me, but I can’t ignore this matter.”

Lu Yin was so angry that he started laughing. “It would seem that the seniors are determined to interfere with the juniors. Since that’s the case, this junior will have to do what he needs to.”

As he finished speaking, Lu Yin intended to use the spherical red sourcebox array. He could not believe what these two people were trying to pull over him, but he would not allow himself to be stepped on in the Stacking Mountain Range.

“Hey, don’t be rash! Be reasonable! We’re all intelligent people, so don’t screw around,” Master Tu quickly tried to calm Lu Yin down.

Lu Yin stared at the young man. “First let me kick his ass, and then we can talk about things.”

Young Master Tu’s eyes flitted about. “Wait- wait a month, and then I’ll fight you.”

Lu Yin frowned and gave Young Master Tu an odd look before looking back at Uncle He. These two people gave him a very odd feeling, but neither of them seemed to hold any malice towards them. Sure, they were infuriating, but his irritation stemmed more from disgust than anything else. “What the hell are you talking about? What do you want?”

“Just to talk.” Young Master Tu smiled.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. “I don’t have any time to waste.”

Young Master Tu sneered, and then pulled at his pants. He looked as if he was about to start urinating again, so Lu Yin immediately lashed out with a Vacuum Palm. But Uncle He was constantly on his guard towards Lu Yin, so the older man attacked in the same instant that the Vacuum Palm was released, and Lu Yin’s attack was not able to touch Young Master Tu.

“Little brother, we really just want to talk. We have no bad intentions, and he will definitely fight you in a month. A month or not—does it really matter when you two fight?” Uncle He quickly spoke up.

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered. He felt like he was punching air at this moment. If he tried to fight, then he would not be able to defeat this Uncle He. Escape? The Stacking Mountain Range was only so big, so unless Lu Yin hid behind the Semi-Progenitor, he would not be able to hide, and there was no way a Semi-Progenitor would get involved in this trifling matter. Lu Yin was still considering using the Red Beam array to deal with Uncle He; otherwise, he would just be letting others walk all over him.

“What is it that you want to talk about?” Lu Yin asked emotionlessly as he calmly stared at Master Tu.

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