Star Odyssey - Chapter 1608

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Ku Wei became ecstatic after hearing that he was receiving Progenitor Chen’s blood. He consumed the blood in a single swallow, and his body quickly began to change. He became massive, and his entire body flushed red and started to steam while also causing the void to warp.

Ku Wei’s body grew bigger and bigger. In the blink of an eye, he was already a kilometer tall, and he only continued to grow, quickly surpassing his previous record without any sign of slowing down.

Lu Yin became curious, as he wanted to see how tall Ku Wei would grow.

Qing Kong quickly appeared, and he watched as Ku Wei’s body rose up. He saw as the youth reached 1,000 meters, 2,000 meters, and then 3,400 and 5,000 meters tall. The giant’s mouth slowly fell open in shock; just how was this possible? This was a person growing taller, not a radish growing. It was far too fast!

Lu Yin was also startled; was Progenitor Chen’s blood really so effective?

Ku Wei experienced excruciating pain. Consuming Progenitor Chen’s blood forced him to undergo a transformation. Even though he had already gained the giants’ bloodline in the past and had possessed no restrictions on his final height, he had still needed time to grow taller. At this moment, Progenitor Chen’s blood forced him to grow quickly, and he underwent more than mere physical changes.

Finally, Ku Wei reached a height of 8,000 meters, which was very close to Chen Huang’s height of 10,000 meters.

Qing Kong was left in a daze, as this was too extreme of a change.

There was a bang, and the earth trembled as the void tore open. Chen Huang’s huge body emerged, and his eyes instantly locked onto Ku Wei, whose body was still hot. The youth was breathing rapidly. “Blood- his blood has changed! It’s become far more pure and it contains overwhelming power. This is Progenitor Chen’s blood! Are you his descendant?”

Ku Wei’s breathing was ragged, and wind surged with each breath he heaved. He stared down at his hands and felt his new power. He had actually become an Enlighter! He had experienced an instant breakthrough! Also, everything had become much smaller.

Lu Yin felt satisfied. When he had returned, he had found that Ku Wei had managed to become a Hunter, but had only completed a total of eleven cycles. At this moment, Progenitor Chen’s blood and the strengthened bloodline had allowed Ku Wei to immediately become an Enlighter, which was an impressive surge in strength.

It was no wonder that families with powerful ancestors gave birth to so many geniuses; even their worst descendants would have a powerful bloodline.

Ku Wei had instantly become a powerhouse. At least in the Outerverse, he was a peak expert. With his unique characteristics due to his giant’s bloodline and his battle techniques from the Ku clan, Ku Wei was capable of going head-to-head with Wen Sansi and the other Arbiters without being guaranteed to lose the fight.

Ku Wei quickly shrank his body back down and he stared at Lu Yin with fervent eyes. “Master, I have become much more powerful! Thank you, Master.”

Lu Yin nodded. “After all, you’re my first disciple, so this is how things should be.”

Chen Huang bent down to stare at Lu Yin. “Alliance Leader Lu, how did you accomplish this?”

Lu Yin wanted to take out Progenitor Chen’s blood. After all, he still had two bottles, and one bottle would be enough to allow the colossal giants to improve their bloodline, while the other bottle could be sold to Qing Kong, which would allow Lu Yin to recover the costs of Enhancing the blood. However, a certain question suddenly occurred to him. “Chen Huang, given the new purity of Ku Wei’s blood, how much of his blood would it take to allow a colossal giant to improve their bloodline?”

Chen Huang’s huge pupils locked onto Ku Wei. “One drop would be enough.”

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. “Find someone and have them try it.”

It did not take long for another giant to appear.

There were more than 1,000 colossal giants on the planet. They essentially formed a tribe that was protected and kept hidden by Giant Consortium. The colossal giants were different from the technological giants. Even though both were giants, they were truly like two different races. The colossal giants possessed an incredible combat potential, and if they were known, they would be seen as a much greater threat to humanity than the technological giants.

This meant that even if the technological giants were exposed, the colossal giants had to remain hidden.

The giant who appeared was a powerhouse within the tribe who was 7,000 meters tall, which made him one of the tallest colossal giants in the tribe. At the moment, Chen Huang was the tallest of all of the colossal giants.

Ku Wei had become second only to Chen Huang.

The giant who approached was clearly confused, and he did not know what to do. He simply stared at Ku Wei, who was an unknown giant, and the newcomer felt an inexplicable sense of awe.

Lu Yin also observed Ku Wei.

Ku Wei grinned and then carefully extracted a drop of blood and threw it at the large giant, clearly unhappy with his orders. The young giant swallowed the blood after receiving instructions from Qing Kong, and he then let out a roar. Everyone watched as the giant quickly grew much larger than before, and he quickly reached a height similar to Ku Wei. To Lu Yin’s star energy filled eyes, the giant’s power level had risen by at least 40,000.

The giant had only received a single drop of blood and had not cultivated at all, and yet had experienced a spike in his power level of 40,000. This was nothing less than a pie falling from the sky.

Wait, not all of the colossal giants were Enlighters.

After half an hour, the young giant’s transformation finally calmed down. Huge beads of sweat rained down from him like a waterfall. The giant lowered his head and stared at Ku Wei with eyes that showed respect and also a hint of submission.

Lu Yin’s expression changed after seeing the giant’s eyes, and he looked back at Ku Wei in amazement. Could it be that Ku Wei’s blood was suppressing the giant? Was the colossal giant feeling an innate reverence towards Ku Wei?

“My name is Chen Ji. What are your orders?” the young giant said as he stared straight at Ku Wei.

Ku Wei rolled his eyes. “I don’t have any orders. Just stay back; you’re blocking the view.”

Lu Yin casually patted Ku Wei’s head. “Be polite to people.”

Chen Ji instantly became enraged, and he glared at Lu Yin. “How arrogant!”

As he shouted, his palm started to fall, but Chen Huang quickly grabbed Chen Ji’s arm and shouted at him, “Return!”

Chen Ji sucked in a breath and continued to glare at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was quite interested in this development, and he studied Chen Ji while pointing at Ku Wei. “You respect him a great deal?”

“Yes! You are not allowed to be rude to him,” Chen Ji angrily declared. It looked like the colossal giant was struggling to control himself.

Chen Huang frowned. “Return. Don’t make any assumptions.”

Even as he spoke, Chen Huang grabbed the younger giant and tossed him away. An 8,000 meter tall colossal giant was thrown like a child.

Lu Yin carefully appraised Chen Ji who had been thrown away, and then turned to Chen Huang, revealing a sincere smile that Lu Yin believed looked quite warm. “A drop of Ku Wei’s blood can allow a colossal giant to improve their bloodline. This means that you only need 1,105 drops of blood, which is not that much. This will allow your colossal giants to regain their former glory.”

Qing Kong never stopped staring at Lu Yin, and he had watched as the smile had appeared on the youth’s face. The giant knew that this smile did not mean anything good, and Qing Kong had also seen how Chen Ji had behaved. Qing Kong’s heart fell. If the colossal giants used Ku Wei’s blood to improve their bloodline, would it mean that the entire tribe would feel an innate sense of respect and submission towards Ku Wei? That would not be good at all.

When Qing Kong looked back at Chen Huang, he thought of the possibility of removing the restrictions that plagued the colossal giants’ bloodline. Reviving their race’s former glory was the dream of every giant; could Qing Kong actually stop such a thing?

While Chen Huang did not seem to be very gifted at negotiations, that did not mean that he was stupid. He was able to see the advantages and disadvantages of using Ku Wei’s blood to improve his colossal giants’ bloodline. While their restrictions would disappear, each giant would feel an innate sense of respect and suppression from Ku Wei. There was no way around this.

The source of blood that could help the colossal giants came from Ku Wei. His blood was the key to their recovery. After countless years, this youth would become the new ancestor to the descendants of the ancient giants. If Ku Wei chose not to provide them with his blood and allow the giants to then reproduce, their bloodline could very well be thinned and never able to break through the limits of their bloodline in the future, and at that time they could no longer consider themselves true giants.

This was a difficult problem.

Lu Yin was thrilled that he had not immediately taken out Progenitor Chen’s blood. With the suppression that Ku Wei’s blood placed on these colossal giants, Lu Yin would be able to easily control them. How was it possible to come across such a good thing?

As Lu Yin thought about the current situation, he looked over at Ku Wei with evident admiration. Who would have thought that the guy who had once called himself Big Brother Wei and who had almost been executed by the Ku family would have such a momentous day? It had not been a loss to take in Ku Wei as his disciple.

Seeing Lu Yin staring at him, Ku Wei reflexively revealed a happy smile.

Lu Yin’s face went pale. “Maintain a dignified appearance in front of the colossal giants in the future. Don’t even laugh! Do you get it?”

Ku Wei nodded. He was not stupid, and he was able to follow along with Lu Yin’s thoughts.

Ke Wei felt that this day could be considered the turning point of his entire life.

“Alliance Leader Lu, I don’t understand how little brother Ku Wei could have changed so much?” A question occurred to Qing Kong that he could not hold back.

Chen Huang also turned to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin did not act like he was hiding anything. “I happened to remember that I picked up a bottle of blood from Progenitor Chen’s Mausoleum. I didn’t know that it was Progenitor Chen’s blood, so I gave it to him to test it out. I ended up being truly lucky, as it really was Progenitor Chen’s blood.”

Chen Huang and Qing Kong both shouted, “Progenitor Chen’s blood?”

“Is there any left?” Chen Huang eagerly asked.

Lu Yin shrugged. “Sorry, but that’s all there was.”

Chen Huang was left disappointed.

Qing Kong did not believe Lu Yin’s words, and he whispered, “Alliance Leader Lu, Progenitor Chen’s blood is incredibly important to the colossal giants. If there is any at all, my Giant Consortium is willing to pay you a steep price to get it. How about 1.5 billion star essence?”

Lu Yin’s eye twitched, and he nearly agreed, but his reason finally prevailed. “Boss Qing is overthinking things; the blood is really all gone already.”

Qing Kong still did not believe Lu Yin, but he also could not force Lu Yin to hand anything over.

If Qing Kong were in Lu Yin’s position, there would be no way that he would reveal Progenitor Chen’s blood.

With Ku Wei’s blood, not only was Lu Yin able to remove the restrictions that the colossal giants’ weakened bloodline placed on them, he would also gain control of the entire race. Even an idiot would know the right choice to make, and Lu Yin would not give up the opportunity to gain control of the entire tribe of colossal giants just for 1.5 billion star essence.

Chen Huang mourned, “Alliance Leader Lu, is there really no more of Progenitor Chen’s blood?”

Lu Yin replied, “It’s possible that there’s still some left in his mausoleum, but it’s definitely all gone from where I picked it up, and that was all I had.”

As he spoke, he pointed over at Ku Wei. “His blood can allow you to improve your bloodline, and it doesn’t even take much of his blood. So, is our deal still good? You’ll send 200 colossal giants to serve under me?”

The corner of Qing Kong’s mouth twitched; two hundred giants? After Ku Wei’s blood improved all of the colossal giants’ bloodline, all of them would fall under control of the Great Eastern Alliance. What was this about 200 giants?

Even though he was able to instantly understand the situation, Chen Huang was still unable to resist the temptation to become a true giant, and he decided to allow all of the colossal giants to absorb Ku Wei’s blood.

Ku Wei kept extracting blood. His head grew dizzy, but he saw the giants staring at him from the distance. This was not a bad feeling; these big guys were all going to be like his little brothers.

Lu Yin’s eyes sparkled and shone bright. With so many giants under his command, simply revealing them would scare anyone to death.

From Qing Kong, Lu Yin had learned that colossal giants were born with the strength of an Explorer. Even a newborn colossal giant was powerful enough to smash a planet. The adults were all at least Hunters, and some were already Enlighters. They truly were humanoid astral beasts with an incredible capacity for destruction.

Destructive power did not equate to one’s cultivation. Just because a colossal giant had the strength of an Explorer did not mean the giant could wander freely through the universe, though there were also giants who were able to do so with only a small bit of training.

All of the colossal giants were untrained. With training, it would be easy for their power levels to surpass 300,000, 400,000, or even for them to become Envoys.

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