Star Odyssey - Chapter 1723

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As the forces of Sky Creation Academy and First Edition City clashed, a distant spacecraft suddenly exploded. The force of the explosion shot out shrapnel in all directions, and one for the hatches had been propelled by the force, and it had shot forward like a bullet, and it had been the cause of the loss of Little R1O’s ship.

This was something that was perfectly common in the Sophic Rift. This place was a terrible meat grinder, and both sides of the war were constantly burning through their resources.

Lu Yin stood in outer space, and his head slightly tipped to the side as a bit of metal shot by. The surface of the shrapnel burned away, as its speed had surpassed what it could withstand.

Behind him and a bit off to the side, a giant mechanical claw moved to grab Lu Yin, but he lashed out with a hand and grabbed it. He threw it forward, amplifying the force of the throw with the use of the Overlaying Stacks Path. There was too much power behind Lu Yin’s throw, and the claw smashed through multiple ships that had laid in its path.

From the perspective of the entire battlefield, Lu Yin only occupied a tiny corner that no one paid any attention to.

Instead, everyone’s attention was locked on the battle between two behemoths a long way off.

Not only Lu Yin was enthralled by the fight, but even the First Protector was amazed at the sight.

They were watching Admiral Chong reveal his strength. The admiral was clearly just a sphere, but it was capable of generating a terrifying gravitational field. Everything nearby would be pulled towards the admiral, including even light and sound. No one dared approach Admiral Chong, with the sole exception of an incomparably huge mechanical giant.

This giant far surpassed the size of even the Warden of Gaia’s Swamp. This monstrosity’s size exceeded that of a planet, and was similar to the size of Admiral Chong. Lu Yin watched as the giant punched right in front of Admiral Chong. The force of the enormous fist was offset by the terrifying gravity of the sphere and was redirected in all directions. The attack swept over the battlefield.

Everywhere, no matter if they were from First Edition City or Sky Creation Academy, every spacecraft and mechanical creature was destroyed.

The shockwave from the exchange was so powerful that it even reached Lu Yin.

This was a battle between beings with power levels of over a million.

Unlike humans who had reached such a level of strength, the machines used technological methods in their combat: this was pure destructive power. These mechanical beings did not enter the true universe, nor did they use battle techniques or have innate gifts. These beings from the Technocracy used brutal destructive power and toughness.

It was utterly impossible within the Human Domain, and so it was unimaginable that the Technocracy could create machines that could exert a power level of over a million.

Hundreds of millions of androids fought each other, and the end result was a literal sea of debris.

Lu Yin stared out at all of the materials that were floating about, but his thoughts were on the data that Huan Sha had analyzed and how she had discovered that some of these materials always disappeared.

Off in the distance, reflective materials covering Admiral Chong’s body sloughed off. Every time something fell off, a powerful gravitational wave would sweep out in one direction. Before Lu Yin could even react, the First Protector grabbed him, and they both disappeared. Where Lu Yin had just stood, gravity suddenly distorted space, and everything there was reduced to dust.

Lu Yin reappeared far away, and he heaved a sigh of relief, as he had almost been wiped out by Admiral Chong.

“That’s an attack from someone with a power level of a million; they can affect a massive area, so be careful,” the First Protector cautioned.

Lu Yin stared into the distance at the incomparably massive mechanical giant that had fought against Admiral Chong. Lu Yin had no idea how Sky Creation Academy had managed to build such a thing.

“Do you still want to go to Sky Creation Academy after all of this?” the First Protector asked.

Lu Yin said, “I would like to try, so we can at least find Sky Creation Academy’s location.”

The First Protector shook his head. “It’s too dangerous.”

“If all of these androids are sent against the Human Domain, I don’t know how we’ll survive,” Lu Yin suddenly commented.

The First Protector’s expression froze for a moment, and terrible fear could be seen in the depths of his eyes.

“There’s not only these androids, but also endless numbers of corpse kings from the Aeternals’ forces, and if they also work with the Astral Beast Domain, I doubt humanity would be able to survive a single battle,” Lu Yin continued.

The First Protector’s voice dropped a bit lower, “It’s impossible for the Astral Beast Domain working with the others, as they’re also enemies of the Aeternals.”

“We all believe the Aeternals to be the astral beasts’ natural enemy as well, but the Aeternals prey on humans. From the Astral Beast Domain’s perspective, is there any real difference between us humans and the Aeternals?” Lu Yin asked back.

The First Protector said nothing.

“Maybe there is a difference, since us humans are easier to deal with than the Aeternals,” Lu Yin said.

The First Protector sighed. “As you can see, we’ve already reached the battlefield for the war between First Edition City and Sky Creation Academy, which was our original first goal on this trip. However, we want to get to Sky Creation Academy and investigate, especially while not being detected, and that’s impossible.”

“I still want to give it a try,” Lu Yin replied. He did not actually want to go to Sky Creation Academy, but was instead simply waiting for an opportunity to implement his true plan.

The First Protector was clueless as to Lu Yin’s thoughts. In the old man’s opinion, since it was impossible to secretly investigate, any attempt to continue was meaningless. The Neohuman Alliance had remained hidden within the Human Domain for so many years without being discovered, and it would be far more difficult to find traces of them in the Technocracy.

Lu Yin spent more than a day watching the distant fight between Admiral Chong and the oversized mechanical giant. As he watched, the entire battlefield grew more and more odd to his eyes.

During humans’ war, if powerhouses at the level of Envoys or above fought each other, they would enter the true universe in order to avoid the shockwaves from their confrontation spreading out and wreaking havoc among the weaker humans. However, there was no such consideration in the Technocracy’s civil war. No matter how intense Admiral Chong’s fight with the giant became, there was a constant stream of androids arriving around the two powerhouses to fight as well, and each time, the androids would be instantly wiped out by the two monsters.

This was completely ridiculous, and it was a waste that should at least be avoided by someone at Admiral Chong’s level.

A few days later, the fighting paused briefly for the battlefield to be cleaned. The Third Fleet had already suffered terrible losses, and countless shattered spacecraft drifted through space along with an infinite about of other debris. It looked like an ocean in space.

Lu Yin received a message on his gadget to meet up with Little R1O.

Little R1O’s expression was ugly, and his head was hanging low. There were still more than a dozen of his personal androids in fighting condition, but most of his forces had already been lost.

Lu Yin tried to comfort the researcher. “As long as you’re alright.”

Little R1O wailed, “Ah Qi, I only really understand after seeing this battlefield! Many of the ideas that I used to have were just too naïve. Honestly, I’ve created a few designs for things that I’ve sent to the vice city master, but I never received any response. The vice city lord then told me that they’d find a chance for me to get here to the battlefield, and I finally understand why they said that.”

Lu Yin patted his friend’s shoulder.

“I only have about a dozen androids left. The Third Fleet’s already sent someone to ask if we want to stay here on the battlefield. How do you feel about it, Ah Qi?” Little R1O asked.

Lu Yin answered, “Help me get in touch with Admiral Chong. I want to act as a special envoy for the Third Fleet to visit the enemy.”

Little R1O was startled. “You still want to go?”

Lu Yin nodded determinedly.

Little R1O was impressed. “Ah Qi, you’re so brave! Alright, I’ll get in contact with Admiral Chong.”

First Edition City’s Third Fleet was facing off against Sky Creation Academy’s Lost Course Army. There was a noticeable difference in the two armies, as Sky Creation Academy tended to use a more humanoid design for their combat models. As for First Edition City, they had their First, Second, and Third Fleets, which were all filled with diverse and strangely designed androids and mechanical beasts.

Admiral Chong agreed to Lu Yin’s request and reached out to the Lost Course Army. Sky Creation Academy’s forces agreed, so Lu Yin and his companions were allowed to act as special envoys.

Special envoys were rare even when considering the entire history of the Sophic Rift. This was part of the reason why the Lost Course Army was quite curious what people from the Sixth Mainland wanted to say to them.

“The Lost Course Army produces powerful giants, as they believe that size equals invincibility. Much of what you’ll see within the Lost Course Army will be massive, and go ahead and compliment them on it,” Little R1O explained as he escorted Lu Yin and others to the edge of the Sophic Rift.

Lu Yin nodded. “Got it. We’ll be right back.”

The Sophic Rift separated First Edition City from Sky Creation Academy, so crossing the battlefield meant entering Sky Creation Academy’s territory.

After crossing the battlefield, Lu Yin saw the Lost Course Army. He had not carefully observed the enemy while on the battlefield, as most of his attention had been focused on the battle between Admiral Chong and the super-sized mechanical giant. When Lu Yin saw the Lost Course Army at this moment, he could not help feeling overwhelmed when he saw their battleships, as they were truly massive.

The Lost Course Army’s battleships were much larger than any that the Third Fleet possessed, and the cost to produce so many ships of such size had to be exorbitant. Lu Yin did not believe that Sky Creation Academy was capable of bearing such expenses without receiving outside support.

The materials available to half of the Technocracy could not be enough to support such expenditures, and the same was true of First Edition City. Neither of the Technocracy’s powers could supply the materials that they used for their armies.

A pair of eyes stared at Lu Yin and the other humans.

There were the three androids with the strength of Envoys, Lu Yin, the First Protector, Emperor Luo, as well as a few of the cultivators who had followed the Cloud Valley Master’s swordsman into the Technocracy. All of them had accompanied Lu Yin.

There was a loud noise, and it startled one of the Sixth Mainlanders, and he turned pale.

There were a lot of cyborgs within the Lost Course Army, and they started laughing.

High overhead, a massive head was dropping down towards them while revealing sharp teeth.

Emperor Luo looked up, and a red light flickered in his eyes. This huge head belonged to an incomparably large astral beast that had had half of its body replaced with machinery. It was one of the cyborgs.

“Human, I saw you out on the battlefield, and you destroyed a lot of our ships!” The astral beast spoke in a very loud, but very flat voice. As soon as it spoke, many other cyborgs looked over.

Lu Yin looked up and stared at the creature. “I didn’t destroy you, so you’re very lucky.”

“What did you say!” the astral beast roared and swung a massive paw down.

Lu Yin just arched a brow.

Just as the mechanical claws were about to fall upon Lu Yin and the others, the astral beast froze. Two fingers pinched the massive body, and then tossed it far away.

That was exactly what happened, the massive cyborg had been thrown away like a bug.

A mechanical giant suddenly appeared, and it looked down at Lu Yin and other humans.

This giant was 20,000 meters tall. While it was not as large as the Warden of Gaia’s Swamp, it was still much bigger than the astral beast, and the giant’s strength was also comparable to an Envoy.

“The army commander won’t meet with you, so what do you have to say to me?” The giant lowered its head to stare at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked up. “The fundamental reason for this war between First Edition City and Sky Creation Academy should be the need for materials.”

The mechanical giant did not respond, and simply stared at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin continued, “On behalf of the Sixth Mainland, I would ask that First Edition City and Sky Creation Academy call a temporary truce, and in exchange, my Sixth Mainland is willing to compensate the materials needed.”

“Human, do you have any understanding of the Technocracy?” the mechanical giant raged.

Lu Yin was unfazed by the anger shown.

“The war here in the Sophic Rift has continued for so long that not even we know why the war was started. Materials? No. Territory? No. This is a war that’s continued since ancient times, and it cannot stop until one of us is completely eliminated. You want to buy peace with just some materials? Stop dreaming!” the mechanical giant shouted.

There were outbursts all around: “Stop dreaming.”

“Wake up, human.”


“My Sky Creation Academy has nothing to do with your Sixth Mainland, and we also have no hostility with the Human Domain. Don’t try to get involved in the Technocracy’s civil war, or else you’ll become an enemy of Sky Creation Academy!” The mechanical giant continued its shouting.

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