Star Odyssey - Chapter 1730

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Upon seeing clarity return to Lu Yin’s eyes, Mister Mu showed a small smile.

“Master, your disciple understands. Thank you, Master.” Lu Yin was truly grateful.

Mister Mu’s tone remained indifferent. “Your senior brother has no such doubts because he knows that becoming accepted as my disciple means that he is the best.”

Lu Yin snorted. “Master, your disciple has already learned so many different things, so my foundation is very complicated. What should I do about it?”

“It’s fine just to practice everything to the pinnacle,” Mister Mu casually replied. With that, the pocket dimension returned to normal. Lu Yin said nothing as his body fell down, as did Kui Luo, the First Protector, and the two Sixth Mainland cultivators.

As for Wang Si, Bai Laogui, and Wang Yun, they remained trapped within the layer of space that held the manifested thoughts.

Kui Luo was stunned; what had just happened?

The largest mechanical giant charged over, and Kui Luo reflexively twitched a few fingers, completely shattering the giant.

“We’ve escaped!” Lu Yin was excited.

<sub>ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇwᴇʙɴoᴠᴇʟ. ᴄᴏᴍ</sub>

Kui Luo’s expression grew sharp. Escaped? He quickly grabbed hold of Lu Yin and said, “Let’s go.”

“There’s no need to panic. Those two old things aren’t here,” Lu Yin quickly mentioned.

Kui Luo’s spiritual force burst out and swept across the Sophic Rift. The war was still raging on, but everything paused when Kui Luo’s spiritual force spread across it.

The Third Fleet was no longer present, as Admiral Chong’s body had been destroyed. His demise had forced another fleet to replace the Third Fleet. However, the replacements from First Edition City were also no longer fighting against the Lost Course Army.

Lu Yin and the others had appeared without any notice, and right after that, Kui Luo’s strength had shocked the entire battlefield. Androids and cyborgs from both sides of the war all stared at the old man.

“Let’s go! Take me to First Edition City,” Lu Yin whispered.

Kui Luo automatically refused. “We’ve finally escaped, but you don’t want to leave this haunted place?”

“If you want to leave, then we have to speak with them. They can put us back whenever they want,” Lu Yin said.

Kui Luo thought about that possibility, and fear filled his heart. He still was not able to understand how the Forsaken Land could possibly have a powerhouse that so terrifying that it had instantly captured and restrain multiple Semi-Progenitors. This strength was nearing that of a Progenitor.

“We need to go and talk to the people in First Edition City. Otherwise, who knows when we’ll get free again if they recapture us,” Lu Yin explained. He was also afraid of being recaptured. However, his mission in the Technocracy had not been completed yet, so he could not leave things as they were. This trip could not be for nothing.

Although Wang Si and Bai Laogui were still both trapped, the Perennial World could simply send more Semi-Progenitors after Lu Yin. He had to set up a means to constantly monitor Sky Creation Academy.

When the First Protector heard that Lu Yin still wanted to return to First Edition City, he instantly refused.

“Where?” Kui Luo asked. He had no intention of interacting with the First Protector at all.

“That way.” After Lu Yin pointed in a certain direction, Kui Luo carried Lu Yin, the First Protector, and the two Sixth Mainland cultivators away. The humans all disappeared, headed towards First Edition City.

With Kui Luo’s strength as a Semi-Progenitor, they almost instantly arrived at First Edition City.

The Technocracy’s surveillance was certainly no joke, and the humans’ whereabouts were revealed as soon as they arrived at First Edition City.

The First Protector had a miserable expression on his face, and he stared at Lu Yin. “We need to go back. There’s no telling what the power that imprisoned all of us will do.”

“Do you really believe we can escape the Technocracy without being captured?” Lu Yin shot back.

The First Protector found himself without an answer.

Lu Yin continued, saying, “Senior, the Semi-Progenitor beside you is even more afraid of death than you.”

“Kid, cut the nonsense! This old man just doesn’t like being controlled.” Kui Luo was upset.

The First Protector snorted derisively. He did not like Kui Luo from what he had seen so far.

“Kid, what’s with that look? Do you need a beating? Do you want me to dig up how you wetted your bed when you were a child?” Kui Luo threatened, but the First Protector just ignored him. Not liking someone was one thing while being afraid of them was something else entirely.

Kui Luo smirked at the First Protector’s reaction.

A group of humans stood in outer space just outside First Edition City.

Soon, the vice city master emerged from the void to meet Lu Yin. “I thought that you all had already left the Technocracy, but you actually dared to return.”

“Our people were captured by you, so we have to take them back,” Lu Yin said casually. He was naturally referring to Emperor Luo and the two Envoy-level androids from the Hall of Honor.

The vice city master glanced over the rest of the humans, only revealing a bit of fear when he glanced at Kui Luo. “Now that you have the support of a Semi-Progenitor, do you think that you can take people away from my First Edition City? Human, you underestimate us too much.”

Lu Yin smiled. “No, I’m not underestimating anyone.”

After that, Lu Yin canceled the disguise that the First Protector had put on Lu Yin and reverted to his normal appearance.

With Lu Yin revealing himself, this had become an official matter.

The vice city master was truly surprised. “Lu Yin, the leader of the Great Eastern Alliance. So it’s you. No wonder you’ve been so daring.”

“Won’t the vice city master invite us in for a chat? I’ve been wanting to meet the city master for a long time,” Lu Yin said with a smile.

The vice city master just sneered. “You want to meet with the city master?”

Right after that, a deep voice was heard, “Little Bear, let them in.”

The vice city master grew embarrassed, and he quickly shot Lu Yin a fierce glare. “Please enter.”

Lu Yin gave a polite smile before leading Kui Luo and the others into First Edition City.

This was Kui Luo’s first time seeing such a bizarre place. There were supercomputers moving about in transportation tubes and deactivated androids scattered around for use as vessels. The old man had never been to such a bizarre place even in his dreams.

After Lu Yin and others entered the city, the vice city master’s bear-shaped android remained exceptionally vigilant. After all, there was a Semi-Progenitor with these humans.

It was known that Semi-Progenitors were inferior only to Progenitors among humans, and if not for the Master Brain, the Technocracy would have no means of trapping such experts. So naturally, First Edition City lacked such means.

“Vice City Master, how are my people doing? Also, how is the Cloud Valley Master’s swordsman?” Lu Yin asked.

The vice city master coldly replied, “They’ve all been captured.”

“Have you already interrogated the swordsman?” Lu Yin was curious.

“That has nothing to do with you,” the bear retorted.

After entering the city, they were taken to the same quarters they had been given before, but this time, there was someone already there. It was a very ordinary looking android who looked at Lu Yin and his companions with open curiosity.

The two cultivators from the Sixth Mainland and the First Protector all stayed outside, and only Lu Yin and Kui Luo entered the room.

The First Protector felt offended. He was a peak powerhouse who was inferior only to the Fifth Mainland’s Semi-Progenitors, and yet he was being completely ignored. The truth was that he was confident that he could force his way out of First Edition City as he was well aware of his own power.

“City Master, they’re here,” the vice city master respectfully stated.

The android looked past Lu Yin at Kui Luo. “When did the Human Domain gain another Semi-Progenitor?”

The android then looked at Lu Yin. “Is he with you, Alliance Leader?”

Lu Yin said, “Master Midday of First Edition City, there’s no need to keep secrets at this moment, and I also know a bit about the truth behind the Technocracy. Do you really not know where this Semi-Progenitor is from?”

Midday remained silent for a long time, but was also quite curious about Lu Yin’s comment. “You say that you have some understanding of our Technocracy? Let’s hear it.”

Lu Yin considered his answer for a bit. “Manifested thoughts.”

These words left Midday silent for a very long time while the vice city master’s eyes went wide as the bear stared at Lu Yin in utter disbelief: how could this human know such a thing? This was impossible!

No matter how this human learned of this matter, Lu Yin could never be allowed to leave the Technocracy alive. No, he could not be allowed to live.

As his thoughts raced, the eyes of the bear started leaking strong killing intent.

Lu Yin glanced over, but he only showed a confident smile after seeing the vice city master’s reaction. “The master of First Edition City already knows what happened to us, and I did not expected to be released. However, since we are able to get out, does City Master Midday believe that you can hold us?”

The bear’s paws trembled as he looked over at Midday.

A long time later, Midday looked up at Lu Yin. “Alliance Leader Lu, let’s talk about this.”

The android then gestured for Lu Yin to have a seat.

Lu Yin and Kui Luo glanced at each other before sitting down.

Kui Luo was quite curious about First Edition City’s master. Given Kui Luo’s personality, if not for the residual fear from his recent imprisonment, he would have already scanned through the entire city with his spiritual force. It was truly abnormal for him to sit down and slowly talk things through with someone.

“Alliance Leader Lu, what was the purpose in disguising yourselves as representatives of the Sixth Mainland to sneak into my city? Was this just to go see the battle in the Sophic Rift?” Midday asked.

“What if I told you yes?” Lu Yin replied.

A long time went by before Midday revealed his surprise. “Truly?”

Lu Yin nodded. “One of our goals was to visit the Sophic Rift while our other purpose was to search for something.”

A long period of silence passed as Midday stared at Lu Yin and simply waited for the human to continue.

“Origin Matter,” Lu Yin solemnly stated.

Midday took a long time before responding. “The Origin Matter that appeared on the carapace of the Lost Course Army’s commander?”

Lu Yin nodded. “Sky Creation Academy has Origin Matter. You saw it on the battlefield.”

Midday replied, “I’m not certain that that was actually Origin Matter. Who would put such a thing on the body of the Lost Course Army’s commander? Also, it instantly disappeared, which is the real problem.”

Kui Luo glanced at Lu Yin, as he was quite interested in how the youth would spin things. Kui Luo still had the Origin Matter, and Lu Yin was actually the one who had planted it on the battlefield.

“I can’t explain why the Lost Course Army’s commander had Origin Matter, but I do know for absolute certainty that it was Origin Matter,” Lu Yin declared.

Midday just laughed for a long time. “This situation is all too odd. To be honest, I don’t actually believe it was Origin Matter even though the aura was so similar.”

“Has City Master Midday seen Origin Matter before?” Lu Yin was startled. Out of everyone in the Sophic Rift, he had only expected the First Protector to recognize the Origin Matter. Naturally, any Envoy would have also sensed the energy of the Origin Matter, but none of them should have been able to recognize what it was.

In fact, when Lu Yin had first mentioned the presence of the Origin Matter to the First Protector, Admiral Chong and the other powerhouses on the battlefield had not recognized anything, and they had simply continued fighting.

City Master Midday explained, “I always pay attention to the battlefield, but due to the distance and the brief time that it appeared, I was not able to sense the energy. However, others have already told me that the energy only affected those with the power of Envoys. Also, I did once see Origin Matter, and the appearance was nearly the same. Thus, there has been quite a bit of speculation.

“However, speculation is only that, and I still don’t believe that Origin Matter appeared. Such a thing is too absurd and completely unbelievable.”

Lu Yin shrugged. “It is absurd. Origin Matter is valuable enough to cause even Semi-Progenitors to go crazy, and yet some mysteriously appeared on your battlefield on a mechanical giant. There’s no explanation for this, but I don’t need one. All I need is the Origin Matter, and it shouldn’t be of any real use to your Technocracy.”

Midday stared at Lu Yin for a long time. “Whether it was real or not, why did you come back to First Edition City if your goal is the Origin Matter? Was it just because of your subordinates?”

Lu Yin instantly grew serious. “I want to cooperate with your First Edition City.”

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